New Airport Will Be Completed Within 6 Years

Post by Mark


Kuwait has awarded a KD 1.3bn ($4.3bn) contract to Turkish firm Limak Construction – the lowest bidder – to construct the new passenger terminal at the Kuwait International Airport.

The 708,000 square metre new passenger terminal will have the capacity to handle 25 million passengers per year.

It will also be able to accommodate all aircraft types through 51 gates and stands with the ability to serve 21 A380 jumbo jets simultaneously.

The terminal is scheduled for completion in six years, a statement said. The contract also includes the provision of maintenance for an additional two years. [Source]

Even though I heard there was a bit on controversy since the project was awarded to a firm previously disqualified, at least we’re finally going to get a new airport!

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  1. Trafulha says:

    YAY!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!

  2. ‘Lowest bidder and previously disqualified’ that’s something to look forward to! Once it’s completed I wonder how long it will take before we see cracks in the wall? I just hope they have a continuous supply of tp in the bathrooms :)

  3. Sfh5 says:

    Doesn’t 6 years sound like a bit of a long time?!

    • Nasser says:

      Think about how many years it took to build the Avenues, from phase 1 to phase 3. It took quite a bit of time.

      This is a full airport, so it will also take time.

  4. lolguy says:

    “Lowest bidder”
    Is cheaper always better? I’m really hoping there was a through review and cost was not the only deciding factor. Unless austerity mode has kicked in.

    • Mark says:

      No cheaper isn’t always better but it’s not what you think in this case.

      Here is a simple example of how it works. You want an iPhone 6s, Black with 64GB of space. You get back 3 offers, one is for KD100, one is for KD90 and one is disqualified because they offered white instead of black. So from the two quotes left that offered you exactly what you wanted, you go for the KD90 since they’re the same item just one is cheaper.

      So with these bids its kinda similar. The architectural firm puts all their requirements, companies offer their prices and they go with the cheapest because as long as they follow the requirements outlined then all firms are basically offering the exact same product.

      • Sami AlAwadhi says:

        Cheapness might come at the expense of underpaid slave-like labor with hellish work conditions and accommodations.

        • Fantailfan says:

          Deal with slave labor at your home… you have a khadama, houseboy or driver?

          If yes do you allow them to keep their passports?
          Do they work 8 hours a day with two days a week off?
          If you answer yes to all the above then you have the right to criticize slave labor

    • H says:

      The lowest bidder meeting requirements.

  5. Kuwait says:

    I think this airport will be completed by the time Airbus A380s will become redundant, so no use of those 21 specialized gates

  6. yousef says:

    Just in time for the 2022 Qatar world cup

  7. Joe says:

    6 years………yeah right! More like 12 years knowing how quickly projects move here in Kuwait.

    I have lived here for 5 years and they are still not done with the roadworks that start at Sheraton roundabout towards City Centre in Shuwaikh. The size of that project would have been completed in 1 year in the U.A.E. Bloody hell, they can’t even re-surface the roads, re-paint the lanes and install the reflective “thingies” in 5 years either………mind boggling considering that the country is in the top 5 wealthiest in the world!

    • Patrick says:

      I think the difference being is that the highways they’re building through Shuwaikh are a logistical nightmare, while Kuwait has a pretty good record of constructing buildings at a decent space. Just look at the museum that’s being built along the Gulf Road as an example.

      • Azz says:

        Fair enough. But how much planning and effort it takes to maintain the existing ones?
        We need better planning. And prompt execution without excessive interventions.

      • Joe says:

        The difference is that the project on Gulf Road is under Al-Diwan Al-Amiri, resulting in a development pace that cannot be compared to that of government projects.

    • lolguy says:

      To be fair, it is a whole different challenge constructing a road while still keeping the roads around the project running. I think it is a pretty big deal to be able to build a flyover over the Gazali without shutting the road.

    • mo says:

      i dont think the UAE have a bigger road project than that….its a huge bridge 25-30km over the sea and 50km bridge straight from sheraton roundabout going towards jahra 3 bridges in total…..mad project i think mark posted about it before

  8. ali al qaboos says:

    I will miss old q8 airport. The pink terminal. I got old pictures of q8 airport before and after invasion….

    I hope new terminal will bring some sense to saff on how to treat visitors

  9. Kliffy77 says:

    Kuwait Airways supporting Terminal will be ready in less than 2 years.

  10. Richard H says:

    Why on earth does Kuwait airport need the capacity to handle 21 A380s simultaneously?
    Even factoring in above average passenger growth to Kuwait and Kuwait Airways turning itself into a major global carrier, it cannot possibly need this.

  11. Dun says:

    Is the net still absolutely horrible for anyone else?

  12. Abdullah says:

    stop the pointless criticism, unless u have made a thorough study about the airport and the current situation of the country + if other countries in the region like Qatar and the UAE listened to the criticism of the people like us they wouldn’t have reached the level they’re at now. i politely ask people to STFU!!!

  13. Kuwaitiful says:

    Which airports have Limak previously constructed?

    Their homeland Turkey, and Egypt. That’s about it.

    We’re off to a great start.

  14. ahmed alrasheed says:

    the head of lemak actually said it will be probably be finished ahead of schedule (40 months only !) if things goes along without any goverment intervention

  15. Kuwait says:

    Can anyone point me to high-res images of how it’ll look like when completed? Or would-be satellite imagery? Just want to know where exactly at the current airport is this new terminal coming up.

  16. Burhan says:

    The project is in two phases, the first phase with a capacity for 13 million passengers, and the second phase (an expansion) to upgrade the capacity to 25 million passengers.

    This effectively means, there will be construction going on even when the new airport is operational (assuming the government goes with the expansion option simultaneously).

    Regarding the A380 – the new version (requested by Emirates – the largest operator of the aircraft) has been delayed till after 2022.

    The economies mean that currently the demand is for smaller, longer range aircraft (787 / 777X / A350) than the A380:

    “Last year, there were zero orders placed by commercial airlines for new jumbo 747 aircraft from rival Boeing Co or Airbus A380s, reflecting a fundamental shift in the airline industry toward smaller, twin-engine planes.”


    The project is to expand the current airport, so its being developed in the exact same location.

    You can find images at (Gulf Consult Kuwait) who are the local consultants for the project; and (Foster+Partners who are the architects for the terminal).

  17. boom says:

    Let’s hope it’s not the same company that built the Jaber Al-Ahmed Stadium.

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