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List of Kuwait Based Podcasts

I’m trying to put together a list of local podcasts that are in English for those who might be interested. So far I’ve got a few which I’ve listed below:

At My Kuwaiti Table
Dardish Show
Hold My Camel
Kounter Culture
LCL • local • living a creative life
Loving Kuwait
The Project Kuwait
The Third Wheel

If you know of any other (active) podcast, let me know so I can add it to the list.

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1) I haven’t listened to any of these podcasts but I’d say 90% of them are interviews and all related to Kuwait
2) I put the instagram account so I could promote them and people could follow them + podcast link is in all their profiles

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Yes. Kounter Culture! Can be found on iTunes/Spotify etc. also their Instagram is kounter.culture. They unpack social issues in Kuwait.

Thanks for the list, it’s great to know that the podcast scene is growing here.

Although this podcast has nothing to do with kuwait, I recommend you check out “Business Wars”, its a fantastic podcast and the stories are awesome and well explained

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