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I don’t know how many of you remember Mogahwi or even know what it is so I figured I would post about them. Mogahwi I believe is one of the best if not the best stationary and art supply store in Kuwait. They’ve been around in Kuwait since 1940 but the Salmiya branch which I’ve been visiting since I was a kid I think has been around for 30 years but not really sure. The place hasn’t changed much since they first opened, I think they still even use the same bags. They’ve got everything there from the regular stuff like pens and papers to the more interesting stuff located in the basement which is the art supplies. I’ve taken a few shots of the place which you can see below. I don’t think they get as many customers as they used to back in the 80s and 90s so I hope they don’t close down. They’re located in the old Salmiya near Alghanim Electronics.

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  1. Salem says:

    since 1940? I hope the notebook’s aren’t dusty.

  2. bO_s3ayD says:

    never heard of it.
    so are you advertising for them so they dont close down? :p

  3. abbas says:

    looks like any other stationary shop to me lol

  4. dalal says:

    I like the one in Kuwait city, opposite A-Falah car-wash

  5. CurlySue says:

    Salem – some of their notebooks are dusty… but they have some that are from the 90s! remember the funky geometric shape neon colored ones?! If you want a trip down memory lane that’s the place to go!

    bo_s3ayed – I don’t know how you live here and never heard of it! It is the best stationary store in Kuwait. Oo one of the very few that have decent art supplies. And no jareer does not sell decent art supplies! Neither do the regular maktabas.

  6. Deema says:

    if i don’t find a particular product like paint or certain pencil or brush, i go there, it is really like a reference.. they have another branch at kuwait city- sharq near to the new business city..

  7. Mark says:

    they have a shop opposite al falah? didnt know that, they had a branch in front of my office building but the building got demolished.

  8. Abdullah says:

    if im not mistaken, I repeat, IF IM NOT MISTAKEN, Gulf bank is about to work on a deal with them.

    They are that good!

  9. Zuno says:

    I used to go there every single summer before school starts! They had these super cool Pepsi can shaped pencil cases!

  10. Labeeb says:

    I ENJOY going there, best stationary store along with Jarir.

  11. Stafa says:

    They’re over priced!

  12. dalal says:

    The one in Kuwait city is much bigger that the salmiya branch, I do recommend you go there for a visit :)

  13. JoJo says:

    The one in Kuwait City is exactly opposit the Khalijia Bldg coming from Behbehani Roundabout towards Salmya and before turning the corner of TriStar Motorcycles showroom.They have an amazing collection.

  14. POOR says:


    the place is in the NEW salmiya ..
    the OLD salmiya is the area near sultan center & Mother care.
    all pepole thought that the old salmiya is near al ghanim elec.But this area is the new salmiya .
    You Can ask any body born befor 1965 and ask him about this .

  15. moayad says:

    Don’t they have a branch in Shwaikh? or am I thinking of a another store?

    Mogahwi “is” overpriced! but they sell quality stuff.

  16. Geek25 says:

    when i first read the name i thought it was an old coffee shop, never heard of it. good ad for them, people pay to get their ads in 248am!

  17. Dakhtar Blue says:

    Ah Mark! You’ve reminded us of the good-old-end-of-summer-school-stationary-shopping :-P
    I used to go to the one down town Kuwait City opposite Al-Falah car wash! Easier to find a parking space over there! Old Salmiyah is mental when it comes ti finding a space!

  18. Om Sheikha says:

    Mark – Speaking of school days, it’s not many customers or not much custom. You’re forgiven your English is usually impeccable.

  19. jooj says:

    i love mogahwai
    good on you mark to plug old school kuwait
    i would hate to see it go out of business
    i wouldnt mind passing by them but every since they disconnected old salmiya and new salmiya i never venture into old salmiya. the traffic and parking situation intimidate me.

  20. Sniff Sniff says:

    I used to live right across the street, just opposite Fay that other hallmark-ish store, next to Barakat Restaurant. Moghawi is lovely, they have a distinct smell in there.

    You are pure 80’s Mark !!

  21. Cooookiez says:

    I dont know the place :/ I suddenly feel out of place :/

  22. baddunk says:

    its super expensive, compare it to any other stationary store and you will see a huge difference, even compare to to any co-op or the stationary stores in mirgab


  23. Daddy's Girl says:

    oooooh i always loved moqahwi

    it has that old 80’s smell still lingering… it reminds me of Hungry Bunny and Kids r us outings following by a visit for a new MSX game from 3alamiya

    when i read ur post title i almost cried… i thought the building has been scheduled to be demolished!!! Ashwa it’s not….!!!

  24. getdown_4ever says:

    its the best
    I was there last thursday

  25. vampire says:

    and how much u were paid for this post? lol

  26. Dear All,

    Thank you for your comments enclosing an article explaining the organisation and our work. We are very grateful for the interest you have shown in our Stationery and art materials.

    Words really cannot express how much it means to us to have such amazing peopls in our lives.

  27. baddunk says:

    so why is everythign wayyy overpriced when you still pay the same rent since the early 80’s??

  28. d'fined says:

    If there should be an interst in revamping the store, I would love to redesign it.. I cant tell you how much i miss a great looking art supply store in Kuwait.. with nice books and a tiny coffe bar attached to it. Not to mentioned dust free… I miss my fav stores in Norway…=(

    But So it is said ..Mogahwi is the only one with supply of A3 paper for my prints. ps. IF anyone know how to find a binder machine for wire binding..( not plastic) without getting ripped off.. let me know..


