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First of all I know I spelled hello with a “w”, I meant to do that so stay away grammar nazis. So last week I did it and went ahead and bought a Vespa. I was originally unsure if I should get one or not but in the end I realized it’s something I’ve always wanted and so I might as well get it and be done with. I then had the complicated issue of deciding which model and color to get. I was torn between a white Vespa Primavera with a red seat or a yellow Vespa Sprint model. In the end I was leaning towards the white which is why I ended up getting the yellow. I know it sounds weird but I realized I was leaning towards the white because it was the safer option and since I wasn’t buying a Toyota Camry, I decided to go with the much more exciting yellow.

Since I know the dealer fairly well we ended up working out a good deal on the bike. I won’t go into the exact details but I ended up paying part cash and part advertising space on the blog. Plus I’m sure it didn’t hurt the fact that I told them I was going to do a series of posts on life with a Vespa in Kuwait. I’ve only ridden my Vespa around the block so far but I rode it with the biggest smile on my face so I can’t wait to take it out for a night ride later.

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  1. Taz says:

    It looks great! Congrats :-)

  2. Taz says:

    oh and don’t forget the helmet ;-)

  3. “In the end I was leaning towards the white which is why I ended up getting the yellow.”


    I would LOVE to own a Vespa as well some day, they are incredibly fun. White one with the red seat for me though!

  4. dee says:

    Please post more awesome pictures of the vespa !!!! T_T and congrats !!!

  5. Joe says:

    “Scooters are for men who want to ride motorcycles, but prefer to feel the wind on their vagina.”

  6. Andy says:

    We are the mods, we are the mods, we are, we are, we are the mods.

    I could drag out my parka with the roundel on the back if you want….

  7. 3azeez says:

    Congrats and safe driving :)

    Do you need a motorcycle license to ride on this?

    Btw, I just wanted to say that I really respect you for sharing that much details with us. This kind of mutual respect that you show to your readers is what keep us coming here and be really interested in reading what you say.

  8. Uwe says:

    Hello Mark,
    Your Dealer link gave me:

    Oops. Something obviously isn’t right if you’re reading this. The URL you entered or followed no longer seems to exist, has been removed

    I wish…… I could ride Vespa Scooter ! ;-)

  9. Ahmed says:

    When buying a Vespa, how do you pick it up? do they deliver it to your home or do you have to go to a warehouse?

  10. Lurker '05 says:

    “I rode it with the biggest smile on my face so I can’t wait to take it out for a night ride later.”

    Congrats, Mark! :D

  11. Joe says:

    That’s one happy Vespa owner in the picture. Congrats.

  12. Nixon says:

    Congratulations Mark!

    Don’t forget the helmet!

  13. Mark says:

    So its 1:30am and i just got back home from like a 2 hour ride. it was superb, the weather was amazing tonight and the roads were empty. I just rode around salmiya and then headed to kuwait city via the gulf road and rode around there. the streets were empty and it was so peaceful. loved it and i can do that every night if i want :))

  14. Abdullah says:

    Congrats Mark, i own a Honda scooter ( just like the ones you rent in Thailand which was were i fell in love with them)
    Scooters are freaking AWESOME!! i love mine but u need to be careful with all the crazy drivers in Kuwait, and always wear a helmet. protection. protection. PROTECTION!

  15. vampire says:

    is the vespa registered?
    how many kms for a full tank?
    one day we shall ride together.
    keep shiny side up

  16. Christy John says:

    Congrats man :D!!! If ever i see someone on a yellow vespa in salmiya, ill be sure to yell out “Hey Mark!!”…

    Happy driving man..:)

  17. Kuwait says:

    Mabrook… happy you listened to your heart and not to the dudes who kept opposing the idea or ridiculing it.

    Welcome back to the club, ride safe though. Ducati or Vespa, look out for the cat-eyes while turning (I’m sure you haven’t forgotten).

    Who takes pictures with you in it? Surely this ain’t a selfie :)

  18. Shawn says:

    any two wheeler that has a number plate requires a license to ride it.

  19. zaydoun says:

    Limit your rides to nights and you’ll be fine… driving your scooter around Kuwait during the day is suicide

    • Mark says:

      well last night was pretty cool except for one awkward incident heading back on the gulf road around 1:15am, this old nissan patrol with like 3 guys were cruising next to me trying to talk to me while I was riding down the gulf road. they probably thought it was odd that a white guy on a yellow scooter was riding down the gulf road at 1am. sadly, they’re probably right lol

  20. AG says:

    Congratulations on your purchase and even more so for being yourself.

    Here in America the Vespa and the ELF are considered smart choices (saving the environment, etc.) and are highly respected on the road. They’re primarily ridden by “IT geeks” (for lack of a better word) but it’s not uncommon to see an attorney heading to court in his suit on his Vespa.

  21. Nunya says:

    Loving that picture!

  22. skip town says:

    congratulations on your new ride. please be careful out there, don’t be a target for the crazies. i have a Segway and i love it, use it almost daily.

  23. Fahad says:

    Congrats Mark, drive safe.

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