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I passed by Mac & More today in Galleria 2000. The place was closed but the storefront is all glass so I could see what was inside. A couple of things grabbed my attention. First, the store has a large sign-age outside saying “Apple Center”. Then on the far right of that sign in small it says “Mac & More”. So ummm.. if the store is called Mac & More shouldn’t that be the largest and highlighted? Secondly the place does not match the official Apple Stores design. Thirdly they are using a red colored apple logo..?! Finally the place is tiny! Like ultra small. My pakistani barbershop is bigger.. and i am not being sarcastic here! I looked inside I could see 1 G5 powermac with an Apple display, 2 imacs, and a bunch of ipods on the shelves. I wasn’t able to see any powerbooks or ibooks nor any shuffles and mac mini’s. They seemed to have some accessories like the itrips and some skinz, but other then that nothing special. I was expecting “more” and didn’t get to see that. I am not a businessman or anything, but I personally think the store is gonna fail. It isn’t offering anything that the other retailers aren’t. If the store opened last year maybe it would have been better, but now that Apple products are being sold at Eureka and Virgin.. I don’t see how this store is gonna do any good. I have some pictures below which I quickly took from outside without the security catching me.

Mac & More 1
Mac & More 2
Mac & More 3

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i totallly agree. i am from the US (hold all comments please..haha), and i am accustomed to seeing that when a store is an apple retailer, even a certified apple STORE, they have such a selection, or if not in inventory, then they have the ability to GET IT. i actually am stopping in again today, in hopes that they stock the meager item called the “iMic”. i think if they charge less, as Eureka/Virgin DON’T, then i think they will prosper. if their prices are the same, you are totally correct in saying they will go under. my girlfriend and i are both mac addicts, and it is sad to come to kuwait to see such a small market for macintosh.

thanks@!@@!! where is this store located at?!?!?!? and i went in to the store in Galleria 2000, looking for an iMic, and they kept thinking i said iMAC….but they had some off-brand copy of it…oh well. thanks again!!

Today I was planning on going to “mac city” to check it out and was hoping that the products there were not over priced, but since I read your review I cancelled my visit. you said that “zMacShop” is the best store so far. where is it located? thanks

Mark’scomments v helpful. zmachsop were v helpful when I phoned em
FYI prices seem same as we pay in South Africa, so will proabbly wait to buy till get home

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