The Secret Garden Project

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The Secret Garden is a new project by Mimi, the same person behind the popular Shakshooka nomadic farmers market. She originally started the project last year but shifted it to full gear around a month ago and I passed by yesterday to check the place out and left extremely impressed.


The Secret Garden simply put is an urban community garden. Mimi got permission from the municipality to occupy part of a public garden in Salmiya and setup planting stations so that people and children could come and grow their own vegetables, herbs and fruits. Majority of the garden was built using recycled material and they even have their own compost pit which they’ve started filling up in hopes of it being ready for next year.


Every Saturday the community is encouraged to come by the garden from 9AM till sundown to either plant, paint, build or just socialize. Mimi has some great plans for the future including possibly turning the garden into the permanent spot for the weekly Shakshooka farmers market, having gardening workshops and even hold film screenings in the garden.


I’ll be posting about The Secret Garden every weekend with the rest of the weekend events to keep everyone posted on whats taking place there so stay tuned. For now you can check out more pictures of the garden by following @mimikuwait on instagram or the hashtag #thesecretgardenproject

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  1. About time this country had a community garden. This Mimi is quickly turning out to be Kuwait’s answer to Alice Waters. Love her. Thanks Mark!


  2. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    This is great! I hope it catches on and can be expanded into other areas!

  3. Kulsum says:

    I love that she JUST DOES IT.

    • mimi says:

      Hahaha!! Just like Nike! We did it, Mom, Yusra, Waleed, Kuwait Healthy Living, the list goes on! Please pass by, we are in your hood.

  4. Rm says:

    Well I guess it’s not a secret anymore…

  5. Una says:

    Where exactly is it. I would love to go and plant. Who can plant? Anyone?

  6. Nixon says:

    Interesting, thanks for keeping us updated Mark!

  7. Chase says:

    This is a great idea! I was part of a community garden in Compton, until this guy Vic conspired to shut it down. Hopefully that won’t happen here.

  8. mo says:

    ok will someone PLEASE tell me what is “Shakshooka”? thank you

    • It’s a DELICIOUS egg dish that is really popular in North Africa and Israel. So good, you need to give it a try sometime.

      It’s also the name of the farmer’s market Mimi created that takes place once a month in Kuwait City. Wait, is it monthly or bi-monthly? I forgot, look it up.

  9. I’ve been following the secret garden from mimi’s instagram account and i’ve loved the idea from the start.
    Great job Mimi ! hope you can inspire more people to do more wonderful things.

  10. djelibaby says:

    Kuwaiti or expat? since yknow shakshooka seems pretty exclusive? i hope this is an inititiative that anyone can afford. if its something only the hoity toits can do – then nothing really changes in this country

  11. Varun says:

    Top initiative, this one. Hope it runs for long.

  12. Kevin says:

    How do we get in touch with Mimi? We need something like this in Abu Halifa. I’d love to help.

  13. Tahseen says:

    Is it still going on
    What’s the location
    The last post was 2014

  14. Ruby says:

    Please add me to your blog’s mailing list.

    Where is your garden? and when is that Gardening Today from 3-5 p.m taking place? I mean what date? and how often would you teach us gardening???? I love that and would be very interested.

    I have a small garden back home and would like to learn to garden it.

    Thank you

  15. Deepti says:

    Looking forward to visiting your Secret Garden when i come down in July 2016.

  16. Mash says:

    It’s heartbreaking and unfortunate that the Secret Garden has been completely demolished… Mimi is working on rebuilding it with the help of voulenteers. Follow her story on Instagram or Snapchat for updates @mimikuwait

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