Kuwait’s Metro Project is a Go

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Work On ‘Metro’ Rail Project Starts In 2017
Ministry of Communications has finalized the layout of the 61 stations of the Metro Project which will be distributed along three railroads to cover all areas and governorates of Kuwait, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting informed sources.

They explained that the ‘Metro Project’ which is worth about $20 billion, is being implemented based on a contract of partnership between the public and private sectors, adding that the work will start in the year 2017.

They revealed that the first railroad covering 23.7 kilometers will start from Salwa area and end the station of Kuwait University, passing through 19 stations. The second railroad covering 21 kilometers will start from Hawally area and end at Kuwait City, passing through 27 stations. The third railroad covering 24 kilometers will start from the airport and end at Abdullah Al-Mubarak area, passing through 15 stations. [Source]

Based on the information above and the metro map below, it looks like the first line that will be built is line #1. If you can’t see the stops clearly, here is a link to the larger photo [Link]

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  1. Sami says:

    This might be true, but Al-Shahed newspaper is the worst newspaper when it comes to news credibility.

  2. bob says:

    from the same thieves who have been implementing fiber internet in kuwait since 2005

  3. adly says:

    you know the story of the boy who cried wolf? This is the same thing but different. I’ll believe it when I see I see signed contracts and workers digging away. In the meantime, I hate to sound cynical, but how many years is the project expected to take? If First Ring Road ‘improvements’ took 6 years, then using that barometer,the first line might take 10 to 15 years minimum.By then the entire Middle East will be a VERY different place….

  4. anon says:

    Ministry of communications.

    LOL, they dont even know which Ministry should handle the project.

  5. almousawi says:

    Rumaithiya is one of the highly populated areas in Kuwait with over 58,000 people living there, and there isn’t even one stop there? seriously they should must re-plan this. I mean seriously, Rumaithiya is above Salwa and below Salmiya – Both have stations. This proves to me the company who’s doing this isn’t trustworthy and didn’t do a good study – in other words just want our money.

    • Mark says:

      Isn’t Salmiya Park right across the street? Maybe there is going to be a bridge to cross the street like they have them in Dubai.

      • almousawi says:

        One (Fake) stop isn’t enough. If there were going to be a station in Rumaithiya, obviously they won’t make a one stop there, they’ll build more than one station.
        About 17,800 under 18 live there. SERIOUSLY, Rumaithiya is below Salmiya and above Salwa, Ughhh.

        • Mark says:

          It’s a metro not a bus stop! Haven’t you been to any other country with a metro or subway? You’re not supposed to have a station outside every building, you’re supposed to either walk, take the bus, take your car or cycle to a station.

          Based on what Dubai currently have I think we’re lucky, the stations in Dubai are much further apart compared to what they have planned for Kuwait.

          • almousawi says:

            Agree, but the more stations the better, esp. since there aren’t a lot of buses that come to Rumaithiya, and the hot weather in summer making it a bad idea to walk to a far station.

    • guerrilla says:

      Rumaithiya has a population of 58,957

      it should be part of the metro

  6. dezrtninja says:

    no ministries complex? maybe you have to walk from liberation tower? am i missing something?

    maybe go strait to the national museum instead.

  7. Matt says:

    The new airport was also a “go” at one point, wasn’t it?

  8. OSC says:

    I have already planned my daily route, i just hope by the time the metro comes up my apartment building is not demolished or my job is not terminated
    if you could get the rates for the tickets mark i could even plan my budget…..

  9. jitendra sah says:

    Dear sir
    I’m working here in Qatar metro in gold line I’m an station electrician from 1 year , so how can I join in Kuwait metro project,?
    Please tell me what is the procidure about it..?

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