Workers Trapped

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A reader emailed to tell me there is a window cleaning crew trapped on top of a cleaning lift which stopped working because of a mechanical breakdown. The workers have been up there since noon and they still haven’t been able to get the truck to bring them down. The building is the Global Tower which is located in Sharq opposite United Towers. You can see some pictures below.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Thanks Fahed

Note: I’m guessing the workers were rescued right after the pictures were taken

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  1. moazzam says:

    It wasn’t a mechanical problem. The operators were afraid to lower/raise the cradle due to heavy wind.

  2. 3azeez says:

    and you should update that the picture you posted shows fire department rescue operation…

  3. rosy says:

    Hope the workers are safe. If they cannot bring them down, they should breake the window and take them inside.

  4. ibnturab says:

    These companies only operate in terms of profit. The lives of 2 poor asian workers are not worth the hassel of breaking a window ( which costs as much as the workers salaries for a month). The company will just ignore the whole problem hoping the workers either die of heat/dehydration or from parachute-less sky diving attempt.

    • Mr. PinK says:

      If that’s the way you think, then I hope you’re never put in charge of anything that involves human lives being at risk.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nazilohum 3ad? wela lail7een m3aligeen

  6. Ali Sleeq says:

    Window cleaning is a high-risk job especially at skyscrapers.

    “Oh wait guys… I think you missed a spot on floor 47”.

    I hope these workers got down safe; all I know this not good publicity for Global hehe

  7. bos3oud says:

    the company is not responsible for this mishap, as Global might have a contractor to do this job therefore he is responsible, i hope they are ok.

  8. Theq8tyGodfather says:

    Are the workers allowed to sue for being kept that way!

  9. qidissent says:

    workers? sue? you mean workers of the kind that have their passports confiscated and sometimes arent paid for months and have to live in camps eating bread and drinking water? really?

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