One fight and you’re out

Post by Mark

In a statement on Tuesday, the ministry’s director of public relations and moral guidance Brigadier Adel Al Hashash said expats involved in public fights or who incite “chaos” would be deported, because such behaviour was against the Kuwaiti law, despite not allowing a trial first. [Source]

That’s not a very practical solution. What if you’re just defending yourself? And whats the punishment for Kuwaitis?

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  1. Nasser says:

    I read a few days ago that some law will be passed that states that anyone who gets in a fight can face up to 3 years in prison. I am not sure if it will be put into effect though.

  2. Ktown says:

    What if you’re just defending yourself?
    One answer –> Deported!!

  3. not a bully says:

    That last question is what came to my mind . And moreover … if this thing apply no schools students will be first to leave

  4. Joe says:

    They really should start deporting Kuwaitis. There are too many of them here and they are causing many problems. ;)

    • Kufta Waffle says:

      who would take us in? There aren’t many people as lazy and self-centered/entitled as us..

      Okay, maybe gypsies are worse. but we still come in at second place.

      • aaa says:

        Lol manages to be racist against other people even when self criticizing

        • Kufta Waffle says:

          But am I really?

          Societies are judged by the majority and not the few. Gypsies are objectively worse in the way they choose to live.

          But even so, I said ‘maybe’ in my original comment. Maybe we’re really worse.

      • D. says:

        Rroma are a persecuted minority. Kuwaitis are not.

        “They’re lazy and entitled” is, quite frankly, bigoted nonsense.

        Yes, you are racist. The Romani have had their children taken from based on nothing but some ignorant attitudes as to how they “should” look, and Romani children are frequently segregated from non-Romani and given inferior educations. They face higher rates of violence and harassment and deportation, even from countries they were born and raised in. And let’s not forget that they, as well as Jewish people, were targeted in the Holocaust (no deniers please – I don’t really care about your revisionist history). They’ve undergone forced sterilizations. Report after report show that they face all kinds of discrimination, but of course they must “deserve it” because they feel “entitled” to… decent treatment.

        I mean, you’re welcome to sound like some sleazy far right wing European politician supported wholeheartedly by white supremacists and neo-nazis, but you don’t get to claim you’re not racist while doing so.

    • Nunya says:

      I know, right? : )

    • 3azeez says:

      They’re already withdrawing citizenship from Kuwaitis for political and personal reasons.

      With this news Mark mentioned, they can deport them as well I guess.

      Its starting to feel like the Ministry of interior is above the constitution, the judicial system and everything in the country. They can release people sentenced for prison… all what it takes is the prison warden to sign some papers stating that the prisoner will continue his sentence in public work or whatever… we all know about that media person who enjoyed this privilege and many others that we never heard of. By the way, this public service thing based on my experience with US tv shows (;p) this is something that a judge decides not a warden ;/

      also I heard from famous tv actor on some interview once that when his female colleague was arrested for drunk driving, he negotiated with the police to exchange her for another friend of his who would voluntarily go in prison instead of her. Apparently such thing exists!

      The worst case is that you do commit a crime like rape someone or take drugs or stab someone and you do go to prison and you don’t have any wasta to get you out… in that case all you have to do is memories some chapters of the quran and then you’d be released by the next Eid!

      And then you wonder why the people are acting like animals?

  5. Wow! sounds a little harsh to me. No trial? and you’re right, what if they’re just defending themselves?
    I would much rather prefer even the kuwaitis that incite violence/chaos be deported – because, lets face it, the ones that do are just wasting space.

    But yes, a fair trial is a must.

  6. djelibaby says:

    i’ve had to defend myself from kuwaitis numerous times – never ever started a fight or resorted to violence first …

    two friends i know were attacked in salmiya by kuwaiti bedouins – another – a girl – bteaten up in a prominent mall by 3 kuwaiti guys in a sports car…

    so basically if you don’t like getting beaten up – gtfo!

  7. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    Most Western nations have advisors and press secretaries to handle anything that needs to be put out to the public. I think the Kuwait government should invest in such people so that news is put out properly. What happened to fining people for bbqing in the parks, driving while on the cell phone, kids in the front seat, and so on and so on. I know it’s not the same thing as threatening to deport for fighting but come on now. Let’s use some common sense like what others have mentioned on here.

  8. Ahmed says:

    This system can be easily abused. It could be used as a trap to deport expats that a Kuwaiti had a conflict with.

  9. Immediate solution: limit interaction with Kuwaitis. It is what many Indians have done here for the longest time and it has worked wonders for them! Many of them have thrived here.

    G-d forbid should you incur the wrath of a Kuwaiti, you will be deported- that is what the new law means. It’s a shame because there are so many Kuwaitis out there who do not at all condone this sort of behavior.

  10. batman88 says:

    if there is no trial, doesnt this mean they can basically deport whoever the hell they want, whether they were in a fight or not, since no trial means no proof required ?

  11. 3azeez says:

    That picture you posted is hilarious. That guy is holding a plat (with its pot high up?) and trying to hit a teenager with it. The guy is a puffed up egyptian security guard at the avenues. lol

  12. B. says:

    I think this rule is mainly for the Saudi teenagers that visit Kuwait in the weekends and create a lot of chaos. I heard that most of the people that were arrested for the avenues fight were saudi.

  13. Kuwaitiwannabe says:

    Yes B. Well done brother. Always blame it on someone else. Good job choosing the Saudis this time, they dress like us so it works perfectly.

  14. TonyKing says:

    Their country, their rules !!!!

  15. Aussi says:

    its really funny how retard human beings think the way they are going to fix problems with, do you think expats have even the “f”ing time to fight ? they’re busy hardworking, earning living to the extend they started sending their family home since it is not worth it anymore to live in Kuwait, raise the rents one more and your real estate market will collapse, skyscrapers are 80% empty in Kuwait city, lets empty the residential ones as well.

    smart move, where do this people get their degrees from ?
    oh sorry wrong question, how much was it ?

  16. SB says:

    Geez!!! I think deportation should only be done in extreme cases. Getting into a brawl or a fight that leads to deportation just sounds irrational and very RACIST.
    For some reason, over the years, deportation seems to the the key to getting rid of expats. I agree, the illegal ones should be. But there have been
    Its time they open their eyes and realize, that this country wouldn’t have been half of where it is today if not for the expats here.
    Expats can be categorized by different nationalities. But of course in most cases, its either the “Indians, Bangladeshis”, Pakistanis, Afghanis, Sri Lankans or Egyptians that are sadly the victims even if its not their fault.
    The authorities need rational thinkers and Educated ones who execute their role to bring about positive change and not just exercise power over the weaker nationalities coz they don’t retaliate.
    what happens to the 100s of locals who get caught conducting illegal business? Is deportation the answer? Probably life imprisonment is. Besides deport locals to where? GTMO?

  17. Max says:

    Surprised and please this thread didn’t turn ugly ;-)

  18. A day in the Life at Avenues says:

    Kuwaiti on Kuwaiti fights or Kuwaiti on Beidoun fights are far more commonplace and a menace to public order as we know it than the squabbles seen among expats in their ghettos. What punitive actions if any, are being proposed for Kuwaiti nationals?
    Immediate deportation to KSA, maybe?

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