Missed the executions yesterday?

They might as well have live streamed it with their social media person posting pictures on their Instagram account. [YouTube]

Update: Video link updated since previous one was taken down.

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First time they hang people in over 5 years. However according to the paper all three are pretty fucked up people: one killed his wife and 3 kids, the other killed his lover and her husband, and the third killed four people in an armed robbery.

I am hoping for the swift execution of the guy(s) who hacked to death the doctor recently in the Avenues. It still freaks me out to go to that mall. But I guess he (them) have not gone to trial yet, but that psycho needs to be hanged.

I always believe Kuwait law is fair. I would lose this believe if the dentist killer isn’t hanged. I’m confident right punishment will be applied.

I am totally against death penalty, be it here in Kuwait or elsewhere…
Alright those are pretty fucked up criminals but who are they to decide who should die?
For my part, life jail sentence is the best solution… or maybe they are trying to vacate some cells.

“who are they to decide who should die?” what that suppose to mean? You sound like “They” went to street and randomly chose someone to execute!

“Mar 12, 2009 – Studies show that administering the death penalty is even more expensive than keeping someone in prison for life”

In the US, not Kuwait, but it’s not as cheap as you think.

Also if you jail someone for life and it turns out he was innocent, he can be released. If you kill someone and it turns out he was innocent, what are you going to do? What if someone murders and doesn’t get the death penalty? Isn’t that unfair to some?

Unless you completely, 100% trust the courts and think it’s entirely a coincidence that none of these 3 executed were Kuwaiti

Thanks aaa for sharing this quite interesting article…
I think that everyone has the right to have his own point of view here… I chose to be against death sentence.
I am not at all defending those criminals… yet for me it’s too easy to kill in return.


The trio have been convicted of perpetrated murder. Thaher Al-Otaibi, a stateless resident, had murdered his wife, his son and daughter and attempted to kill his other daughter with gunfire.

The other executed convict, Faisal Al-Otaibi, a Saudi citizen, had stabbed his friend several times with a sharp knife causing his death and the third one, Pervez Gholam, a Pakistani, had hanged to death a man and a woman with a rope.


It’s also mentioned in Islam, in the case of someone killing innocent people, the killer deserves to be executed.

It’s also mentioned in Islam, in the case of someone deliberately and wrongfully (i.e. not self-defense) killing innocent people, the killer is executed.

fixed it for you

I don’t think all the killers must be killed. It’s a case by case study. I believe ones who are so fallen deep and far from humanity should be executed. Like the ones who kidnap, rape and kill the kids.

What’s the purpose of showing these executions via every available media? To scare the sh*t out of the common people or to promote a weird kind of tourism?
Questions, questions…

‘Death penalty is the special and eternal sign of barbarism. Where death penalty is applied, barbarism dominates; where death penalty is rare, civilisation reigns.’
Victor Hugo

Probably a PR stunt to show they are tough on crime ever since people said they were too soft on it since someone was stabbed in public. Kuwait executes on average 1 person a year and hasn’t at all in 6 years so why suddenly do 3 in a row?

I also share your other comments- and opinion on this post.

That ‘3 on a row’ might be to get a discount from the executioner, but could also be another attempt to become #1 in something. Most hangings on one day or so.
*Beating the neighbors*

No they do it in public and make people see this

so no one kills anyone beacuse its wrong so when someone see this they freak out to do anything bad as killing thats why

look at the U.S with high crime killing rate due to evreyone be like ” ya i’ll spend my time in jail ”

but if u put if u kill u will get killed and so on of many justic rules

its scary and very hurtful to see or hear but its better

The US has the death penalty in certain states though?

Either way Life in Jail vs. Death Penalty hasn’t been shown to affect crime rates in areas that adopt one or the other. If you’re angry enough to strangle 2 people to death do you really think you’re gonna do it if you go to jail but stop and think otherwise if you’ll be executed?

to all whom against death penalty,, it is the victims family right to kill the killer!

so if your beloved, or family member get killed, then have the mercy and let the killer stay in jail,, if that is considered mercy!

And what if the wrong person is accused and executed? If he was wrongfully jailed, you let him out. If he was wrongfully executed there’s no reversing the decision.

