Invasion-era Bombs Found on the Gulf Road

The Gulf Road waterfront from the Yacht Club in Salmiya all the way to the Kuwait Towers is currently going under a major facelift to include amenities like a dedicated bicycle and jogging path among other things. I posted about that project back in September (pictured above) and you can read more about it here.

Last week while digging near TGIF, workers came across a large number of projectiles and cluster bombs dating back to the invasion. If you’re too young to remember, or you weren’t here back in 1990, the Iraqi army had assumed the allies were going to invade Kuwait from the sea. So they dug trenches, planted mines and had tanks and artillery lined up all across the Gulf Road.

It’s kinda unreal to imagine just a few decades ago the Gulf Road waterfront was covered in mines and trenches. The bombs found were all safely defused but the idea that I was riding my bicycle all these years near unexploded bombs is pretty freaky.

Here is a link to two articles that covered this story. Link 1 and Link 2.

And just to clarify, only the first photo on top is new, the rest were taken in 1991.

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I read two local Arabic newspapers and one English paper on a daily basis. How the hell is it no one writes any news about this country other than parliament and the arrest of drug dealers. Seriously it’s nuts! And even if a ‘normal’ current event story accidentally makes its way to the papers, you will never ever get a followup article.

Yeah I tried to find the story on the Kuwait Times instagram account and didn’t find it. Maybe local press were told not to write about it? No idea.

my thoughts exactly. the 2 english dailies are a joke. the only things published on a daily basis are how many expats were deported today!

It’s so sad that in developing the bike path and the major facelift which was long overdue, they have completely destroyed the green belt along the gulf road.

It was probably the only road in Kuwait that was pleasant to drive on because of the green along the route.

Hopefully by the end of the facelift, the route will be even better..

Imagine all these years, was cycling on gulf road, especially the pavements – taking selfies and videos ! Gosh – lucky to be alive.

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