Panerai – Kuwait Edition

Post by Mark

The first dedicated Panerai Boutique is opening in Al Hamra next month and on that occasion Panerai have released a special edition watch that features an engraving of Al Hamra Tower on the back along with the word “Kuwait”. The Kuwait edition Panerai will be limited to just 80 pieces and they’re pretty much selling out as soon as they arrive. The one I spotted at the Panerai dealer in Salhiya (Behbehani luxury store) was already reserved for a customer. I don’t post prices of watches online but I thought the asking price on this model was fairly reasonable for a limited edition PAM.

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  1. Mathai says:

    A Kuwait edition is pretty cool. Panerai and IWC may look understated but I love the look.

  2. And how much does this cost?

  3. The Real Burhan says:

    I suppose its a case of if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it…

  4. Steve Marco Grace says:

    Its an amazing time peace that i personally loved it .. And Mark .. your invited for the opening :)

  5. Twisted Truth says:

    You post and compare prices of Hot sauce + shipping + tax in Kuwait vs Amazon – so why not for this watch?

    Logic please

  6. Steve Marco Grace says:


  7. Mohammed says:

    It’s not that special, for most cities there is a special edition model from Panerai.

    There is one for Paris, Miami etc etc.

    A special Panerai is likes of the Bronzo, Marina Militaire etc etc.

  8. Buzz says:

    Sorry, I don’t see anything special in this watch. In fact, it looks tacky. I’ll stick to Patek Philippe.

  9. Buzz says:

    I just checked, it’s around 2000 KD. Not worth it IMO.

  10. Silm says:

    I think better name for it is Al-Hamra Edition

  11. Jo says:

    Mark I’m so sorry to have to say this, but since you have become a full time blogger, the quality and interest factor of your posts have deteriorated largely.

  12. Bo Kheli says:

    when is the opening?

  13. The Swish Swindler says:

    It’s super interesting to note how Panerai aficionados in Kuwait are enthused about a Garrett popcorn or Cheese Cake factory opening as they are about Panerai opening shop here in Kuwait.
    Now that’s what I call mixing luxury and gourmez with a twist (popcorn and cheese cake, yikes!)

  14. Narbash says:

    With all do respect to everyone: collectors and watch fanatics will mostly appreciate this piece of art. Any boutique edition is unique to that country, even if they have the same one for 50 other countries.
    Peace out, sir.

  15. Ebraheem says:

    Wore the Watch on Thursday at the boutique and i agree with u mark for its price i beleive its worth it, though ppl may see it that its not, the watch sits comfortable on the wrist and at 1400KD and being a special edition its rathar nice.

    in the end going to pay a depsoit for one soon ;)

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