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Pink Moon Boutique

I just came across this local online website that sells clothes (for woman). I don’t know if its new but its the first time I see it. [Link]

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It launched about 6 weeks ago. They sell clothing, accessories, gifts, etc.. from international designers and deliver it to your door the next day. It’s the first online shopping boutique in the Middle East. A lot of people I know are buying their christmas gifts there.

this website belong to a woman from kuwait i forget her name i read about her in student talk magazine she lived in usa and back to kuwait when she finished her studies surprised that there were no e shopping in middle east so that was her plan and she did it . go girl

“Once upon a time, in a land far, far away called Pacoima, there were two nice girls who set out to create the perfect girlie collection, juicy couture swept the land and they lived happily ever after.”
Pink moon is a copycat, they stole juicy couture theme, specially the introduction!
Why Arab cannot come up with an original idea, and this girl says that she studied in the States she did not hear about copy right!!!! I wonder.
I’m displeased cuz i love juicy couture and i buy 4m it all the times

I wrote the ‘About us’ page and I did not steal it from anyone. I never even saw the Juicy one you are are talking about.

If you read them both you will see that the only thing they have in common are “Once upon a time” and “Happily ever after”, so its just a storybook theme that ENDLESS companies use as their theme, but obviously each one has a different story. Ours was our own idea and completely original.

I bought a book today and i went back to return it 20 mins later and exchange it for another as i picked up the wrong one. they did not let me exchange or refund, however there is no policy on stationary items, i checked the site. im very disappointed as me and my family have been loyal customers. either update your website to include that stationary cannot be exchanged or get rid of this implied policy.

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