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The local blog Black Coffee has compiled a list of local Arabic and English book clubs. According to their post, there are 16 Arabic book clubs and only 3 English ones which are Book Therapy, Q8 Readers and The Divan. That discrepancy might explain why we don’t have a large English bookshop, just not enough English readers compared to Arabic ones. If you know of any more let me know in the comments.

For the full list of book clubs click [Here]

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  1. Marie-Joelle says:

    There’s the Kuwait Bibliophiles

  2. Are books considered haraam says:

    Avenues Kuwait has long since earned that dubious distinction of largest retailing mall in the world without a decent bookstore. That-el-Salasil doesn’t really count as a book store as it is no more than a Hudson News stall at Grand Central.
    Even as phase IV primes for a gala opening shortly, book stores are definitely not going to be part of the picture.

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