Raqsh – Donate Books to Educate

Post by Mark


The other day while at KIPCO tower I spotted a books donation box by an organization called Raqsh. Turns out they collect unwanted books and then send them to small scale societies such as refugee camps. Right now they only have this one donation box located at KIPCO but they’re looking to set up more of them around Kuwait. For more information on the organization, here is a link to their [Website]

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  1. Ispsom says:

    I sure hope they place more of these!

  2. I was going to post about this, I am working in KIPCO but never got around to getting a picture of it. Now I know where the donations are going and the machine fills up quickly which is a good sign people are actually donating.

  3. Ahmed says:

    I saw this box at Avenues a while ago, but it looked like they were dismantling it, maybe they place these at different locations one at a time?

  4. Murrka says:

    Fill those things with Salman Rushdie books. See if they accept them.

  5. Anw. Kh, says:

    Schools and public Lib. are good places to setup, please I don’t want to drive and park in a mall for this thing …

  6. m.bahrani says:

    It seems the site Raqsh is no more. Any idea where to donate books ?

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