Kuwait to conduct gay tests to ‘detect and ban’ homosexuals

Kuwait will conduct medical screening tests to “detect” homosexuals who attempt to get into the Gulf kingdom, according to a senior official.

Yousouf Mindkar, director of public health at the Kuwaiti health ministry, said that the routine clinical screening of expatriates coming into the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) will include tests to identify LGBT people who will then be banned from entering the country. [Source]

Good luck with that!

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Lebanon did it first in 2012.

But I doubt this story about Kuwait doing this is true.

The original source of this report is Al Rai newspaper and the name of Kuwaiti official source is fabricated.

If this report is true, why can’t they get the public health director’s name right? There is no Kuwaiti official in public health named ”Yousouf Mindkar”.

…I want to laugh at this ridiculousness but the ignorance of thinking you can detect “the gay” will almost certainly hurt real people.

Hey, you know what would be neat? If Kuwait would spend less time on useless crap like this and more time, I don’t know, doing something about the MASSIVE HUMAN TRAFFICKING problem.

This probably isn’t true. The source is questionable and very sketchy, ”Al Rai” newspaper is not a reliable source. Gulf News quotes ”Al Rai” newspaper as its source.

The director of public health at the Kuwaiti health ministry is definitely not called ”Yousouf Mindkar”.

This article has several factual errors.

Lebanon has actual medical examinations to detect gay people

If this story about Kuwait performing tests on LGBT is true then it’s clear that Kuwait is copying Lebanon, since Lebanon is the first to start these homophobic medical tests to detect gay people.

Im sickened by all the homophobia here and I didnt expect to read comments of that sort in a blog like this. How would a gay test even work?

P.S. I can’t wait until the western media gets a hold of this, since this is something Kuwait actually deserves to be ridiculed for.

article says;
“Homosexuals acts are banned in all the GCC member countries, which include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).”

not only Kuwait!

Al Rai newspaper says it’s a draft proposal that hasn’t even been submitted for review (it can get rejected or accepted).

I was reading the other day about a test in the US that they were going to stop using on pedophiles where they basically tried to arouse them (I’m assuming with either pictures or videos) and check if they get a boner.

Maybe they wanna do that here?

I doubt this story about Kuwait doing this is true. The original source of this report is Al Rai newspaper and the name of Kuwaiti official source is fabricated.

If this report is true, why can’t they get the public health director’s name right? There is no Kuwaiti public health director named ”Yousouf Mindkar”.

Lebanon started these gay detection tests first:

Also, according to the original Al Rai newspaper source about this, it says that there is a proposal that bans entry of homosexuals using medical tests to detect them. No decision has been made. The proposal can get rejected – it is a proposal after all. Nothing is set is stone, no decision was ever made. The draft proposal hasn’t even been submitted to the central committee yet, once the proposal gets submitted it will get rejected or accepted by government officials. It is nothing more than a proposal based on the AL Rai newspaper report that everyone is quoting.

It should be noted that homosexuality is legal in Bahrain: PAGE 20

All of the news reports about Kuwait doing this are saying that homosexuality is illegal in Bahrain — which isn’t factually correct. Homosexuality for men aged 21 and above is legal in Bahrain per Bahrain’s penal code.

I dont know how people become gays… but the last time i checked.. the doctor in the maternity ward said congratulations its a boy/girl..

what im getting at is that atleast according to me, people arnt born Gay.. its a choice they make.. and its not natural.. i mean its not the natures way.. Imagine gay lions, lesbian lions??? it’s not the nature.. just because human can think they come up with all new stuff 😛

Guess what, there are gay animals. Look it up, it definitely occurs in nature.

And “Gay” isn’t a gender. The doctor says “it’s a boy/girl”, he doesn’t say “It’s straight/gay”.

Sorry for attacking you recently :P.
But ur source says: “Bagemihl’s research shows that homosexual behavior, not necessarily sex, has been observed”
Affection from the same gender is natural, but lust is not natural nor instinctive.

yeah but sometimes parents eat their young in nature. the ‘nature’ argument doesn’t work for homosexuality unless you want to take it all the way. they also have sex with their siblings and sometimes their parents… oh wait!

One of my cousins is gay. He was gay as soon as he could walk & talk. We could all see it & we were not surprised when he came out as being gay. What difference does it make who he loves as long as he is a good kind person. I also have gay friends & believe me with all the harassment & upset they encounter on a daily basis, none of them would have chosen to be gay.

i have absolutely nothing against homosexuals. But it’s just nonsense that ppl consider babies gay or straight. children are curious and yes some boys are going to be more curious about boys (especially in this culture of segregation) than girls – and vice versa. There is nothing sexual about it.

