Staged in Kuwait Needs a New Home

Post by Mark

Staged in Kuwait, my favorite local community theater group needs a new home since the rent is increasing at their current location. Over the weekend they posted the following message on their Facebook group:

HELP! SIK needs a new home. With rent prices climbing and climbing we have to vacate our studio rehearsal space this summer, leaving the future of all our activities in jeopardy. As a not-for-profit group working on very small margins we have been very lucky to have our rent frozen for the past five years allowing us to use a villa basement as rehearsal room and storage for everything that we bring to the stage. From kids drama classes to evening and weekend rehearsals, we run a busy program and desperately need to find a new place to call home. If you can help with great real estate contacts, offers, suggestions or the like – please get in touch via messenger. Our sixth season hangs in the balance and without a new home ‘Beauty and the Beast’ may well be the last show you get to enjoy from Staged in Kuwait.

If you can help then get in touch with them [Here]

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  1. Tim W. says:

    Thank you Mark for sharing. A few viable options are in the pipeline and the focus is shifting a little to trying to find a brand or two who would help us by way of annual sponsorship of our events.

    Thousands of famillies enjoy our activities, choir, drama classes, comedy nights and full stage shows each year. We are hoping to be able to secure some sponsors who will help offset the doubling of our studio rental costs so we can continue to keep live theatre an affordable option for all families in Kuwait.

    As great as it is to now have the JACC offering live events in Kuwait, we strongly believe that a family (of 4) should be able to visit the theatre together for no more than 30KD – rather than the 200KD tickets at the Cultural Centre would cost. However, creating good quality entertainment is expensive, even when your performers are volunteers!

    As those who attend Beauty and the Beast this week will hopefully see – community theatre is a venture worth looking after. And right now we need help from the community we serve. The first English language community theatre was stated in Ahmadi in 1948 and I have been a part of it for the past 21 years. It would be so sad if the seventieth anniversary year was the year the cost of living killed community drama. ☹️

  2. aziz says:

    JACC have many unused small theatres , i think they should contact them.

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