Survey Reveals Kuwait is the Worst Country for Expats

Post by Mark


A new study has revealed that Taiwan is the best country in the world for expats, while Kuwait is the worst. The results come from a report by the online expat community InterNations, which looks at everything from quality of life and personal finance, to job satisfaction and ease of settling indices. [Source]

Things should improve once Chick-fil-A opens up.

Update: This is the source of the DailyMail article [Link]

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  1. Mo says:

    this is similar to your previous posts, it seems that you are into these kind of articles.

  2. jean says:

    even worse than Nigeria..


  3. Ahmed says:

    As an expat who was born in Kuwait and love Kuwait. As I grown up, I feel betrayed by this country that I have given almost my entire life too. Any expat in any country has more right than here. A German expat becomes a German. A Canadian expat becomes Canadian. Not half Canadian. But full blown Canadian. Here not only you are expat, I don’t mind, I am not asking for nationality, but you are treated like shit. Any life step done here feels like impossibility. You have no rights, everything wasta. No support, expensive housing now expensive petrol. Shitty private company salaries (mostly expat in private companies), long working hours and no regulations. A second class citizen or more like subhuman. Honestly I don’t think Kuwait is worth giving your life too. Any country would welcome you better.

    • Geronimo says:

      “Honestly I don’t think Kuwait is worth giving your life too”

      Forget giving your life, its not even worth dying here. im a 3rd generation expat living in this country and recently have been in need for a copy of the death certificate of my grandmothers brother in law who passed away in 1977. i had to dance around for 1 month at the birth and death registration dept in maidan hawally and then they send me to the ministry of justice who in turn send me from one room to another and treat expats like shit…they dont know the procedures themselves…

      they have the certificate alright but just wont release it due to some silly requirements…

      the whole episode made me think its not even worth dying and being buried here.

    • Justin says:

      The issue isn’t nationality. I don’t expect Kuwait to give out citizenship. Every country can have their own laws.

      For me, the issue is that many aspects of live in Kuwait are constantly sending messages that you are not going to be treated equally in this country. In Canada or the USA you might not be a citizen but if you are there legally you have the same basic rights as citizens. The same labor laws apply, the same laws apply for getting driving licenses, the same rules apply when accessing government services.

      In Kuwait there are constant reminders that you are not truly welcome in the country.

      • aaa says:

        “In Canada or the USA you might not be a citizen but if you are there legally you have the same basic rights as citizens”

        Not really, try working in the US as a foreigner without a greencard sometime. Your working visa is sponsored by a company, just like it is here. There’s a lot of stuff you aren’t allowed to do without company permission.

        Also, and this is a huge Also, it’s MUCH harder to get a Canadian or US working Visa than it is a Kuwaiti one which is probably the key point. They have such a low rate of expats coming in yearly compared to the local population it’s hardly an issue.

        • Justin says:

          I agree it is much harder to go and work in Canada or the USA. If Kuwait chose to enforce stricter regulations on inbound workers I’d have no complaints. Once they are in they should be given equal rights though.

          • nadia says:

            Exactly! Justin is so right..they do have stricter rules regarding immigration but once you are there, they don’t impose so unfair laws! Just an example from my recent example is that my dad’s passport had a validity of one year but his company wanted to grant him a visa of two years. But according to bull shit Kuwaiti law one could be granted a visa until the passport expiry date only. he had to renew his passport a year ahead and meanwhile he got fine of 20 kd for not having visa for few days! Bull shit government! if some poor countries didn’t exist, no human wpuld ever want to live in such a country.

            • nadia says:

              Recent Experiemce*

            • jeff says:

              You guys are cute with your assumptions about how life works in the US for foreign nationals, green card holders, and illegal immigrants. The accusations of corruption are usually inversely proportional to one’s fondness for the bureaucratic shuffle. This thing you all call wasta, it exists in the US too. It’s more “under the table”, but it’s very much alive. The more you travel, the more you realize the world is a very similar place.

        • No Quarter says:

          aaa, Name me one thing that I can not do without the “companies” permission. You can not. Stop making shit up.

    • aaa says:

      To be fair most of this applies to the majority of Kuwaitis too. I can buy land here but I will never be able to afford it plus the government is incredibly slow at releasing new plots even though 90% of the country is uninhabited, I don’t have wasta, and ministries “lose” my papers constantly (It took me 3 years to do a 1 month process). I don’t want to work in the government, but private companies literally to my face will tell me “The labor law doesn’t apply here” if I complain about something.

