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Have guests coming to Kuwait and not sure where to take them? Architecture of Kuwait have posted a handy schedule although I personally don’t agree with some of their activities (flight simulation?) as well as some of their restaurant choices but it’s a good list to build on. When it comes to food I would add Cocoa Room or Early Bird for breakfast. Lunch I would add OFK and Oum Habib. I would definitely add desert places like Chocolate Bar and Life with Cacao. Finally I would add Maki and Slider Station for dinner.

If guests don’t leave Kuwait gaining a few pounds then you’re not doing it right. [Link]

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  1. TweeZ says:

    Youm al bahar?
    Dickson House?
    Kuwait Towers?

  2. Ahmed says:

    Entertaining guests in Kuwait.
    1. Drive up the coastal road to catch a glimpse of the Kuwait Towers.
    2. Arrange a week in Dubai.

    • aaa says:

      Dubai is an overpriced wanna-be NY

      • Ahmed says:

        I’m sure they would take that as a compliment. After that said, you might want to take a good look around at your country, analysing the infrastructure, and admit that you’ve been shammed for years with no development plan. But it’s you’re fault, because your voice is too silent on demanding that you’re government perform for the nation and develop this country at a basic level.

  3. Maze says:

    Where’s Oum Habib?

  4. Baklava says:

    the 5 day tour is missing some more places! Tareq Rajab museum, Elcid calligraphy museum on 5th ring road in jabriya, Martyr’s house in Qurain. I would add the memorial museum but unfortunately it’s an individual/private effort so the museum could have been much better. Elamrecani cultural center whenever they have an exhibition and Dar al athar alislamiya events.

  5. vampire says:

    wafra farms
    fereej swaileh restaurant

  6. Kuwait says:

    Mark, also, if they’re visiting in February, ensure you drive them through Ahmadi – we here at KOC take great pride in lighting up this town :)

  7. AOK says:

    We would definately love to liven the list up! It was a quick thought on our end. Keep the comments coming, and we will have an updated one accordingly :)
    Thank you for the comments – Mark ofcourse, and 248AM followers :)

    • Nicole says:

      For nature Lovers / Bird Lovers you can add a birding tour depending on the time of the year.

      A Grand mosque tour, if you get it arranged at the entrance of the mosque or via Aware Center.

  8. Buzz says:

    Americani Museum. The converted old American hospital near Parliament.

  9. Proud Kuwaiti says:

    Dickson House, Yome Al-Bahar Village, Bait Al-Bader, Scientific Center, Classic & Vintage Cars Museum, The Free Atelier, Modern Art Museum, Qibliya School, Americani Cultural Hospital, Kuwait National Museum, Tareq Rajab Museum, Dar Jehan Museum, Soug Al-Mubarakiya, Kuwait Towers, Al-Hashimi Dow & Maritime Zmuseum, Martyrs’ War Museum, The Grand Mosque, and Kuwait House of National Works (Covers the Iraqi Invasion).

    • Julie says:

      Could you kindly give some more information about Bait Al-Bader? I am not sure what it is, or if it is currently open for tours–some google searches say it’s an old house? Thank you!

  10. Ralph says:

    Avenues mall, 360 Mall, Marina Mall, Kout Mall

  11. Kasia says:

    The list is OK, gives you some ideas. I had a guest two months ago and took her to Kuwait National Museum. I was quite dissapointed in the first archeological part. Most of the signages were in Arabic, some had only a word of two of English description. The booklet we received was written in really broken English. The entrance / garden looked terrible, however I could see some contructions going on so I assume they are working on it.
    Scientific center was really good though.

    • Baklava says:

      و ما هي المشكلة بأن تكون الإرشادات فقط بالعربية؟ أليست الكويت دولة عربية واللغة العربية هي اللغة الرسمية؟مليت من الأنجلزة إلي صايرة بالديرة. يقال بأن اللغة هي أساس أي أمة .. و إن ماتت اللغة ماتت الامة. شكله أمة إقرأ صارت أمية :)

      • Kasia says:

        Well I get ur point however museums should have their signage in at least in two languages where English is one of them. Are you expect every tourist to know Arabic or your museums are only for Arab speakers.

      • TweeZ says:

        “مليت من الأنجلزة إلي صايرة بالديرة”

        ?عيل شلون بنصير مركز مالي وتجاري

        there has to be a universal language that most will understand.

      • aaa says:

        If you don’t want everything to be in English then maybe Kuwait shouldn’t be 2/3 foreigners?

        • Kasia says:

          @aaa it is not related to number of foreigners living in Kuwait. Tourists come from outside. In my country we have maybe less than 5-10% of foreigners residing, however most museums, entertainment places have signages in local language, English, French and German. Kuwait is an Arabic country and Arabic will always be the first language here, I am not even questioning this. My disappointment was that I wanted to learn more about Kuwait’s history by visiting the museum and my basic Arabic knowledge allowed me only to read and understand bits and pieces from information boards.

  12. realist says:

    A view of Kuwait from Kuwait Towers would be good but totally skip the restaurant, but I guess everyone in Kuwait knows that, the restaurant staff included.

  13. Yousef says:

    Kuwait towers, The new museum that just opened and mubarkeya!

  14. bo_bashar says:

    without a doubt NARANJ. went there for lunch for the first time today and the food was AMAZING!! great environment too, Avenues, 360, scientific center, olympia mall, al hamra mall, khairan or any chalet / hilton mangaf, dickson house or freej swaileh, cocoa room, al bida, noway to maki id say Edo 1000000000000000 times better maki is not what it used to be food quality wise too, and last but not least SAHARA! amazing view of the golf course sadly i was just introduced to sahara (marketing in kuwait sucks) thats why. slider station mark really? noway would i take a foreigner there! might as well take them to j.rockets. id say Meat CO, Fish Market, Signor Sassi, Peacock once they open again or al boom in radisson sas.

  15. Shimo says:

    For lunch take them 2 Muhalab resturant @ palms hotel to try (m6abaq zbeedi) tradishional kuwaiti sea food res. sure they will love it

  16. Nicole says:

    I didn’t see anyone mention Failaka island (or any of the other islands yet, or?)

  17. allwyn says:

    where is “the village” located ?

  18. Chris says:

    meh I just had a short stay in Kuwait (3 weeks) and I gained approximately 16 pounds :/

  19. Z says:

    Take them to pro kart, horseback riding at Messila, the shooting range, Sahara Resort where you can BBQ, the aquarium, Bidi3, Marina Waves in the morning and go wall climbing, rent some bikes & go biking on the beach, Corniche club, Solo Pizza and last but not least the love street, show them how guys go bananas for our gals here.

  20. April says:

    I would add Camel Racing and Dhow Cruise!

    And the Kuwait House for National Works Memorial Museum was actually pretty interesting.

  21. anonymous says:

    which is better? Almarsa or Muhalab at palms? for good seafood

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