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Pest Control Gone Wrong

bug stopOver the weekend I was at True Values and I found this huge gallon of pest control spray. It was a good brand (Spectracide) and was selling for only KD5 and offered 6 months of protection against any kind of bug. So I bought it but when I got home I started to read the warning label and this thing is scary. If I drop some of the liquid on my skin I need to wash the area for 20 minutes and then call the poison center. So I decided to wear gloves while I am using it. I don’t know how, maybe because I am extremely clumsy but I ended up spilling a lot of the liquid on my hardwood floor. Then I tried to wipe it up and now I think I have this liquid all over my hands. How am I supposed to clean up a toxic spill?!?! This thing is crazy, I have been sneezing like hell, my fingers have a tingly sensation going on, my arm it a bit itchy, and my gloves are soaked with this liquid. I should have just purchased Raid…

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hehe, actually i am feeling ok. when i took my gloves off after spaying my house (and my parents next door) my hands were yellow. At first i thought i must have gotten poisoned or something but turned out it was just from the glove. I then had a runny nose for like an hour probably from all the fumes but now i am doing ok… except for the fact i can see through walls now..

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