      Just because you see some super cars and billionaire families doesn’t mean everyone is one

      • S says:

        Totally agree with you! Even if you see fancy cars and a nice lifestyle most of that is from taking loans and getting into debt! High rent, expensive school fees, private hospital bills, over the top prices for food and clothes are usually double or sometimes even triple the price than outside. No chance of getting a house for your family to live in unless you have a quarter of a million KD spare in your bank to buy land. If you can’t buy private land then you face waiting 15 years or much more to get land issued to you but this land is either next to Iraq or next to Saudi, far from malls, hospitals, schools and your work.
        Salaries here EVEN for Kuwaitis is not enough to manage the cost of living here.
        You could say that we have free medical and free schools why do we choose to pay private? If you compare government schools in USA, England and Europe to here then there is no comparison. Schools have no facilities, lack of good quality teachers, behavior and discipline problems. And the curriculum and style of teaching is so old fashioned. Teaching from books, books, books, papers and constant exams is so old fashioned. Government hospitals and clinics lack basic decoration, the tiles are old, the walls need painting it is scary stepping inside. And the lack of good quality Dr’s, all they know is how to prescribe you panadol and rush you out of the room. I’m not saying all the Dr’s are bad there are some good too. The hospitals are over crowded and not organized. Nobody knows how to wait their turn and walk into the room when you are talking to the Dr! So that’s why we decide to pay for private hospitals too! There is no choice Unfortantely. We don’t enjoy paying all of this and it’s not a choice it’s a MUST!
        Don’t get me started about the roads, poor quality and the constant accidents and safety on the roads. In every way we are all suffering which is very sad. Don’t think it’s just the expats it’s all of us!

        • Khan says:

          I am a second generation expat living in Kuwait, meaning I only left Kuwait to get my Degrees. I have to say that there might be a lot not to like about Kuwait, but these rants are like Joker trying to convince Batman that Kuwait is un salvageable.

          However,one thing that I absolutely love about this country and gives me hope for the future are the local Kuwaitis, their larger than heart personalities and their constant pursuit of plushness.. everything just needs to be “kuais”. Don’t get me wrong, I have gone through endless waiting hours at the ministries waiting for the “mudeers” and trying to get wastas.. but that is the norm for government offices even in India, despite me being a citizen there. Plus there is always a certain politeness in the rejection of decked up Hijabi secretaries that makes it seem like its all worth while.
          Btw, loads of new hospitals are near completion and speaking as a doctor working at a government hospital, let me tell u , the doctors there are not as bad as you perceive them to be.
          Lastly, if expats rant, it is completely understandable as they don’t have any rights here and most of them are here to collect as much money as they can, to buy property back home. However, you guys have a voice using which u can actually make a difference. U just need to get involved and find out how. I honestly think after looking at the brilliant newly coming of age educated Kuwaiti generation, there’s definitely hope for the future of Kuwait.

      • mungee says:

        yeah that is not ‘MOST’ of an expat’s experience. Sorry.

    • meh says:

      Yes, life for expats here is not as good as elsewhere.

      And you are free to go elsewhere.

      You and your previous generation left your country for a reason. You chose this country for a reason. Once life is not suitable here for you, you can choose another country or go back to yours.

      Yes a lot of expats are unfortunate and come here on false promises, but I’m mainly talking about those who spend years and years living here. Nobody is forcing you to stay, a lot of Asian and Arabs hate Kuwait and they move on and leave Kuwait to live in a better place.

  4. Quebéc says:

    I do not believe that the source is realiable Mark. Canada is the best place for expats and everyone (besides the harsh taxs lol). We love everyone! Mark you gotta visit us in Montréal!

    • Mark says:

      DailyMail isn’t reliable but their source is

      In any case I’ll probably move to Canada eventually anyway, if only real estate in Vancouver wasn’t so insane

      • Justin says:

        Vancouver is one of the greatest places on earth to live. As a Canadian I would love to live there but unfortunately the cost of real estate is prohibitive. You are better off living elsewhere in Canada and having more disposable income to enjoy life with.

        • mungee says:

          Yeah I moved to Vancouver. Real Estate is crazy but i live in SUrrey which is a ghetto just outside of Vancity- between two meth houses – and its STILL better than Kuwait :P

    • Kuwaiti Girl says:

      Of Course Canada would be the best place to live in for a white Canadian. But few know the dark side of Canada! What about the aboriginal-Canadians? They are living in poverty there. They are treated badly and lives with many hardship.

