Devastating Photo of Souk Mubarakiya

The photo above of Souk Mubarakiya was taken by the photographer Mohammed Alomran and shows the amount of devastation that was caused by the fire on Thursday. A reader whose dad owns two stores that got burnt down told me on Thursday some workers were saying the fire started because of a welder who was working near flammable fragrances and this was later confirmed by the authorities.

There is even a video going around which you can watch above shows where the fire originally started. Sadly it looks like the huge fire might have been prevented if people had tried to extinguish it before it grew. Stores in the market had already suffered a considerable amount of financial damage due to the pandemic, this was going to be the first Ramadan where things were back to normal, and then this happened. Sucks.

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Bound to happen when the country is pushing all the experiences 60 plus workers out
You’ll be left with certified “engineers” , not going to say anything more than that

Life can be very tricky and nature, cruel.
It is ludicrous to suggest xenophobia and regressive anti expat policies may have anything to do with the fire.
Forging a causal effect and connexion between the SoMu fire and “expat go away legislation” where none exists is not only irresponsible and reckless but outright criminal

My family used to own several buildings in that Souk for decades. 25 years ago our building caught fire & it was bad. I can tell you for a fact there is horrible electrical wiring & installation on most of the buildings. I did not watch the videos but im pretty sure an electrical fire started this.

I swear I was just there 3 days before the fire asking
the worker of Algharabally Perfumes to tell me more about the owner..: Then this happens.
I saw the vid. My POV, exactly where were the fire fighters?! Cos it is a big fire. Why no one did anything or place a call is beyond me

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