Comedy in Kuwait back in the 50s

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The lovers of humor and comic stuff had the chance in Kuwait back in the fifties to enjoy it through the comic magazine “Al-Fukaha” which means humor in English.

“Al-Fukaha” magazine was released in October 1950, the chief editor was Farhan Rashed Alfarhan and the owner was Abdullah Al-Khaled Al-Hatem.

At first, it was printed in Kuwait. Then, they started printing it in the Syrian capital Damascus and the distribution of this comic magazine was in Kuwait.

“Al-Fukaha” that was released in 1950 continued until 7th February 1951 and then stopped. It was released again on July 20th 1954 but stopped one more time on 24th November 1958.

First time I’m hearing of this. [Link]

Thanks Farran

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  1. proudkuwaiti says:

    The owner of this magazine is also the author of من هنا بدأت الكويت (This is where Kuwait Began), which is one of the key books in Kuwait history. The book was categorised based on the earliest achievements and activities in Kuwait, e.g. first mosque, pilot, wall, ruler, etc.

  2. Ahmad says:

    It would be great if there were scans available online for any issues!

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