Cops Got Trikes

Post by Mark


I was in Kuwait City yesterday heading to a meeting when I spotted a Police Can-Am 3-wheel motorbike parked. Not sure when they got them but have been fairly recent since I hadn’t seen a cop version before.

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  1. Murrka says:

    And no police work was done that day..or any other day.

  2. Ipsom says:

    Read about it in the news paper, but yet to see one on the road.

  3. Haitham says:

    I think it’s silly. When they released the news in the newspaper a few weeks ago, the caption said it would help the police get through traffic and chase motorcyclists. How does a trike enable you to do that?

  4. I feel like soon we will see Tron Motorcycle, in Kuwait used by the police to catch the people who goes over the speed limit XD

  5. BlarneyBob says:

    Seen those i think 3 weeks back at a stoplight in Riggae, then on that same spot a few days back.

    Well, i did not notice anyone going gaga over the new bike. soon, it will just vanish like most of those BMW bikes before (only see a few of them, rarely).

  6. RaZ says:

    Its ridiculous, why would you go on a can am in the summer instead of an air conditioned car, both are as efficient as each other in traffic, if you are going to be outdoors then get a bike !!!!!

  7. Joe says:

    For handicapped officers?

  8. Faisal says:

    They already have these in Dubai

  9. vampire says:

    to the benefit of the can-am dealer

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