Kuwait Airways “really” need those new planes

Post by Mark

Kuwait Airways plane, bound to Cairo, has returned after taking off from Kuwait International Airport due to technical error on Monday, the state-­run carrier said.

The captain of the airplane discovered a technical error after taking off and returned to the airport in line with international standards, Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) public relations and media director Khaled Al-­Khulaifi said.

The captain dumped some of the fuel to decrease the weight of the plane, a well-­known procedure in such cases, landed normally and all passengers left the plane, Al-­Khulaifi said in a statement to KUNA.

The passengers were well received by the ground staff until an alternative plane is provided, he added. [Source]

The video above was taken by one of the passengers showing the fuel dump. [YouTube]

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  1. Adam (the original one) says:

    He was just planting more oil wells.

  2. Naif says:

    Top airlines in GCC:
    1.Emirates/Qatar Air
    4.Omani Airlines
    5.Gulf Air
    & the worst is Kuwait Airways.

  3. 3azeez says:

    Dumping fuel is no big deal.

    • Mark says:

      Who said it was?

    • aziz ashoor says:

      my dad was the pilot on that day I swear he is a pilot in Kuwait airways and he flies a340 and on that day they didn’t dump fuel my dad said I swear it was just a normal landing and the problem on the aircraft wasn’t a fuel leak or something it was a flap jam

  4. ~LE~ says:

    Funniest thing is when the guy taking the video says, “we’re above the sea and I don’t know how to swim” in such a calm cool voice. xD

    If it were me I’d be in a panicked frenzy!

  5. ~LE~ says:

    Funniest thing is when the guy taking the video says, “we’re above the sea and I don’t know how to swim” in such a calm cool voice. xD

    If it were me I’d be in a panicked frenzy!

  6. meh says:

    ..and they continue to hold the phone vertically.

  7. aseel says:

    coincidentally, ” Kuwait Airways, Earning your trust each day”.

  8. ahmed says:

    You would have thought the nose dive in Mecca last year would have been a red light to halt the airlines or to pull planes from the fleet, ultimately leasing new planes, hence they are, but a decade too late. I see this as karma for all the times their steward(ess) spit in expat’s faces which won them the title of ‘nazi carrier’. Ironically, it has been expats that have kept this airline afloat mainly from the subconinent. RFlew them once, and would never fly them again even if they bought new airplanes – they need a total overhaul of attitude.

    • 3azeez says:

      Spit?! Seriously?! Why? Did they grab her add?! Cuz I flew to Oman once on Oman air, the flight was full of expats going back home yet the stewardess was really hot and I saw how some of the men stared at her ass. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone grabbed her!

  9. Just says:

    What they need is new management.

  10. Wishbone says:

    Red Bull gives you wiiiiiiiiiiings …..

    Oh crap, I’m limited with the amount of liquids I can carry onboard : /

  11. praetorius says:

    A. if it’s the same plane that keeps getting into “trouble” for more than a year (based on several incidents), scrap the plane.

    B. if it happened to different planes:
    1. investigate where the repair budget goes
    2. recertify the technicians on their capability to really maintain these aircrafts.

  12. hellppp says:

    I have just got Kuwait airways tickets for vacation for myself and my family.
    I hope i m not flying in one of these …….

  13. OZ says:

    I am not surprised. Kuwait Airways do have competition with our very own Air India. I wud never travel with either of these airlines, even Free!!

  14. Max says:

    Family and I are booked on KU in the summer … gulp! O_O

  15. Kliffy says:

    We need new planes alright but this video is total rubbish!!! I was on a new plane once and the glass cracked and we made an emergency landing, I also made an emergency landing on a brand new 787 Dreamliner! enough with bad publicity, Kuwait Airways has one of the best if not the best maintenance procedures , How do you think KU is operating 20 plus years old planes in such extreme terrain? First there is god mighty then the strict maintenance without compromise! Ku fallowed the right pressure dumped fuel and came back Kudos to Kuwait Airways…

    • 7th says:

      You were 2 planes that needed emergency landings? You must be very unlucky

      • Kliffy says:

        7th I’m what you call a frequent flyer have been this way for many years my job dictates it, And during my travels i encountered some emergency landings, diversions due to bad weather or medical emergency it happens if you spend a lot of your time in the air and i consider my self very lucky Hamd Allah after being all around the world i always came back home…

      • Virtue says:


    • This is exactly what I keep telling people.

      Hell, I had more trouble in the mighty “Emirates Airway” than Kuwait Airways.

      These planes are older than me, hell, the newest plane they have is called “Qurain” and it flies from Kuwait to USA, this plane was made in 1998.

      How are they keeping the planes fully functioning despite their age? We have really good pilots and even better technicians.

      Planes are bound to “hicup” every once in a while, if it was any other airline with our planes well, we’d see a lot of accidents.

  16. The Real Burhan says:

    The actual error was a crack in one of the glass pane windows in the cockpit; so its a good thing they managed to return safely.

  17. pg says:

    even after so much incidents why KAC is using the same old stuffs scrap the nasty ones which are not even worthy for maintenance /overhauling Or at least lease some good planes for temporary on emergency basis or cncel the flights and shift the passengers to other airlines atlast they are playing with invaluable human souls

  18. brownsuger says:

    Its getting worse by the day :(

  19. ali ATC says:

    this cpt done a great job after he discover there is a window was broken and he then start the emergency land procedure and one of those procedure is dumping fuel . its only show how pro was the cpt and how bad the maintance on aircraft

    • Nicolas says:

      Crack on window after take off doesn’t means bad maintenance and sure captain was pro. He’s captain of Boeing, it means he spend 10x more time in air then me and you together in the car.

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