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Post by Mark

According to a job post on Emirates 24/7, International Service Check are looking for mystery shoppers in Kuwait. I know the last time I posted about mystery shoppers there was a lot of interest so this is a way for you to become one yourself. For more information click [Here]

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  1. MM99 says:

    I wonder why they want to do this?? I actually do this when I go to the mall naturally in Kuwait because I am bored. I interview vendors, check for customer service levels which usually are very poor in Kuwait especially in comparison to Dubai.Look for cleanliness, and sewage smells which are common here, presentation and marketing. There is miles of difference between the Debenhams in Kuwait and the ones in Dubai for example. Would I apply, no, I am suspicious about the whole thing.

    • aaa says:

      The employees at department stores in Dubai are extremely stuckup and give off a “you shouldn’t be here” look even if you’ve just spent 1000KD

  2. A says:

    I found out it’s a scam though

    • Mark says:

      U sure? I googled it and they seemed legit and been around for like 11 years

      • KKboy says:

        Let’s face it, why would anyone care about service levels in Jahra? Really? It’s got to be bogus, I wonder if they ask you about your bank account information. that’s been going on in Dubai and they busted a ring of phoney callers who try to get your bank details.

      • Abdul says:

        i have registered with them before they started job advertising for it,i find it authentic.

  3. Yeni says:

    “After you perform a correct check, a money transfer will be arranged within a few weeks from the date of your visit.”

    This seems fishy. Why would they not pay you right away? What is a few weeks exactly? Also there is no contract, so no legal recourse.

  4. Desert Girl says:

    I signed on for this BS. Wrote to them – got an interview call. THEN they told me that I have to go make a purchase at the store they want to check(and I must pay) and that I should go back to the same place and try to return it. Then report to them.

    How much do they pay? 4kd! Yeah right….

  5. Hielda says:

    Tried them once, they did not pay me even after I told them that I did not get my payment there was no answer!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why waste my time and become a cheap tool for some random corporation?

  7. L says:

    get in touch with Alshaya if you want to be a mystery shopper. They have a mystery shopping program and with 100’s of Alshaya stores, you’ll get quite a lot of shops. I did assignments for them for about 6 months and had a lot of fun doing the shops.

  8. L says:

    Btw, International Service Check is a legit company (the reason why you’re paid later on is because the company needs time to evaluate your report). But the amount they pay you for the shops is quite low compared to the effort you have to put in when doing the shop. Not at all worth it.

  9. RM & FJK says:

    I was an Alshaya mystery shopper and Desert girl they make you do the same thing…go and buy and then try and return….of course it works out great for them since you end up spending your own money there…and believe me its A LOT more then THEY will pay you….and you don’t get a refund…since they don’t give the money back anymore….they give you a bloody Alshaya card…so either way your money stays with them….got screwed over this way…and believe me they are very strict about the rules….i never even got paid for the few visits i did…

    Also got a mail from the other company that requires mystery shoppers but alshaya has really turned me off them!!!

  10. q8life says:

    What is the contacts of the Alshaya dept. which handle the Mystery Shopping ?

  11. Ramez says:

    I contacted them before through Bayt.com and they asked me to do an online test, I passed .. then I asked about the salary or the payment methods, they said its about 3 KD per visit.

    What do u think then?

  12. RM & FJK says:

    You will probably end up spending around 40-50KD of your own money on the first batch of shops they give you…at 3KD a pop you will have to work a pretty long time to make up all that money…let alone start to make a profit…

    also can you imagine the tediousness of having to go and exchange the items again and again and again…that amount is never coming back to you…

    And their logic is that at SOME point you will anyway spend that money in an Alshaya store…

  13. Kathinka says:

    This is too funny for words. I did this for 3 years for the Dubai Government with their DSS (dubai shopping service). Same deal but properly organised. Paid per outlet 55dirhams and on avarage did 8-10 outlets/day. They have over 500 different branche outlets in dubai and surrounding, among which are also Burj al Arab, Bab al Shams etc. The outlets were checked every month By a groip of about 12 men and women. I really enjoyed doing the work there as it took me eareas in Dubai you normally dont come. Always got paid at the end of the week in cash.
    Would i do it here? Not with this outfit. In whose intrest are these checks done? Who will benefit and having seen what happens here when you make a wrong comment (remember the japanese restaurant hassle when 248 merely mentioned the food was not that great…) no thank you. You would not be able to criticise the shop/restaurant properly.
    But hey, good luck for the ones that will try.

  14. Rehab says:

    Hi Just Signed up and Read 22 pages before I start online Test.
    I Answered 36 question.
    Maybe 1-3 Answers where incorrect.
    They Failed me ! :P and told to have a retest.
    They didn’t provide which answers were wrong.

    I think Its A scam.

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