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You Want to Talk About Traffic?

I know everyone recently has been complaining about the traffic and I want to add something here. Today the traffic was the worst I had EVER seen in Kuwait EVER. Not even the great winter floods or the Thursday night Salmiya traffic could even come close to todays traffic. Everywhere I went, all my little traffic escape routes, every corner, intersection, road, everywhere was just packed with cars. There was traffic in places I couldn’t imagine their ever being traffic in! I got to the office nearly 30 minutes late so I hope this isn’t going to be like this everyday now…

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I know, it took me an entire hour to reach college and I was 30 minutes late for my lecture so I decided to go to library and do something helpful with my time, but more on that later ;r

my advice is to arrrive early for work, today I arrived at 07:55, it was like driving @ 06:30 in normal days …

what I mean is: go to work 30-60 min earlier and avoid extra 20-30min in traffic

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