Kuwait’s All Female Biker Club

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The popular website Vice have published an article on Kuwait’s All Female Biker Club. The Moto Lady Club as they’re called is the first woman’s club for motorbikers not only in Kuwait, but in the Gulf. Check out the full article on the Vice website [Here]

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  1. sala6a says:

    After trying motorbiking for a year, loosing a close friend, then watching other friends’ serious injuries, I would say it’s one of the most dangerous things to do in Kuwait. I would personally never promote it in Kuwait, rather work against it. Although I miss biking sometimes, but maybe will do it in a country where traffic rules are more strict and respected, and where there are special lanes for bikers.

  2. Devil says:

    Go Women go! You are our sisters, mothers and friends.

  3. Pedro says:

    Really Awesome … Best of Luck and Ride Safe

  4. Fajer a. says:

    this sound like so much fun

  5. GreenFalcon says:

    It is sad in the 21st century an all female biker club is still a big deal in the region. Kudos to these strong women.

    • k says:

      no one said it’s a big deal, get over yourself

      it’s the first female biker club in the Gulf region and it was opened 3 years ago, they started the club 3 years ago

      The Vice article is very informative

      • GreenFalcon says:

        Its a big enough deal to merit an article. This wouldn’t be news anywhere else more progressive. Like I said, these women are awesome for going against the grain. I hope they inspire others to do the same.

  6. Ninja says:

    from their looks non is actually Kuwaiti !! or at least not originally from Kuwait

  7. Haitham says:

    Safety in numbers, girls. Please don’t ride alone for your own safety. It’s dangerous enough out there for the male bikers, let alone the extra attention you’d get as females.

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