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We Got The Car

Yesterday night me and nat passed by the Jeep stand at Marina Mall. We saw our salesman and he had some good news for us. Because of the 4×4 thing going on at Marina Mall they are dropping down 200KD off the car. Since me and nat hadn’t picked up our jeep yet they decided to give us the 200KD as cashback. If thats not good service I don’t know what is. We had already paid for the jeep and all and yet they thought it would be fair that we got the extra 200KD back. Amazing service. The guy also told us we could pick up the jeep anytime from 8AM to 11AM the next day. So today we woke up at 7:15AM and got to the dealership and picked up our jeep. First impressions, this is going to be really fun to drive. I am checking the weather forecast for the weekend and it seems its going to rain which means we got to leave the top on for the next few days. Nat is travelling tomorrow also for 2 weeks so its going to be and the car all to ourselves.

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