  29. Desert Girl says:

    What I like about it is that they also sell art supplies (in the downtown branch).

  30. Bu Yousef says:

    I go to the Kuwait City branch once a month and I stock up. They have the good brands.

  31. jayson says:

    mogahwi stationary is still the best choice in terms of quality school and painting stuff.
    but i’m saddened to know that instead of selling their old(or slightly damage tubes) oil/acrylic paints for a lower price, they just throw it somewhere.

  32. student says:

    it has items of the highest quality
    i doubt any stationary can rival it in that field

  33. Gilbert says:

    I’m a regular Mogahwi customer. I buy my painting materials from them, pretty much everything I need for dabbling! Love the place, nice staff and their prices are reasonable too!

  34. Arty says:

    Your post has rekindled my nostalgic feelings. It feels like walking down the memory lane. I used to frequent Moghawi as a child and bought all my stationary from there. I am glad that store in Salmiya Centre is still there. May it thrive and never close! Even though I am not a Kuwaiti, I like Kuwait. Long Live Kuwait!

  35. 140208 says:

    getdown_4ever : lol

  36. Claire says:

    do they have scrapbooking materials over there?

  37. Lunardream says:

    last time I went there…pretty awful on choices…couldn’t find a good quality organizer, very cheap products. They were trying to close the steel gate as to say ”get out, we want to go home”.

  38. Ahmed says:

    I belived that Mogahwi has good quality and also cheap quality Items for people couldnt pay for it.also i think they aren’t overpriced because one time i compared pricesbetween jarir and Mogahwi i found they are closed to each other BUT forget the small stationery shops in city coz they dont have employees to serve u only one salman.

    really i need go to mogahwi coz u remind me to buy A5 paper for my work

  39. My sis still goes there regularly to get al her art supplies ;>

  40. Hamadco says:

    I always buy my art supplies for architecture classes from there !! their really good !! there are some supplies that are hard to find but they always manage to get them for me .. love them ..

  41. do_Od says:

    i love this place, they have everything you can ever need. There is also Dasman complex in kuwait city where the entire complex is art supplies shops.

  42. Kaushik says:

    Surprised people haven’t heard of Mogahwi . It’s the go-to place for all stationary items you don’t get anywhere else in Kuwait. Pretty much like Sultan Center for American goods. That being said they don’t have Moleskines (atleast from last I checked)… Great shop for stationary-lovers though.

  43. Moey says:

    their prices are close to UK’s. not expensive!

    they have some of the best brands around, not many carry rotring like they do.

  44. ABDULLAH says:


  45. Ali says:

    Alshaya is coming up with Office Deport!

    Office Depot offers a broad assortment of products and services, competitive prices, and an informed staff of sales associates. With products ranging from ink and toner to office furniture and electronics, Office Depot has the products that help customers take care of their business.

    This will Kill Mogahwi in Kuwait!

  46. ABDULLAH says:

    Ali , mogahwi it is not new in the market if you read it profail for mogahwi it is more than 60 year in the market

    , you know befor 3 or 4 years theris office 1 super store in kuwait and not more 2 years and he closed , and office depot is is not brand name for items , it is hole seales in usa , if you don’t mogahwi go to web saite
    and cheack the profile ,

  47. Marzouq says:

    I love walking around that place! Haven’t been there in years! But still worth visiting!!!

  48. B says:

    Reminds me of the good old highschool days!

  49. FaHd says:

    Mogahwi is My best stationery and never seen the same ever in the world with the best quality items .

  50. Ron Andrews says:


    I have read about your article about Moghawi Stationery in Kuwait. I was very happy to read your article and see the photos of the company.

    I worked for Mr. Abdul Aziz Moghawi, when the company was known as “The Student Library”. The stationery shop was located in front of a round-about. I was there from 1964 to 1967. I worked as Secretary to the General Manager, Mr. Gannon, a gentleman from Oxford, England.

    Unfortunately, I lost touch with Mr. Moghawi and the staff I worked with. At that time, the Moghawi Press, was located above the The Student Library.

    Is it possible for you to send me the name and phone number of the current owner (probably Mr. Moghawi’s son or grandson. I have good memories of the time I worked for Mr. Moghawi.

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    By the way, I immigrated to Canada in 1967 from Kuwait.


    Ron Andrews (Tel: 416-222-7665) email:

  51. Dlori says:

    This’s one of the best stationary and art supply in kuwauit, they sell a good quality items for art supply, For me it’s much better than al-damson art supply!

  52. Fatima says:

    I am a professional artist who just moved to Kuwait. i am looking for art supply store where i can find professional art material. what is the exact address for this store? i would like to check it out. any other stores worth checking?

  53. 3abeer says:

    It is by far the best in Kuwait, after it comes Jareer. Yet Mogahwi holds some items with better quality. I know it’s an old stationary shop but it is the best one and it reserved their quality standards.

  54. fatema says:

    I want to no where I will get polymer clay white or in colours

  55. salman says:

    Where’s I can get the stuff for Quilling Art.

  56. Nathaniel says:

    can one find professional art supplies like bristol boards,charcoal,etc… in this store. And where exactly is this store?

  57. Sara says:

    Is there any washi tapes?

  58. Suraya says:

    Where can i buy quilling tools in kuwait.. please let me know the place and the address.

  59. sandesh chawla says:

    I want to know whether abacus is available at the stores

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