The tires graveyard visible on Google Maps

Post by Mark

Over 7,000,000 tires! I should have passed by last weekend since I was pretty close to it but didn’t know it was nearby then. [Link]

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  1. BB says:

    bad news for Chicken Farms in the vicinity…

  2. That doesnt look like tires!? shouldnt they be black!

  3. FYI says:

    Recycling ??????

  4. livin' in kuwait says:

    I would have thought there was a market for these used tyres..recycling etc… maybe someone could put this to use just like how metal scrap and waste paper is reused.. wonder why that isn’t the case here.

    • aaa says:

      The metal scrap is more valuable so they burn off the rubber to collect the metal more easily. Should all go to jail imo

  5. Chris says:

    ?! that’s in Kuwait!

  6. Kojak says:

    Just google recycle tire and you will see a lot of ideas! You could be rich from that!!

  7. Ramin says:

    How often does google maps update? that seems like a really quick update, especially for a lower market area for google maps

  8. Desert Girl says:

    There have been several studies done on tire recycling efforts for Kuwait and so far, the concensus is that the equipment required is too expensive. (And yet, they pay the same 4 companies to dig holes and fill them up consistently to the tune of billions of KD – year after year after year.)

    Recycled tires can be turned into a lot of useful items – like mulch, playground materials, and the metals can be extracted and used for other things.

    Stupid not to do something about it when international companies are happy to come in and assist.

    These fires will continue to pollute Kuwait (and endanger the lives of firemen) every few years. When was the last one? I can remember some time ago…

  9. brownsuger says:

    I didn’t know this even existed :/

  10. Othman says:

    I heard the fire has been put out. Can anyone confirm?

  11. Bader says:

    Thank YOU “ALWATAN” for all the “CONTRIBUTIONS” towards Kuwait … may Allah protect us all

  12. Aref says:

    They can be used to build houses. No expensive equipment involved. Excellent energy rated walls 2.5ft thick packed with sand. How stupid to let them just pile up!

  13. PFunk says:

    Great site for an arabi Burning Man festival LOL

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