Kuwait Airport Contract Finally Awarded

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Kuwait’s government said it had awarded a contract to build a new terminal at Kuwait International Airport to the same consortium that had an earlier more-expensive bid dismissed.

Turkey’s Limak Holding and local construction firm Kharafi National won the deal after bidding 1.312 billion dinars ($4.34 billion) for the work – 74 million dinars cheaper than the offer it submitted in November. [Source]

Bring out the non-alcoholic champagne!

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  1. 3azeez says:

    Here goes nothing.

  2. Rohit says:


    I wonder when it will be completed.

  3. Raknesh May says:

    Kharafi national won…shocker who would’ve guessed.

  4. NotAnon says:

    Meanwhile immigration officials will still make you wait while they check their phones and abruptly abandon their posts without warning. At the same time the primitive system still won’t allow electronic boarding passes while they change gates without announcing it and none of the incompetent staff will be able to answer your questions. This will change nothing. All it means is a bit more space.

  5. Just says:

    In that case, here is an alcoholic Shani.

  6. sami says:

    This is one step ahead, but a contract needs to be signed first. This would take a few months of bureaucracy. Only then the actual project will start, and we can all be happy.

    • KS says:

      Absolutely correct. Awarding is one thing, signing the contact should make it a reality.

      • mary says:

        I suspect there will be objections to this being awarded to this company, because they grossly underbid, I don’t believe they can build this airport for this amount and what is also suspect is that the other bidders Arabtec and China State Construction and Engineering had bids that were very similar. Most bids that are too low are usually dismissed. Also, Karafi who is only the sponsor bid this contract with a Turkish company, who has experience building smaller airports, under a division not associated with the controversial sports stadium. After I googled the companies, I learned that China State has extensive experience building airports (ie, Hong Kong) and is a Chinese government owned company, Turkey’s Limak Holding is most successful with their hotel division in Turkey and have built smaller airports in Russia, Kosovo and Egypt. I’ll bet the Chinese State bid is more accurate and if I look at the incredible progress of their Dubai projects with their extensive resume of building around 25 airports, they should have been awarded this airport project. I understand most of the original bidders dropped out when China State entered the bidding process? But has someone stated above, the merchant class families seem to suspiciously win here whether it works for the benefit of the country or not.

        • bask says:

          well said Mary, but look at the bright side, they finally managed to approve a bid! Now good luck in building it, something tells me that will be another story.

  7. cw29 says:

    Great!!! I really hope they will go through with it this time.

  8. Areej ASB says:

    You mean to tell me that after the Jaber Stadium fiasco Al-Khorafi still gets awarded such projects? Instead of a full-blown investigation and charges of gross misconduct, negligence and a stadium not fit to be used? How does this work?

  9. king says:


  10. Hawra says:

    Well, Kuwait is run by a handful of merchants.. so of course kharafi will win the bid. surprise.. surprise..

  11. Reem says:

    Guys Limak is going to build the project. Kharafi National is just a sponser (وكيل) Anyways, today news got out that the contract is to be signed this october with limak so they can start construction. Lets hope for the best…

  12. Rickstove Stunic says:

    Sorry to ask this question here but does anyone know who is the best manufacturer for home flight simulator equipment world wide?

  13. Nunya says:

    When I see, ” 74 million dinars cheaper than the offer it submitted in November,” I think three things:
    1) That’s how much profit they were going to make out of the deal when they first pitched the price (Holy crap)
    2) They are going to low-ball at the start to win the contract and then stall half way through construction and say they need more money because of (insert some excuses here) and if they don’t get it, they can’t complete the project- oh well, sorry!
    3) They had included a sub-contract with a tech firm or something associated with the complex and they cut them out to lower the starting bidding price (but the country will have to end up paying for them later to complete the building.)

    I mean really, 74 MILLION Dinars can just be wiped off as “extra fat??” 74 MIIILLLLIIIONNN!?

    THAT is something that gets my attention.

  14. Qabandi says:

    knowing how these contract projects work…there might be a wee chance that some variation orders and change orders could drive the price up a bit. It’s not something fishy. It’s just contractors have smart people and all they do is find legal ways to get more money from your contract. No matter how detailed your scope is; there will always be a way.

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