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All the English Bookshops

I remember a time when people were complaining about the lack of bookshops in Kuwait, well things have changed drastically. Below is a list of all the English bookshops I’m aware of in Kuwait. If I missed any let me know in the comments.

Aafaq Bookstore
Al-Asriya bookshop
Better Books
Book Seller
Book Stop
Books and More
Books in Kuwait
Brilliant Company
CAP Bookshop
Center for Research and Studies on Kuwait
Claudia Al Rashoud
Kuwait Heritage Library
Little Bee’s Books
Page Turner
Q8 Bookstore
Qasr Al-Thaqafa
Red Balloon Books
Saint Books
Spectrawide Bookstore
That Al Salasil
The English Bookshop

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Currently in Arizona, i was so happy when I walked into Barnes & Noble and saw all the magazines. does Kuwait still have English magazines ? I remember Sultan center use to have them, like Popular Mechanics and Airliner World from the UK.

Al-Asriya bookshop did but last time i was there they told me they weren’t getting anymore and i picked up a few old issues for half price

Which one of these has the best selection/ is the biggest?
Which one has the best selection of kids books?
Any feedback please

Interesting…a book store called Claudia Rashoud.
The Kuwait Bookstore at Muthanna was a feast for medical texts and academic publications. They used to have a decent collection of English mags.
I wonder what would it take for a Kinokuniya bookstore to open in Kuwait.

I miss not having the Family Bookstore in Salmieh, anymore. Come Christmas time each year, it would be our ‘go to’ place to soak in the spirit of yuletide, along side Fay & Co’s Hallmark.
Fay’s Hallmark would also have all the fashion and glamour magazines in the back where many young local lads would spend hours rifling through the pages ogling at Western models and snigerring at them.

Cool! Do they still have the issues with the government for some reason deciding half the books in the world cannot be sold in a bookstore

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