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@Mn7asha is a local instagram account where people can send photos of house keepers who’ve run away. Notice the chain on the house keepers leg in their profile picture? That profile picture alone sums up the mentality of the people running the account, the people submitting photos to this account as well as the reason why the house keepers most likely ran away in the first place.

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  1. Me Like Salmiya says:

    sic :(

  2. bask says:

    demeaning, insulting and barbarian! these people need to be reported and their account must be closed. If there is anyone in kuwait that has enough courage to create another account displaying pictures of those (many) that abuse their domestic workers, only then some justice could be served. the Philippine embassy is now enforcing a life insurance fee on all their nationals arriving to Kuwait!

  3. Aja says:

    I posted a comment stating how wrong and repulsive her account was. She blocked me and posted a colage of comments including mine that opposed the account expecting sympathy and trying to victimize herself. The sad part is that alot of the followers posted comments supporting her and stating how they “bought” their workers only to have them run away. Its absolutely sickening and i hope whoever created the account ends up being prosecuted although i very much doubt it.

  4. Hd says:

    Not very good at Arabic, but what does their bio say? Also what does “Mn7asha” mean?

    • Nixon says:

      Something along the lines of: an account made to show pics of runaway maids in kuwait, together to stop this action/movement/scene.
      To send a picture of the maid whatsapp to…

      Runaway, for women…. Mn7ash for a guy

  5. May says:

    No housemaids or servants will ever run away from their employer if treated good. Anyway as per the housemaid side i guess it is better for them to run away than to hurt anyone if not given the chance to go back to their agencies. How many housemaids has been raped, maltreated and worst killed by heartless employers but only few got justice. I personally have bad really bad experience with housemaids. The first week she was with us she showed us good attitude and hardwork but after we transferred her residence everything went black. One month full of nightmares until we decided to return her to the agency. We took all the possibilities until we got our money back.. Full refund with the help of housemaid office in Bayan.

    • E says:

      My house maid of 5 years, she had traveled two times back to her country and on the fifth year she was returning from her day off when she was seen opening the side door to a male worker who run away after seeing a male from the house, she was asked in a good manner about him, she denied ever knowing him, to my surprise she was gone in the middle of the night after 6 months she was caught in the police station and called us to say how sorry she was…. So everything happens both ways :(

      About the account I dont know all the intentions behind it but sometimes it is good to have reference of their previous job before hand as with anyother employee is asked to give them.

  6. ibnturab says:

    Modern day slavery ….

  7. mungee says:

    can we make a complaint to Instagram about this? If they understand that the whole system is tied into multiple illegal activities – they might suspend the account!?

  8. Spikz says:

    Just wait until human rights gets a load of this.

    I hope our government officials start opening their eyes at least now. Stop sending our sisters to Kuwait as MAID’s !!!

  9. Run Away Groom says:

    How disgusting can it get ?!
    Little do they realize it’s earning Kuwait a lot of negative press mainitaining accounts such as this.

    Says something about the person’s education and nurture or the lack of it. I blame it on the public (Govt) schooling system here, which is sadly bereft of developing an understanding of world cultures and evolving sensibilities toward cultural inclusiveness and tolerance- I am particularizing about subcontinentals and/or the blue collared.

    This is just so typically straight out of the Riyadh slave market. Kuwait can certainly do better than this.

    • a says:

      The public government schooling system isn’t bereft of developing an understanding of world cultures, there is alot of information about different cultures in the public school curriculum and most Kuwaitis travel to Europe and USA at summertime, so most Kuwaitis are accustomed to different cultures

      This Instagram account is a troll account probably created by someone who is intentionally trying to harm Kuwait’s image because no Kuwaiti in his right mind would post an image like that.

      The majority of Kuwaitis don’t ondone that image.

  10. Sami says:

    No matter how good you treat your maid, you are still giving her 2-3 KD per day, which is an absurdly small amount, and an insult. As long as this remains, the temptation for running away and finding better opportunities will always be there.

    And spare me the “I pay for her tickets and accommodation and food”. What matters is the cash that the maid can send back to her family.

    • a says:

      After working here for 5-10 years, the average maid in Kuwait earns enough money to buy houses, farms and the best education in her home country.

      The Kuwaiti dinar is the highest valued currency in the world, 2-3 KD per day is worth 1000 in her home country.

      • Mark says:

        So you believe expats in Kuwait should earn salaries based on their point of origin?

        • Sami says:

          There is no need to “believe” this, it’s how things are, and always have been here in Kuwait.

          • a says:

            In most countries in the Third World, expatriates earn salaries based on their point of origin.

            Kuwait is a 3rd world country.

          • Longhorn In Kuwait says:

            I know Filipinos who have worked on Carnival and Princess Cruiselines. They have told me that some positions only paid about KD185 working 14-16 hours a day. One of the cruiselines that docked in Brazil the other month was forced to stay docked for several nights due to crew members reporting the company to the Brazilian authorities for being underpaid for the conditions they work in.

      • Mathai says:

        “After working here for 5-10 years, the average maid in Kuwait earns enough money to buy houses, farms and the best education in her home country”

        What country are we talking about? I’d like to go there.

      • Ashraf says:

        so… the maid should go back to his/her country to buy something they need… coz the prices are in kuwait are not in terms with the maids country..

      • Sami says:

        You are promoting the exploitation of less fortunate people.

      • Me says:

        No, that isn’t true. Kuwait doesn’t have taxes, other countries do, so this won’t amount to a lot. Average they should be given 5 or 7 per day now. We are talking about the WHOLE day. I’d like to see you work on this less of an amount now here in Kuwait or elsewhere in the world.

      • Kathy says:

        2-3KD worth 1000 in their home country, lolz.. don’t underestimate the world outside

  11. MAK says:

    funny yet true

  12. Shaheen says:

    That’s just disgusting, on so many levels, what a monumental disappointment.

  13. AQ says:

    Increase in the number of followers makes it even worse

    • blarneyBoB says:

      goes to show how many ‘like-minded’ persons you have in this society.

      if they really have concerns regarding all these runaway maids, file a case.

  14. Rick says:

    Wow a website showing runaway slaves….what century are we in right now?!!!

  15. mungee says:

    It’s a real tragedy.

    this sort of treatment has been happening in Kuwait for at least 2 maybe 3 generations now – but its only now that awareness is reaching this level. Thank God for social media … otherwise you would still have ppl saying – oh its not as bad as it seems. its not really happening. its being overblown, expats who dont like it here can gtfo etc etc.

  16. darkwolf80s says:

    You all do realize that this does goes against Instagram policy, all you have to do is click the report button. The more reports come in, the account instantly closes.

  17. Talal says:

    Please report the user spam everyone I’m sure most of you have an instagram account. Report spam

  18. Kathy says:

    Dear A, I been the countries you mentioned, a small glass of masala tea in delhi costed me 300 fils, a cup of coffee from some random decent cafe in dhaka costed me 700 fils, what made you think 2-3KD worth 1000 in these countries?

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