My Conversation with Aramex

Ok so as I said in my previous post my PSP is in Kuwait. After trying to contact them from 2PM, I was just able to get a hold of someone now:

Me: When can i pick up my package?
Aramex: Package is in Ardiyeh (the main operations facility).
Me: Can I pick it up from there?
Aramex: No, everyone wants to pick it up from there but you cant, its not allowed. You can only pick it up from our Kuwait City office.
Me: Ok when can I come over and pick it up?
Aramex: I don’t know, there are over 800 packs and they have been sorting them out since 1PM
Me: O..K… but when will I be able to pick up my package?
Aramex: Usually around 6PM but we will send out SMS’s when they arrive
Me: OK so at 6 I can come pick up my package?
Aramex: inshalla
Me: Thank you good bye
Aramex: bye

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I just can’t understand why people need to complicate things. Maybe they just need to feel important somehow.

Couldn’t he have just said 6PM from the beginning and spared both of you all the fuss?!

Had the same thing when i got my Canon D20. Their tracking system via the website is lowsy so I ended up calling them 10 times over 2 days untill they said its in ardieh. and when i got to the cement house office, it was there and guess what Mark. I had a dead pixel on my LCD of a brand new camera. Maybe its an Aramex trade mark since we dont pay customs. who knows …..

i wanted to ask one thing did anyone order a psp to kuwait and actually pays anything for customs thx, i want to buy one so plz help

i have an ibook and imac (got them both a few months ago when i was in the states) and they BOTH have dead pixles.. but only 1 on each screen..

u can do this (i read it from get something soft like a tshirt or very soft cloth then rub it on the pixle (dawaer) for like 5-6 times slowly then MOST pixles will just disappear.

Thank you for this post, I was beginning to think that I was the only person Aramex screwed with. I have countless horror stories, but it seems I am stuck with them. This time I moved and changed my address one month prior to making an order. Then I ordered about ten different large items and they sent them all to my old address. Then told me “ma’alish, you need to call several times to make sure the address was really changed”. Yesterday they told me the packages would be sent immediately to the new address and by tonight they would be delivered. Called them about 15 minutes ago and the same guy from yesterday said, “mmmmmmm, guess they are not here. Insahallah tomorrow.” I think using Aramex is Gods way of testing our patience and sanity.

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