By all means be as flamboyantly gay as you want, but these arguments from nature and from ‘birth’ are ridiculous

Best Thing is Brain wash start teaching from the beginning. or start teaching they how to take pleasure from another gender. from the beginning hehe

Believe what you want, it is true. He only ever wanted to play with girls toys, he wanted to cook & clean, he was as camp as they come. May be you would think differently if it was your own child.

Actually they can help it. There are several well known psycologists and sexologists who have helped gays go stright and many of them are men who got married and had kids, and now they live normal lives.

We dont hate people for what they became early in their lives. What we hate is when people dont want to help them selves and they just do whatever feels right to them without considering the concequnces.

No, they can’t. Those psychologists are bullshit and the patients just pretend they’re “cured” because they wish they weren’t gay.

Ah no your wrong. There are several interviews of former gays and how their lives have changed after receiving months or years of treatment.

Youtube is all you need.

Your making assumptions without proof or evidance in order to convince your self that your right.

Dude, back to basics, reading, research ect.

Nothing is impossible. There are tons of cures for many sicknesses.

Another one of those statements from the “GOVERNMENT” about expatriates. What about the gay kuwaities???
No where in Islam is it mentioned to personally make the effort of finding homosexuals (if they can do that), and ridiculing and banning them. If a person doesn’t go public about being a homosexual, then this is between him and his God. No other person in the world has the right to do anything about it, according to Islam, as well as according to other religions.

Psychologist and psychiatrists can through questioning detect “homosexual tendencies”.
This inhumane thing they are proposing will hurt ALOT of people many many people have homosexual tendancies without being homosexual or acting upon them.
Some great psychiatrists have even said we All have homosexual tendancies! The gulf counties are in the stone age when it comes to the field of psychology. Is is ridiculous ! I’m speechless… I guess its some more amo for the haters back home. Sometimes i really wish i could meet the people who ask for these stupid things … because i cannot fathom what kind of small minded person could propose this.

Lebanon was doing medical examinations to detect gay people in 2011 and 2012:

I guess Gulf countries aren’t in the stone-age when it comes to psychology since Lebanon was the first to do this.

Gender equality in Kuwait is much better than gender equality in 99.9% of the Middle East:

Arabs are funny, if men have sex with each other they aren’t gay. If they hold hands with each other they aren’t gay too.

Bizarre in general.

Holding hands is a gesture of friendship and endearment in some societies in particular Indian and Arab society it has nothing to do with being pro/anti gay it’s just a cultural phenomenon.

True, but if straight and gay men hold hands with each other, how will the gay police ever know which is which?

Exactly! they might take non gay people into custady.
They should only ban men/women who have sex with their same gender, with proof, thats the only way to be sure.

This is not homophobia. This is pure stupidity and laziness. All what us Kuwaitis have asked for is sane decisions. Decades of well conducted research show that such tests are not accurate. Yet another rash, irresponsible decision. Goes along with that Kuwait University official that a few years ago said that Kuwait has no gay people.

This isn’t even confirmed. According to the original source (Al Rai newspaper) that everyone is quoting, it is a DRAFT PROPOSAL that hasn’t even been submitted to the health committee. It can get rejected or accepted. It is a DRAFT PROPOSAL, people need to stop twisting words.

If your middle finger is larger than your other fingers, you might be gay. The fact that you checked this out also makes you gay.

I wonder who is developing/has developed this test? As previous commenter stated, Lord have mercy on Kuwait when the rest of the world finds out they are “testing” to ban homosexuality. The world will howl with laughter.

I remember a few years ago when I was in Qatar, the local paper ran a story that Qatari doctors had discovered that homosexuality is caused by a disease and they were working on a cure.

RobW, and what is that disease? Keep in mind, a disease is a condition that impairs normal functioning, and studies have shown that LGBT people are actually well adjusted people, and as such, it is no longer considered a disease.

although this may be true, you can’t just throw in ‘studies have shown’ to make your answer. cus there have been an equal amount of studies of both opinions and right up until the last generation, the west viewed homosexuality as a lack of nurture from a parent figure. So no I’m afraid ‘studies have shown’ is never a convincing argument

My point was how ridiculous the Qataris were being with their own brand of homophobic propaganda. Sexual orientation is most certainly NOT caused by a disease, and I would expect any educated person with half a brain to realise that.

