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Back in January I signed up to the Orbit ShowTime service and I although the signup process was very smooth I was worried their customer service would be problematic since when I had Showtime back in 2005 any issue I had they would tell me to pass by their main branch in Dajeej which was unpractical and annoying.

Well I ran into a problem recently with my Showbox receiver, it kept rebooting randomly every 5 minutes or so which was very annoying. I reset all the settings, upgraded to the latest software did whatever I could to try to get it fixed myself and nothing worked. I finally gave up and decided to give OSN a call, I was expecting them to tell me to take the receiver to their workshop in Dajeej which is why I tried to fix things myself but instead I was told a technician would come over on Monday (that was on Saturday). Sunday (the following day) I get a call from the technician telling me if I was free that day he could pass by. I was like no problem but did they tell you what my problem was? He was like you aren’t getting a signal. I was like no my Showbox keeps rebooting. He told me no problem he would replace it for me and a few hours later he did come over and swap my receiver with a new one.

Everything is working perfectly now and I didn’t even have to drive out to Dajeej to get my problem solved!

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  1. Gilbert S. Semillan says:

    OSN people are pretty good in their services, they even come to your house (or wherever you wanna meet them) to collect your subscription, Pretty cool!

  2. tehehe says:

    That’s not impressive at all. It’s a standard customer service and I have no idea why you are giving them that much attention?

    • Mark says:

      obviously it’s supposed to be standard thats why I didn’t say it was impressive or super great or whatever. I just previously stated that I was worried I would face issues once I ran into a problem, now I am posting an update with me running into an issue but not having support problems.

      Do you want me just to post negative customer service and not good customer service?

  3. Um abdullah says:

    Weird! I always suffer when it comes to their service. Even some of their tech guys lie about coming. Until one of the Indian tech came… Fixed it… Then told me to contact him directly ( I have to pay him) and that’s what I have been doing since.

  4. AB says:

    Glad to hear that Mark. OSN is always there at your service.

  5. Danderma says:

    I had the customer service send me the technician twice because my reciever wasn’t getting a signal

    twice they told me that my reciever is fine but my sattelite wiring is the cause… the 2nd time they added some cable head thingies… please note that the entire house using different and older and cheaper recievers have absolutely no problem recieving signals

    i am waiting for the thid time… then i am chucking the thing they call a reciever out of the window… i’ve had it with them and their blinking reception and lagging singals and changing of the channel names every month…

    someone from OSN should fly to the UK and take a crash course from SKY on how good and amazing their SKY Box is… if only i could have sky install their reciever here… :( and the bloody sling box doesn’t work for some reason or i would happily terminate my contract with OSN and settle for my Sky Box

  6. Omar says:

    I’ve had Showtime for a while now and ever since the rebranding, new investment in equipment and program revamp..the overall experience has improved and their customer service has become a lot more smooth and responsive….

  7. salah says:

    same here

  8. vampire says:

    to OSN or not to OSN!
    tempting,, but i only watch TV before bed. is it worth it?
    the only channels i would watch are Discovery/Nat Geo/Food network in HD
    is there any good tv series worth watching?

  9. AB says:

    Um Abduallah…..is this technician from OSN or from outside?

    @ Vampire….lost good series, Bones, Weeds, Glee all depends on what you are interested in…

  10. AB says:

    @ Vampire….which one’s u interested in?

  11. The guy used to manage them before is in Gulfnet and he is messing everything there as he did before

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