My Macbook coming back to life

Post by Mark


In May my Macbook stopped working and it pissed me off. Around two weeks ago I decided to take it to Digits (used to be called Mac&More) in Marina Mall to have them check it out. I wanted to find out exactly what was wrong with it and how much it would cost to fix. Well today I found out that my MacBook will be repaired for free under Apple’s global warranty program. Even though I purchased my MacBook from Amazon my warranty it still being honored here in Kuwait which is really cool. Now I have to wait 2-4 weeks for the part to arrive but that isn’t a problem since I have my Eee PC to keep me company.

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  1. kwt23 says:

    good to here that…at last something good about mac support in kuwait

  2. Mo-k says:

    hey mark i have received my Asus Eee 900 which is pretty cool i had windows xp and im plannig to increase the ram do you know a place where they would fix more ram and for cheap price .. ?? thanks ….

  3. Hamed says:

    Digits is my uncle’s place.. He’s an authorized apple reseller so of course the international warranty is honored.

  4. Mr.pedro says:

    CooL then i dont worry now if any thing happened to my mac on warranty limits and mark good to here that o good luck using PC :| for now

  5. Mr.pedro says:

    CooL then i dont worry now if any thing happened to my mac on warranty limits and mark good to hear that o good luck using PC :| for now

  6. Moey says:

    Digits are amazing man!

  7. Moey says:

    Reminded me, should write a thank you post, they fixed my dvd drive under warranty and now Im changing my keyboard because of the crack. and their service is nice! I prefer them more than icity although my friends work there.

  8. Musa'ad Haider says:

    Do they get something from Apple for their services or are they just forced to honor warranties because they are Apple’s authorized resellers?

  9. steve_leb says:

    man your title amused me.. good old Floyd days..

  10. Mark says:

    Musa’ad not sure but I know iCity doesn’t honor warranties if the Mac was not purchased from them.

  11. Jim Sefton says:

    Glad to hear your getting it sorted. I assume it was within the first 12 months or within the extended warranty (I don’t think you mentioned how old it was in your first post)?

    Good news anyway :)

  12. iRise says:

    Download “parallels” for your lap top! Helpful if you want to download window’s software. I have it on my MacBook and I LOVE IT! :)

  13. cajie says:

    @Musa’ad Haider
    They probably make a decent profit on warranty work. All warranty work is paid by the manufacturer (Apple in this case). The dealer cannot make much profit on the spare parts as those are refunded at cost price but they will claim labor charges, which will be very high compared to the salaries they pay the technicians here in Kuwait.

  14. rashisha says:

    I Love Apple…

  15. Abdulaziz says:

    You’ll have to wait three to four weeks for parts to arrive? I see! Apparently they’re doing this “service” only for you so u’d advertise them here. Please DO NOT DELETE THIS MESSAGE.

    My experience with them is that they have acknowledged that my battery is dead and it is covered under the global warranty and i am entitled for a battery replacement. Even though the service people told me it shouldn’t take more than four weeks for the parts to arrive. Their manager called Farahat told me I wont receive the replacement in less than three months! My other option they said is to purchase a battery from them for 57 Dinars!

    And you know whats the sad/funny thing? When I asked Mr Farahat why it would take that long, he said that its out of their hands and its a delay from Apple in the US! Of course this is bull****. I filed a complaint at Apple Europe and Apple UAE, the service center manager in Dubai called me and said that he spoke with Mr. Farahat who REFUSED to replace the battery even though the service center in Dubai HAS the batteries in STOCK and AVAILABLE for shipping immediately and no need to contact the US!

    So, Mr. Mark. Apparently you’re getting a special treatment because of your blog! tsk tsk. Good for you :)
    I feel sad for people like me who have no blogs and just want to get the service they deserve!

    again, please don’t delete this message !

  16. Abdulaziz says:

    They’re not making any profit from the service. What they’re doing is simply hold the spare parts as long as they can to make people buy their over priced parts. Keep in mind that replacement parts come from Apple IMC ME Service Center and DIGITS put nothing from their pockets.

