Cops jailed for parking in handicap spot

Post by Mark

Two traffic officers in Kuwait are to spend one week behind bars for parking their patrol car in a spot reserved for the physically challenged.

Abdul Fattah Al Ali, the assistant undersecretary for traffic, said that the two uniformed men be transferred to a new department after they serve the seven-day sentence in jail, Kuwaiti daily Al Qabas reported on Wednesday.

“The official has given instructions that all legal measures be taken against the two men for flouting the rules,” a source quoted by the newspaper, said. “He said that there would be no leniency towards violators whether they are civilians or members of the police force,” the source, that the paper did not identify, said.

Abdul Fattah Al Ali has gained an impeccable reputation in Kuwait for his strict application of the law, regardless of the names or status of the violators.

No effing way. I’m super impressed. That’s pretty cool that they’re actually punishing two cops for this. [Link]

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  1. 3azeez says:

    Nothing new, they sentence police officers to spend some time in jail to make an example… however they often get pardoned “in celebration” of a national or religious holidays. Lets see when is the nearest holiday…

  2. Chris says:


  3. Travellifestyle wowkwt says:

    what they implement was followed, hopefully it would happened to those who violate also,it serves as an example,

  4. Guy says:

    lol super impressed?what are you,5? 3azeez-well said!

  5. Wishbone says:

    Full respect to the guy.

    In a handicap unfriendly culture even the cops don’t respect em. Atleast its a start.

  6. proud Kuwaiti says:

    Bravo! Serves them right.

  7. Buzz says:

    Mr. Al Ali is on a mission to restore law and order in Kuwait and he has the green light from the highest authorities. It’s about time someone did something before our country turns into a complete jungle. This reminds me of what Mayor Giuliani did to New York City in the 90s with his “Broken Windows” policy.

  8. Majid says:

    imagine what they will do to civilians and especially expats!

  9. Fatima says:

    well…I hope this is a true incident, and not just a gimmick…circulated by the traffic department itself, in order to restore the faith of the citizens and the expats.

  10. Ali says:


  11. Man says:

    It is good see the strict enforcement of laws.

    But why nobody is punishing the “Kafils” who made money and brought “kadamas” into Kuwait.

    So the law is applicable only to the poor? Stop this discrimination. Unfortunately even the intellectuals of Kuwait are not raising their voices against this inhumanity.

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