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The MSI Wind

MSI Wind

Earlier in the month I posted about how Carrefour started carrying the MSI Wind. Well I got a call a few days back from the MSI Wind dealer who wanted to give me an MSI Wind to keep and review for the blog. Of course I said YES and today I went and picked it up. I had three colors to choose from, the black, white and the pink and I decided to go for the black which I hadn’t seen before. Once I got back home and opened the box I was glad I went with black because it looks really great.

MSI Wind vs Asus 900 vs Macbook vs Macbook Pro

I’ve only had a few minutes to play with the Wind and so far I really like the size. When I had the 12inch iBook I hoped Apple would release a 10inch version but instead they ended up releasing the 13inch which although is great is pretty big to carry around. 10inch seems to be the right size for a portable laptop. Originally I had regretted getting the Eee when I found out about the Wind but now I have both which is perfect! I am going to Munich later this week so the MSI Wind came at a perfect time since I will be able to take it with me and try it out as a travel laptop. I am also interested to see how long the battery is going to last since it uses the new Intel Atom chip.

If anyone has any thing they want to know about the Wind or something you want me to compare to the Asus Eee 900 please leave your question in the comments below. A user in the forum was able to install Mac OS X on the Wind so thats something I will probably attempt to do once I get back from Munich.

According to the dealer the MSI Wind is sold at Alghanim, Electrozan, Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket and Bin Khaldoun street for KD185. Actually it might be a bit cheaper at Bin Khaldoun street.

Update: I soooo hate Windows XP, how do you guys use it!

Update2: If you need to contact the dealer their number is 810810

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The battery lasts max 2hours (without power saving). The screen seems heavier than the keyboard which sometimes annoyingly tilts the laptop back. Other than that it’s a pefect little companion which I’ve been using for 3 days.

Interested to see what you and the others think.

only 2 hours? how about with power saving? If this machine ends up running OSX I think I will get the 6 cell battery. So far it seems I Just need to get a dell wifi card which is compatible with OSX and I will go ahead and install it. Might as well upgrade the ram to 2GB while I am at it.

I don’t know how u can live with a MAC virus free and game free lol

Mark the beauty of XP or any OS .exe incrypted that u can manipulate and make changes to the OS..

if you hate XP try Vista ( I HATE VISTA myself ! )

You really should try Msi wind i have the black one its only 1KG with the battery and the web cam its so clear 1.3 MP and i was surprised from the Speakers 2 Channel Stereo

i hope you get what i am trying to say

hope this helps


congrats on the netbook…it looks great…MSI Wind is really up there with the eee and hp mininote…it’s getting alot of buzz…personally i’m waiting to see what Apple has in store this coming month…if nothing impressive im going with a sony 🙂

i went carfur today , and asked about it . the 185kd MSI wind is 3 cell battery . its not worth buying a mini laptop for ultra mobility for a +2 hours battery life for that price !

go for a 6 cell battery .

hey mark.. are all the msi wind in these stores you mentioned have the 6 cell battery??

or will it be better if i order it online 😛

After reading tons of reviews, I decided to got the Asus eeePC 1000H from Amazon at 145 KD. Altjough the MSI is sleeker in terms of design, it has 3 shortcomings.

– Battery Life on the MSI versus the Asus (battery is 6600 on the Asus)
– Wifi is not as strong as the Asus
– MSI screen is a bit dull vs Asus

At 145kd +17 KD shipping to aramex the Asus is a better buy.

i went yesterday to Alghanim and i buy the white one is realy very nice its like snow, and i found out when i compare itwtith asus that there is 2 binfet in the wind
1-the screen side is much better than the asus
2-the keyboard is realy very comfortable with this small netbook
3-also i check with the dealer the have the 6 cell battery which i can use it up to6 hourse

Hellraiser: actually with me I found the opposite is true.the wind has better wifi reception and a brighter screen. Battery is weaker but that’s why I am coin to get the 6 cell battery instead.

hey mark if you want to install OSX on your pc, i suggest u see Cnet’s video on how to do it.
and btw its unlegal to install OSX on your pc, you can do it… but its unlegal


Question of a different order; I am actually looking for a shop to get my desktop pc in line with current standards. Being relatively new in Kuwait I really do not know where to go to get latest components build in for me for a reasonable price. Can anyone help me with this?

Best, Maarten

@ Maarten

for latest components I would look in the states 😉 Hawally has most of the time previous generation. 😉

Does installing OSX void the warranty? What is the minimum config to install OSX? How much does the the battery and extra ram u plan on installing cost? Does it come with office installed?

installing OSX doesn’t void the warrantty but to get wifi working in OSX u need to swap out the wifi card which means opening up the wind which results in voiding the warranty.

Dell 1490 wifi card: Bought one from eBay yesterday for $14.95 with shipping
RAM: Supposedly around KD8 for another 1GB bringing total to 2GB
6 Cell Battery: KD20, increases battery life to around 5 hours with 75% brightness and wifi on.

RAM: Supposedly around KD8 for another 1GB bringing total to 2GB
6 Cell Battery: KD20, increases battery life to around 5 hours with 75% brightness and wifi on.

