Huge Sale on English Books

Post by Mark

Remember the Kuwait Bookshop that was located in the basement of Muthana Complex and shutdown? Well all the books from that bookshop are now located in the basement of a building in Hawalli, and all the books are now being sold for really cheap.

I passed by yesterday evening and I’m not sure I can recommend going to anyone. The basement is packed to the brim with books, too many books for the size of the space. Not only that but a third of the basement has books semi organized on shelves, the other third is just books and books piled up on top of each other, while the final third is just piles of boxes on top of another filled with random books inside. Trying to find a book is gonna involve a lot of digging and scrummaging and I’m not sure it’s worth it. To add more to the misery, only half the basement has air conditioning and the whole place is definitely a fire hazard. If you’re claustrophobic you’re definitely not gonna want to be down there.

In case you’re still interested in passing by, they’re open from 9AM to 7PM. Finding the location is slightly tricky, on Google Maps search for “Dana Arab“, it’s a name of a bakala. Once you find the bakala the books are located in the basement of the building to the left of the bakala. You’ll find the entrance to the basement and just walk down. Their phone number is 66036943. Good luck!

Thanks dragonarab

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  1. zyser says:

    So sad to see the bookstore was closed, loved going to the Muthanna complex, browsing books and buying magazines.

  2. Gary says:

    It was sad seeing the bookstore close. First the family bookshop now this :(

  3. The Other Ahmed says:

    Did you buy anything there? And did they also sell any old comics?

  4. Man says:

    Hope the book shop is replaced by burger joints

  5. Big Z says:

    Went there last night, killer deals! Going back again today, just remember to bring cash!

  6. Suhail says:

    Today I visited the place in Hawally and spent around 15-20 mins. Found some good books and Audio CD Collection on learning new languages. There are thousands of books still packed in cartons and piled above each other. All books are at great discounts. Since I’m learning Arabic Language, I bought the Foundation Course & Advance Course Audio content (pack of 12 CD) at 80% discount. Actual price KD 55 (Foundation + Advance) but got it for KD 11 only.

    I’ll recommend book lovers to visit the place but be ready for the heat during the day as the place is poorly air-conditioned.

  7. pablo says:

    Are they open on the weekends??

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