The legal system isn’t perfect you know.

What puzzles me is that I read in Al-qabas that people are protesting on social media against decision to show the execution on KTV. The Tv didn’t show it but now people on social media are the ones who spreading the execution pottages !

The one thing I really hate is the whole bunch of people sitting there drinking juice and having a picnic. What the hell is that? Even the Saudis do it with less crass. Was there a buffet after the execution too? WTF!

This is the second time around I saw people using the same names and arguing at first with the two pickles’ and now the two Adam’s hahah some must need to get hung for identity theft here hahah

Whether you believe in the death penalty or not, can we all agree that an official government channel posting pics of it on Instagram is pretty fucked up

just wondering from the pics(from the link)what if the saudi guy had asked for vodka instead of a cigarette. would they give him???

The idea of public executions is for the deterrent effect. It is however, unproven to have any effect on reducing these kind of crimes, but it is good PR I guess.

The flip side is demonstrated by the US, where executions are held in private. However, the relatives of the victim are often invited. Sounds more like revenge than deterrent.

Revenge is a good reason. I know if someone killed my loved ones I would want them executed. Heck I’d probably do it myself.

The guy killed his wife and children, they didn’t ask to die so it’s wrong for the killer to be executed? Eye for an Eye.. at least they don’t stone people to death or cut off the hands of people who steal like they do in Saudi or there would be a lot of left handed people walking around here.

While watching i cant stop catching my breath as my chest and throat gets tighter.. I feel pity although they may be evil.. They dont show any remorse gosh… I think they are the first 3 in line for hanging and the rest to come the lady who set ablaze a wedding tent, the kuwaiti couple who killed their filipina housemaid and the rest who kills..

The image of Kuwait in the international media is pretty much going to crash and burn. This couldn’t have come at a worse time. All the anti expat news articles making the rounds over the past few days and now this. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video. Just the pictures I saw on Kuwait Times made me sick to my stomach.

First off, Kuwait is so extremely insignificant, that no one really cares. Secondly, the few that know of Kuwait already have a very low opinion.

In that case, Id like to edit my post….’Whatever is left of the image of Kuwait in the international media…….’

They had ceaser juice for the audience while these guys are on their last breath. I agree a life for a life, but lets say it was a brit or an american who have commited these crimes, do you think they would be hung? Let alone in public? Food for thought 😉

Justice here is selective = 7aram

judging by the guy shown in the background at 12 seconds to 15 seconds… they must have served a buffet right after the execution.

Good job Angie, I think they might have a job for you working as a government censor in Jahra. Censorship sucks, period!

Its like people are watching some kind of horse race, sipping their juices and going through papers. It was like some kind of ceremony going on.
I wish the execution was kept private.
I am sick to my stomach.

thnx god the executions are back , at least now those damn mentally unstable youth think twice before butchering people in the streets and malls , i feel a little bit more safer after these executions

in USA they give electric chair (which is how they kill chickens in their factories) or by poison (like how we kill dogs in street) so into consideration death by hanging is human, and no animal is being hanged to death.

i’m just saying.

Actually the fact that you poison dogs in the street is so fucked up, and is much more troubling that the way you execute your criminals.

that feeling when you’re about to be executed, i wonder what it’s like. i guess it’s feeling of regret and wishing to have one last chance to be different and change to the better. I just wish everyone thinks of the consequences before doing anything stupid. You got your parents, brothers/sisters, wife,and kids who will suffer as well. If a person only thinks of himself/herself most likely the action that person takes will come and bite him/her in the ass.

I am totally against hanging! It is more humane if they used lethal injection. Though if you were the victim’s family what would it be? I think it is the only way to punish the unlawful persons the hard way and let be lesson learnt to others.

I’m completely against the death penalty because there’s always a chance that the wrong person might be convicted or I know this is far-fetched but the person was set-up. None of us was actually there. We only know what the media wants us to know. I’m not talking about any one specific case, but just in general. A touch paranoid but better safe than sorry. That said, if someone murdered a friend or a family member, I can’t imagine what my stance would be. It’s a tough decision. People shouldn’t be cavalier towards the taking of human life. It de-humanizes you and turns you into the same monster that you want to see executed.

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