With these add ons you are hovering in the 200 KD price range, which still makes the Asus a better deal.

Mark, if you are comparing to the WiFi of your 900 then you are mistaken. The 1000Eee has a great and stronger Wifi than Eee900 and MSI.

Hellraiser: I think you are being very biased here and the fact that you are comparing the price of the MSI Wind in Kuwait with the price of the Asus 1000 on is really unfair.

The MSI Wind is actually cheaper than the Asus 1000 costing only $500 while the Asus 1000 costs $550. If you get the MSI Wind with the 6-cell battery its $550 which is the same price as the Asus 1000.

They are both very similar devices with only minor quibbles here and there that differentiate the two, no need to make it a SNES vs Sega Gensis war.

Mark, I am not biased towards Asus, I am a regular consumer shopping for the nest deal and given the track record of Asus with 700 series and 900 series, one has to admit that they were the innovators behind the netnook with over 1 million units sold todate, they do have a solid track record. The MSI is the new kid on the block, this does not mean that they bad however they do have some way to go to catch up with Asus which by the way does not void your warrantee if you install additional hardware. It is however unfair to give a one sided review on a product, just beacuse MSI is available in Kuwait through a major retailer, this does not automatically classify it as a good deal. For the benefit of your reader you should do a fair comparaison of both items.

Mark, have you ever thought of trying or reviewing an 8″ Sony Vaio? They used to get a lot of hype, and they look rly cool, and im guessing their preformace is more superior than that of the Wind and the Eee. Have you ever considered it?

Hellraiser maybe you were away when I posted about the Asus Eee and all the positive stuff about it. I am actually a huge fan of the Eee and own the 900 but I am also very fair. I know the although Eee started this trend they actually fell behind for a while and then started playing catchup themselves. Competitors released products that did more for less and that actually shook up the pricing structure of the Eee. If you check out the laptops they released this year, their original prices and their restructured pricing you will see it was because of competition like the Acer One and the MSI Wind.

The Asus 1000 is available in Hawalli and I saw it there myself yesterday so I am not pushing the MSI Wind because its in Kuwait while the Asus isn’t, they;re both here. I am not actually pushing anything here not the MSI Wind nor the Asus 1000. The reason I am a huge fan of MSI Wind is the fact that I can install OSX on it and have wifi working by just replacing the wifi card which is something that wasn’t possible with my Asus.

I checked the MSI wind today at Carrefour and I must say that it is the right balance between performance & portability.
I tried touch typing and it was very easy to do (something that I found impossible on the eeePC 7 inch).
So for me, the choice is now between this and the eeePC 1000H. Unfortunately, Amazon is currently out of stock on the MSI wind. Hoping they get it back in stock soon.

The MSI Wind is slightly smaller than the Asus 1000h and its around 400grams lighter. Reviewers online also said the wifi reception is better. I had to choose between the two and ended up going with the MSI Wind since I wanted something light weight. Got mine from Amazon.

Hi… i checked it out some time ago, according to the bin khaldoon shop owners that there is no dealer for MSI in Kuwait and that each shop will begiving their own in house garauntee. You said that there is a dealer, may i know who it is?

What I like about the Eee is the ability to modify as the motherboard is already set to handle future enhancements. For example, I have already added an 80GB Hard Drive on my Eee 901 that usually comes with 20 or 12GB SSD. I have also installed a touch screen but this is a little bit of a serious modification. Also if you dont like the Wifi you can easily change the module and insert a more advance one. You can add a 3G/HSPDA Mini PCIE Card and if you like to solder then your list is endless.

if i order an Asus Eee Pc or MSI wind from amazon will i need an electricity converter in order to charge the laptop?
How much would shipping cost?
any help would be greatly appreciated

The Asus 1000H is now $450 in the US. Just picked one up as I’m holidaying in California. Nice bit of kit. Dual booting it with OS X, though the sound doesn’t work with Leopard (wifi works without replacing the card mind). A very nice machine for the price, but the netbook prices seem to be in freefall at the minute. Competition can be a good thing (at least over here).

Oh and Juan, no laptops have problems with the electricity – they all come with power bricks good for anywhere in the world. The only issue may be the need for a plug adapter.

No idea about the shipping costs.

Actuall Mark you have to admit that you`re very very biased with the OSX thingy and about the MSI vs Asus i`d take ASUS any day over the MSI !!! hell more features and cheaper what makes the MSI any better, and about the OS thing i`ll run Linux over OSX because once its not properly designed by Apple to the specific hardware it sucks all the time and BTW i`ve tried the hackintosh on my P4 3 Ghz it sucks big time its toooo awfull i`ve wasted 4 GB download bandwidth please forgive me god :`( !! I LIKE Linux more and more its so flexible unlike the Hackintosh what do u think a 1.6 Atmo Processor can outrun the P4 3 Ghz ? i`m still surprised at u MACers you guys still think that MAC is better than Linux on x86 hardware ??

i do agree with you on one thing that Windows should be named Winsucks

im using MSI laptop its outstanding but unfortunatly some days ago the LCD (screen)of my laptop damage by my mistake.i just wana ask were can i repair it.waiting for soon reply.

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