    It seems that DIGITS are making the best out of their service center by installing software collections for 15 Dinars. Which of course considered piracy and illegal.

  17. Mark says:

    Abdulaziz, its not special treatment for me. First time I dealt with them they didn’t even know I had a blog and they changed a logic board for me and 2 keyboards on two different macbooks.

    I posted about that in the forum before and other people replied about similar experiences with them. The only problem is it takes 2-4 weeks for the parts to arrive but I don’t think its from Dubai I think its from the US with me because thats where my Mac originated from. The two keyboards they replaced for me didn’t have Arabic keys meaning they weren’t middle east versions from Dubai.

  18. Samer says:

    They respect the warranty here in Lebanon too. You take it to Interlink (which is a certified Apple distributor here) and they get it back to you within a month or so because they send it to the U.S.

  19. TanGo says:

    This is interesting,, although I tend to believe Abdulaziz,,, still lets wait and see if the Macbook will be fixed in 4 weeks,, or Mark will be asked to purchase the required components,, and how much would Digits charge for labor..
    Mark,, keep us posted.. Thanks

  20. Abdulaziz says:

    Mark, According to Mr. Farahat the parts arrive from Dubai, but they need to get “authorization” from the US. This is what they claimed when I took my laptop to them. Anyhow, according to the service center in Dubai DIGITS deal directly with them and there is no such a thing as “authorization”. I sent my battery directly to Dubai and received the replacement the next day. No four weeks or three months wait from DIGITS or anything.

  21. Mark says:

    Good for you, my situations have been different so far and I would rather wait 4 weeks to have the item shipped in instead of sending my mac to dubai..

  22. Moey says:

    Abdulaziz, they don’t know I have a blog and they changed the DVD drive for me for free, they said it takes 4 weeks, it took 4 weeks exactly and I just paid 10 KD customs thats it! and the guy was really nice, he even cleaned the macbook for me.

    My best friend, works at iCity and wanted me to pay for fixing my macbook. so trust me, I like mac&more more.

  23. Bo-Bader says:


    I am in the US and one day my iMac logic board started acting on me. I took it to an authorized Apple repair center for repair under warranty. They called me the other day saying that the logic board is out of stock and will be available in 4 weeks! I called Apple (they confirmed what the repair center told me) and explained that I am a PhD student and I need my computer to work. The day after my iMac was ready. It all depends on your situation and reaction. You need to be nice and if that didn’t work then you need to be a little aggressive ;)

  24. Kiwi Nomad says:

    Wow, great service from Apple, very unlike a recent example I had from a company you would have thought would know better – Canon. I bought a Canon digital camera from Cathay Pacific in-flight in January this year, and after 2 weeks for no reason it stopped working. Took it to the service centre in Bahrain along with the International Warranty certificate to get it repaired, and lo and behold… international warranty – not valid in the GCC… the GCC is not part of the international warranty scheme, believe it or not! Doesn’t say that on the international warranty certificate! Then emailed every email address I could find on the web for Canon after sales service, repairs, etc. to complain, and all of the emails bounced back to me. Great. Then thought of couriering camera to Canon New Zealand to get them to fix under warranty. After father-in-law conveyed the situation to Canon NZ on my behalf, they thought the story was quite amusing and offered to fix it whenever we returned to NZ, no questions asked, even if it was outside the warranty period by the time we took our next trip back to NZ. So hopefully all will end well, but it has put me off buying any Canon products in the region again.

  25. Nour S. says:

    That’s pissing me off slightly, since they made me pay 45 KD just to check my laptop out in the first place, when it should have been under warranty then. How annoying. Congrats, though.

  26. Nayef says:

    Went today to digits to replace a 3 month old macbook charger that died on its own. Laptop was purchased in Saudi so they said I need the receipt + it will take 2 months + 15KD for shipping. Ended up purchasing the adapter for 45KD then found it at Virgin for 36KD. Never thought id say it but I miss Saudi customer support.

  27. adel says:

    thank you

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