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Long winding road

Today I went riding with Marzouq in the morning as I have been doing practically every Friday. Today though it was a completely different ride then our usual. Today we took the Fahaheel Expressway and rode down to Mina Abdullah. Once we got to there we took the inside rode and rode down all the way to Julia’a, then to Bnaider and finally to Al Zoor gas station.

The road we took was amazing. It was a narrow newly paved two lane road and it had a lot of twists and turns. It was also really long which was great since the weather was perfect and the road really fun. I got some good practice taking turns while trying to lean the bike really low thanks to Marzouq coaching skills. Now, after todays experience I trust my bike a lot more then I did before.

Before we left the south and got back onto the Fahaheel express way, I told Marzouq I had a problem when we were riding on it earlier in the day. Whenever I hit speeds exceeding 120km my jacket (which I now believe is a size too big for me) fluttered from the wind like crazy and it was painful. He told me I should just move as far back on the seat as I can and then lean over low so that my chest is touching the gas tank. That would bring me down really low behind my front faring which would protect me from the wind. I tried it and it worked! I was able to reach much much higher speeds without any side effects from the wind.

Anyway hopefully we will be riding their again since its such a beautiful place. And whats up with all these challets with cool names. I found one called “South Beach” and I figured it was some funky private beach but it turned out to be just a name of a challet.

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Glad you had some (educational) fun.

But ooooh, I have to say that I had a huge burst of nostalgia as soon as you mentioned that road. When I was a kid we always used to go Mina Abdullah to spend the night at our Aunts’ challets, all of which are spread along that road, and by god was it great. Morning walks, driving my cousin’s dune buggy over some awesome terrain -as well as that road-, swimming in the sea. Even the night skyline was beautiful; you’d think oil refineries would make for a shitty skyline, but they had me in awe when I was a kid. Also, the stars were so…eh, I’ll just shut up now.

Funny we were down on our Harley at the same spot. The fluttering is due to the wind factor and no fairing on your bike, it was a cool day for riding I drove 220km today.

One hell of a ride!!

Your riding improved 10 folds!

We started with me slowing down and keeping the pace easy, to you flying and me trying to keep the bike under the break-in limit!

You also got better at turns!! Still got some work to do!

There were a MILLION bugs!!! We around 180 Kms today which is pretty good!

Just wanted to correct a common misspell / mispronunciation… It’s F-heheel (pronounced: F-héhíl) and not Fahaheel; with “é” sounds like the letter “a” in the alphabet, only a bit longer.

… And don’t take the signs on the roads as an excuse, they are a joke by them selves! =P

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