Pants to this! Are you having a laugh?! On the one hand there is talk of having a mardi gras and Kuwait’s first Gay Pride parade in the Grand Avenues to coincide with Hala February and on the other hand there is talk of this hetero bull shit!
I can empathise and almost understand where all of this is coming from. The officials are concerned that local gays are facing intense competition from expat gays and are not able to keep up with the Joneses and therefore, to set right this disequilibrium they are resorting to such re-calibration measures. Good on them!

On Qatari doctors I’d be interested in studying serial slices of their brain both coronal and saggital views (on imaging, of course whatever else did you imagine) for mapping of deviant centres in the brain. I think any broadsheet that deems it fit to publish such hogwash needs to find its place in the toilet where its use as toilet paper will serve readers better than as a guardian of public opinion, thought and wisdom. I suppose wisdom is a tall order for them so we shall cut them some slack.

Its ironic that Kuwait has been struggling to run an effective government for a long time. It seems like the whole government wants to modify citizens and expats alike.

Instead of listening to this complete pile of BS, people should be complaining about actually focusing on real issues.
Leave people alone, focus on what needs to be done within the damn country

hmm.. so how r they gonna test again???

how could you possibly findout if a person is gay?

transexuals.. may b yes.. but how gay?

talking from a personal point of view… i dont really care if someone is gay or not. but from religious point of view.. there is no place for sex for the same gender. hence, Gay is banned in Islam.

the motive for sex in religion is to carry forward your generation. which is not possible in when you are gay. just like Anal is not allowed in Islam.

secondly, what about the locals who are Gays? is somebody gonna tell me that there are no locals who are Gays? i see them everywhere.. I’ve seen 14-15 year olds who are gays.. they are in all malls.

on a lighter side, this is how I picture the test working. all the ppl to be tested will be rounded up n stripped. a nude female will probably be made to pass by…no boner…UR DEPORTED, boner- welcome to kuwait enjoy your stay!

They’ve actually got a gayness at-home test here already. You can buy it over-the-counter at most pharmacies. It works like a pregnancy test. Really quick and easy. I’ve heard wives all over Kuwait have already received positive results.

There is a theory here that if you are the pitcher and not the catcher, that you are not considered homosexual or bisexual. Homosexual means having sex with the same gender, so regardless of how you’re looking at it…from what angle…. It is what it is.

This is retarded, especially the people saying stuff like “good” “Yeah deport them” etc. etc.

SO many men and women in Kuwait are gay. You might not know it because the society is so against it but you probably know someone gay, and you’re probably related to someone gay.

It’s also stupid that this is a GCC-wide thing when certain countries are way more repressive in regards to stuff like this. Saudi Society and Kuwaiti society are nothing alike.

Kuwaiti society is nothing like Saudi society. Ask any Saudi about this. Kuwaitis are known to be the most liberal in the region.

are you fucking serious? dude who ‘knows’ this? Don’t assume ppl are going to believe you just cus you ‘it’s known’.

Bahrainis are more liberal, Emiratis are more liberal… I mean Kuwait would be the worst if it wasn’t for Saudi next door. seriously. get real

The Emiratis do not seem too troubled by me having a ham sandwich and a beer. They may indeed be more conservative among themselves, but they do not concern themselves with what I eat or drink.

Bahrainis are not more liberal. In Bahrain’s last elections, Islamists won 30 seats out of 40 seats (30/40 = 90%). Islamists have never won 90% of seats in Kuwait’s parliament.

Even in Kuwait’s most controversial elections of February 2012 when the opposition won, Sunni Islamists won 13 seats (13/50) and the rest of the opposition were the ”Popular Action Bloc”, nationalists, reformists and liberals.

In contrast in Bahrain, Islamists usually win 85%-90% of seats and only one Bahraini female MP has ever been directly elected by the people.

How may Bahraini women work? 30%-42% of Bahraini women work whereas 47%-50% of Kuwaiti women work.

LOL are you kidding me? Ask any Saudi and Bahraini who’s more liberal. It’s a well known fact in the Gulf that Kuwaiti society is the most liberal.

Most Emirati females aged 15-30 wear black abaya and hijab – AL THE TIME – everywhere even when travelling abroad to Western countries. When you visit Dubai airport, the Emirati women who check your passports at *passport control* are all COVERED in black abayas whereas when you visit Kuwait’s airport the Kuwaiti women who check your passports are mostly wearing Western-style clothing and their faces are covered in make-up and some of those Kuwaiti women aren’t even hijabis.

Bahraini Shias (80% of population) oppose the Bahraini government’s legalization of alcohol and nightclubs. They tend to be pro-Iran and want Bahrain to imitate Iran’s Sharia laws.

