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Post by Mark


I passed by zMacShop yesterday to get a foofpod for Nat. They have a pretty nice selection of foofs in various colors for the regular ipods and the nanos. While there I also noticed they also had Booq and STM brand of laptop sleeves if anyone is interested.

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  1. Shot says:

    I bought it yesterday

  2. zaina says:

    the sleeves are cute

  3. unknown says:

    i would not pay for this shit

  4. chiktute says:

    I’m not a fan of these pouch foofs things

    i got a transparent hard case for my nano which fits it perfectly. I”ve dropped it over a dozen times and also spilt water on accidently but my nano is intact :) got it from selfridges, UK it’s amazing!

  5. hola says:

    the packaging makes them look like condoms.

  6. Fallen Angel says:

    I didn’t know these kind of accessories existed. I better get me one for my iBook and iPod

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