Kuwait getting more corrupt

Post by Mark

The 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index is out and Kuwait is still dropping down the list every year. In 2011 Kuwait was ranked 54th place worldwide, then last year we dropped down to 66th place and this year we dropped down further to 69th place. Below are some of the rankings:

1- Denmark
14 – United Kingdom
19 – United States of America
26 – United Arab Emirates
28 – Qatar
57 – Bahrain
61 – Oman
63 – Saudi Arabia
66 – Jordan
69 – Kuwait
94 – India
94 – Philippines
114 – Egypt
127 – Lebanon
144 – Iran

You can check out the full list [Here]

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Kuwait is more corrupt than Saudi Arabia? this is bullshit. Saudi Arabia doesnt give human rights to females, they cant even drive, and they dont even have a cinema in their own country. Have you seen how they abuse the people? I have Evidence. They say Islamic country but its bullshit, I realized there is no such thing as Islam, but PAPER ISLAM. Mostly used for hypocrites

    Saudi kid whipping a garbage collector until the poor worker cries


    Saudi Man Beats Servant

    Let me make a clear message, too all the corrupt and people who think that they are GOD and GODDESS, one day if you keep this shit act, the oil that you depend on so much, will be gone, and Allah will punish to the point you will regret it. What goes around comes back around.

    you see, in some Arab countries sadly who are hypocrites they abuse others, but one day God will punish them, if this ever happened to their brothers, Sisters, Fathers, Mothers and Wife, I would not be surprised.

    There was another Case that happened in Saudi Arabia, where a person did not Pay his maid for 2 months, and the maid was from Indonesia, and she wanted the money to help her family, but then she asked repeatedly again to her boss but the boss ignored her. so sadly she made the mistake and killed the mothers child, and in the end, she received the capital punishment.

    What we understood from the story was, the Indonesian saw the suffering of her own children in Indonesia, so she showed the suffering that those idiots, did not feel. So as I said, again, The middle east sadly, now have forgotten about mercy in some cases. Oil controlled them and I wish the Arabs can control oil, but they didnt.

    Before the oil came up, Kuwait was a hard working country, they made and built many things, sadly, oil came, and they did not control oil, but OIL controlled them.

    Sadly, what we see in tunis, Egypt, Libya, and Syria doesnt seem enough to be a warning or eye wakening, until the shit hits the fan in the Middle East.

    • Mark says:

      Ummm do you even know what corruption means? Domestic abuse is not corruption neither is human rights violations or women rights.

      • Robz says:

        well if you take into consideration the ‘agencies’ that are available to help these lower income expats, the corruption in the police that takes place with perpetrators not being arrested and runaways being arrested, the wastha that exists in these systems, then yes it is VERY much a matter of corruption.

        Knew firsthand of an employer right here who raped his maid and then served 3 days jail time only to get out cus he knew someone important. The maid? in the hospital, mentally distraught, broken spine and after she was discharged from the hospital, she was not at the police station where she was supposed to end up. she had disappeared.

        That, is corruption. it involved higher ups, police and the suppose ‘law’ of this country

  2. aaa says:

    Whether you agree with this or not, I hope someone in a position that can actually do something about this takes notice.

  3. Tariq says:

    It’s all so sad! :(

  4. Ashraf says:

    India is on 94th :o

    they should be among the most corrupt ones..
    if not top then atleast top 3 :P

  5. Wishbone says:

    We’re not moving backwards, we’re advancing in the other direction ..

  6. Anon says:

    I work in construction in the oil and gas sector here; the level of blatant corruption from sides of client and contractor alike is ridiculous, more so than the several -stan countries and African countries I have worked in. Such a shame!

  7. Ali says:

    No we’re more corrupt than that

  8. dudette says:

    these past 2 days .. corrupt is a understatement .. disappointing…

  9. Danny says:

    Does a drivers license still cost 400 KD?

  10. Sami says:

    So sad, but wow many of you participate in the corruption? i.e. Wasta?

  11. Ahmed says:

    I love Kuwait, as a foreigner, I hope to see it improve because even though it is not my blood country, its the country I was born and raised in.

  12. ~LE~ says:

    One word .. Shame.

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