Kuwait Launching its Very First Satellite with Space X Today

A Space X rocket, carrying the first Kuwaiti Satellite (Kuwait Sat-1) will launch into space from Florida later today.

The satellite is a CubeSat which is a class of research spacecraft called nanosatellites. CubeSats are generic, modular satellites that come in different sizes and can be customized with various payloads. Kuwait’s satellite will have a camera payload which was put together by students at Kuwait University and will be operated by them after disengaging from the rocket.

With this satellite, Kuwait will be able to take its own photos of its own country from space which could then be used for many purposes ranging from environmental studies to mapping cities.

If you’re interested in watching the launch, 360 Mall will be broadcasting it live on their Oval Screen in the Main Atrium at 5:45 PM. For more information check and @kfasinfo

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Not weird. A guy bought a cube satellite from Bulgaria and launched it via Space X and claimed it as Kuwait’s first. This one was actually built in Kuwait through a national program at Kuwait University financed by KFAS.

Thats not really accurate since I don’t think they built the parts. I think they more likely purchased the parts (they’re available online) and then assembled them here.

Im assuming Orbital Space did not have the right backing in kuwait so they moved their “commericial license” to kuwait to maybe secure funding or get support.

But the launch last July was funded by a kuwaiti guy Bassam Al Feeli who is the assistant director of KFAS and the sat. was designed by a kuwaiti and the experiments done were by KU students.

this is the description of the launch

What is the resolution of this thing? Will the feed be accessible to the public like the NASA space cams and ISS cams?

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