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No Way Hosay

OK, I left the office with everyone else around 10:30AM and got to the marina near the Sultan Center restaurant at around 10:45AM. I saw the yacht and it was pretty big. But I also noticed that while the boat was parked inside the marina in very calm waters it was still bouncing up and down and sideways. So I decided not to get on the yacht. No way you know. If it was bouncing while parked I am sure it was gonna be bouncing a lot more out in the open sea. So now I am back at the office, I am the only one here and I am gonna catch up on some work. I would rather be stuck here in the office then be out at sea.

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Dude then I should take you out fishing sometimes when I get the time. After being in the water for some time you should get used to it. Even my 5 year old nephew is used to it now!

When I join the marines then I will try to get used to it. As long as i dont have to, I will not put myself on a boat in the middle of the ocean 🙂

yesterday at 8:00 am i was at the marina near sultan, (i work in Failka island)the sea was great there was no high wave or bouncing but the weather was foggy.
Today i came back from work the was very good

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