The governments of UAE and Bahrain are more liberal (alcohol and nightclubs) but the Bahraini and Emirati people are most definitely NOT the most liberal.

The governments of UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain aren’t democratic therefore should not be used as indicators of how liberal a country’s society is because the reality is, Emiratis and Bahrainis barely have a role to play in lawmaking. The King of Bahrain and Sheikhs of UAE are the ones opening nightclubs and strip clubs in Dubai and Manama.

Emirati female’s average age of marriage is 19-20 yrs. In contrast, the average age of marriage among Kuwaiti women is 24-25 yrs. The rate of teenage marriages among Emirati females is higher than among Kuwaiti females.

50% of the Kuwaiti citizen labor force consists of Kuwaiti women – in contrast only 25% of the Emirati citizen labor force consists of Emirati women so less than 30% of Emiriati women work. Working women is not as socially acceptable in Emirati society as it is in Kuwait.

Kuwait wouldn’t be worse if it wasn’t for Saudi next door, seriously get real you clearly know nothing about Kuwaiti society.

Kuwait always has more female MPs elected in the parliament than UAE and Bahrain parliaments. Also, hardly any liberals and moderates win Bahrain and UAE elections whereas in Kuwait more liberals and moderates win seats than in Bahrain/UAE.

I’m assuming this test means bending guys over at the airport, pulling their pants downs, and checking for signs of entry? Sounds about right…
I’m glad resources and efforts are going towards this cause and not our infrastructure…

And how would we know that the guy at the airport was not a homosexual himself getting a hard on everytime the guy in front of him strips?? and how woould we know that he wont help himself to a free grop here and free touch there ??????????

Kuwait really needs to wake up and smell the horse shit thats so prevelant here.. Why screen only expats for being gay or being infected with infectious diseases?? You mean to say that Kuwaitis cannot be Homosexual or get infected?? This upcoming Eid what do you think the ratio of Kuwaitis versus middle class expats flying down to Thailnd or some other exotic location where STD’s are prevelant will be ??

Gawd Minister of Health Kuwait!!! If I was in your shoes and some one came up to me and said guess what ?? I have a test that can catch homosexuals and lets implement it against the expats thus contributing to the deportation of a 100,000 expats a year plan, I would not only kick him out of my office but would have had him committed right after ensuring he was not gay via the base ball bat up his ass test!!!!!!

Rainbow is gay mate 😛

I’m not sure… i guess thats a way of saying gayism is colorful.. may be 😛

but what i do know is rainbow colors is being used to represent freedom of gays.. recently the english football clubs have started wearing rainbow colours in support of gays..

I have an easier test. If a male has Justin Beiber, Cecilia Dion or George Michael on their ipod or phone, they are gay. For women: Indigo Girls, Mellisa Etheridge or Sara Mc Lachlan suggest lesbian tendencies. Just trying to be helpful.

Yeah.. and if u have AKON, 50 Cent or Kanye west on your ipod then you probably are a pervert or rapist. right? 😛

Twisting words like ”propose” and ”proposal” and changing it into ”Kuwait will conduct medical screening tests to detect gay people”.

Someone’s obviously desperate to mock and belittle Kuwait/Kuwaitis.

Does anyone have a dictionary? Look up the definition of ”proposal” and ”propose”.

Not that many news outlets have reported this story to begin with (30 at most) and some news outlets did say ”propose”.

Here are some examples:
Kuwait Considering Ban On Gays Entering The Country

Kuwait proposes GCC ban on entry of expat transgenders

Health official: Kuwait may use exams to ‘detect’ gay expatriates

Persian Gulf countries MAY use medical exams to detect gay visitors

Kuwait Proposes Test to ‘Detect’ Gays, Ban their Entry

The gay test includes the following.

1- If you can dance = GAY!!

2- If you can cook = GAY!!

3- If you can clean your mess = GAY!!

4- If you can sing = GAY!!

5- Wearing feminine colors = GAY!!

*FACEPALM* I’m laughing as I am typing this. LOL!! The gay test!! KAAAAK!!!

Haa! Good luck with deporting 80% of Kuwaitis, I’m gay and I’m Kuwaiti! and all you homophobes can suck me!

I guess we’ll be hiring Bruno to sit at the arrivals and judge either “Vasaaaap!” or “Nicht, nicht.” 😛

Although this is unrelated i think that kuwait won’t be able to be exempted from the schengen visa kuwait wants to follow Emirates’s trails … not after this type of news..

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