Military Graduates Stampede

Post by Mark

The video above is of Kuwaiti military graduates who celebrated their graduation by not only throwing their hats in the air but also throwing their weapons onto the ground. They were originally handed down a punishment for violating military regulations but were later pardoned. [YouTube]

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  1. Rafeek says:

    That’s quite disconcerting.

  2. TJC Films says:

    Haha. Nay throw down your weapons!

  3. 3azeez says:

    So on the day of graduation they proved they learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  4. 3azeez says:

    Just for the record… this appears to be National Guards. The national guards have different standards, different regulations and different way of managing things.

    • dezrtninja says:

      are you implying that the regular military is better than the national guard?

      Different standards and regulations. If I’m not mistake their standards are supposed to be higher and regulations more strict than the regular army.

      Oh and of course they learned nothing, that would require them to take their training seriously. That would cut into their down time.

  5. Abdul says:

    that was seriously punishable as it gives an impression of a traitor to the country,throwing hats is ok,but guns ,you have given up.

  6. Matt says:

    I suppose discipline wasn’t part of the course. I suppose there is a French joke in here somewhere, but I’ll leave that for others, :)

  7. Security Adviser says:

    Sahmefull, be they National Guard or Regular Army still shamefull. These are the guys that the country entrusts their protection with???? And to pardon them??

    Once again a slap on the hand followed by an ” its ok honey mamma is gonaa kiss the boo boo away”!!

    Another bunch of guys added to the mix of nuts who stand guard at check points waving people through without even bothering to check .

  8. dezrtninja says:

    This is ridiculous, the military/police have no self respect. They look bored and lazy, they act childish and lazy. (please don’t point out the one time you saw ONE of them doing a good job).

    They don’t secure the airport/the ministries/the boarders/the streets. On the rare occasion that they have some real work to do they complain and grumble about it endlessly.

    Don’t you know anyone in the military? have you never seen a police station? Its a depressing sight.

  9. Matt says:

    What they didn’t show was the army of maids in flannel nightgowns picking up the rifles.

  10. Acerboy says:

    lol @ 0:08 !! The first guy who fell ! imagine who couldnt run properly is going to serve as National Guard !!! All that 4 years of training was sucha waste !

  11. Sumsang says:

    It’s not like they will fight in a war anyways. No one seems to remember how extremely shameful they were when Iraq invaded. They put down their weapons, took off their uniforms and ran away. What Saddam did was horrible, but what they did was almost as bad. Of course there were a few brave and amazing people who fought in the resistance (civilians and military).

    • Nasser says:

      Kuwait was not prepared both in terms of personnel, and weaponry, to defend themselves in war, specifically an invasion.

      • Nunya says:

        I’ve thought about this as well- Iraq had a HUGE attacking force, and this isn’t the movies- The Kuwaitis would have been obliterated. Oh yeah, real honourable. They did they only thing they could do, save themselves and their families. I take it the stories of the Kuwaiti defence members who stayed behind that were either executed or tortured by the Iraqi’s is not common knowledge. No that is conveniently forgotten during the ignorant rants.

    • 3azeez says:

      I disagree with you Sumsang. Back in 1990, the men put their Uniforms and reported to duty at the time Iraqi forces where already occupying Kuwait City.

      The men did not take off their uniforms until they received orders to do so.

      Some men who were on vacation out of Kuwait, left their families abroad and returned to Kuwait… they said they took an oath and they would not break their oath.

      I have many relatives who were in the Army, air force, national guards, navy and police. Yes I heard about those who took off their uniforms, they did it based on orders, and they never left the country, and they fought in civilian clothes. Yes I know one who was ordered to take his aircraft out of the country, but he did so only after having a dogfight and loosing the airbase, and the story goes on.

      bottom line… what you see today is the generation of those raised by maids in an environment that preferred them to be brainless. I am ashamed of my self to say that those are the Men who are supposed to protect my country.

      What is even more depressing is the fact that they were pardoned. What example is that going to set?

  12. Mishal F.A. Abul says:

    Hi Mark, u know i usually don’t comment but i have to. This is a serious FKN joke. There are not enough words in any language for what a disgrace these morons are. This is another great example why my own people are a joke. Our entire military, police, etc services are a complete disgrace. I served in Desert Storm so lazy pathetic locals can enjoy themselves in clubs all over Europe. 1 day the oil will run out, 1 day the Americans won’t be here to protect us, 1 day a neighboring country will walk right in to take over. Im disgusted with this video.

    • 3azeez says:

      Don’t worry, everything will be fine as long there is oil. Once oil run out, no one will care about this country, not the Americans, not the neighbors, and probably most of the locals.


  13. KarlR says:

    “This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life…”

    F**K it, let’s RUN! LOL

  14. 3azeez says:

    My brain is still unable to accept the thing i saw in that video.

    is there a possibility that these rifles were actually Toys or BB guns?

    Seriously… I am a civil worker and I would take very special care of documents and papers. I do this and so does my colleagues and everyone i know. I’ve never seen anyone in my whole life someone toss around our papers just because he’s happy or joyful. so the idea that a solider would through his rifle right after he’s sworn in that only death would separate him from his rifle makes me confused to the maximum limit!

  15. Nixon says:

    Wow just wow

  16. Mishal F.A. Abul says:

    3azeez, very high chance its a fake weapon as some countries around the world do use them for graduation. However, some countries in the world do train & graduate with a real weapon. I see your point but the big picture is STILL throwing down your weapon is a sign of weakness or surrendering. I don’t know if this is normal in Kuwait military or police schools but it should be stopped & respected. I know its a miracle but i hope someday things will change. I say inshallah but its useless.

  17. Abdullah Al-W says:

    A Kuwaiti myself and watching this I feel embarrassed. no Professionalism whatsoever.

  18. Spikz says:

    S*&T happens guy’s. Anyways Kuwaiti’s must not feel embarrassed by seeing this video. I don’t really know why everyone mocks at their stupidity.

    They have oil , they have money , I think they can afford to be stupid and lazy too.

    Just stop burning with jealousy and mock Kuwaiti’s.

  19. Anyoyingus says:

    Spikz are you kuwaiti by any chance ?

    this reminds me with the lebanese say:

    هيك ملزمة بدا هيك ختم

  20. ~LE~ says:

    Wow.. I really feel safe now knowing that we’re protected by such men. =)

    • Nicolas says:

      Kuwait is protected by US army until there is oil. Army of Kuwait is only for show, nothing else. Can Kuwait defend himself without US army more then one week if Iraq, Saudi or Iran will start war? No! If country have to defend himself, soldiers doesn’t trow their weapons like this.

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