      • mungee says:

        I live in Canada and you are absolutely right – what happens to First Nations people here is atrocious … and so much more COULD Be done. But comparing the Canadian govt to the Kuwaiti govt is unfair because the Kuwaiti govt does NOTHING for even basic human rights. Canada tries (sometimes in foolish ways) to help the communities it has wronged but its hard when the original colonialists have ruined so much.

        WIth Kuwait it’s not people centuries ago that are screwing things up. It’s the people you meet on the street, that work in govt, the police. It’s today and its now.

  5. Dun says:

    So does that count as being number 1 in something?

  6. Dfine says:

    Tell us something we don’t know

  7. Brohammed says:

    As an expat, I don’t agree. Find me another place with 100 fils falafel sandwiches. I calculated my monthly salary here, I couldn’t eat so many falafel sandwiches even if I tried. Kuwait FTW

  8. Kuwait says:

    I’m suprised they still conduct SURVEYS to come out with this. We’re the undisputed kings of worst behaviour, arrogance and false ego.

  9. Justin says:

    It is interesting to read that even though Kuwait was also last place in 2015 their overall score continued to drop in 2016. They were still in last place but with an even worse score.

  10. Ahmad says:

    Considering the near free healthcare, and all the other benefits expats get, One would have thought Russia or any other country would top the list, but Kuwait? Interesting..

    • Glasya says:

      healthcare isnt free, we pay for it, also when it comes to anything more than the common cold, they are truly inept, better use any of the other clinics

      • Justin says:

        50 KD a year or whatever the cost is for public healthcare is nothing. One trip to the Dr. would eat up that neglible cost.

        It is in essence free to access the public system. Whether it is worth accessing is another debate.

        • mungee says:

          It’s worth it to remember that the MAJORITY of expats in Kuwait make a lot less than you or me. Heck the majority of them wouldn’t even be on this blog. They’d be too busy working.

    • Bask says:

      An Egyptian labor walks into the mostawsaf because of a fever. Doctor prescribes Adol and antibiotics. Guy takes it and go to the pharmacy, he gets the Adol only. Where is the antibiotics he ask, the pharmacist answers they are short on stock and only available for Kuwait’s. He is my employee. This answers ur “Healthcare” benefits also summarizes what mentality we are dealing with. Kuwait is a big slave camp that is super coated.

  11. Ahmad says:

    And if you dont mind Mark, I’d love to hear your intake in this.

  12. q80 says:

    First of all there are many difficulties for expats but these also apply on Kuwaities.. As a Kuwaiti from a well known I face problems in every procedure I need to do with ministries and governmental institutions. For example I faced problems getting the driving license without a wasta, and I witnessed expats getting licences with wasta. My point that “shit” applies on both.

    The special case of Kuwait is that 70% of the population are expats, most of them are low labor with limited education and financial strength. This case isn’t found anywhere around the world other than other Arab gulf countries.

    Now someone will mention Canada or other countries where they grant citizenships and other rights which are offered because of the different economical and political systems out there where free markets and democracy exist unlike here in an emirate where we depend on selling oil to the world and redistributing the limited resources as salaries to citizens.

    • Justin says:

      My biggest complaint in Kuwait is the different office hours in the ministry for dealing with citizens vs. expats. I’ve been during both times. things are hugely relaxed and comfortable during “citizen” times and packed wall to wall during expat times. Of course during the expat times there was hardly any staff there to complete the procedures so most of the expats were sent home and told to try again tomorrow. There must be a more efficient way to deal with everyone in a respectable manner.

    • mungee says:

      another false argument saying expats and kuwaitis face the same difficulties. Do you have to carry around a civil ID just to keep you out of jail? DO you have to know another complete language to get anything halfway done? You need to visit jails and deportation centres and then ask WHY every individual is there… i guarantee you its not for the same difficulties that you face… in a country where an asian woman can run away from rape and be FORCED to return to their employer.

      • MYK says:

        Yes we do need to carry a civil ID.
        When you go to the USA, UK or Australia, do you expect them to speak Arabic or do I as a Kuwaiti have to lean “another complete language” to get anything halfway done. In fact, I wouldn’t get a Visa or enter the place if I didn’t speak English (I think).
        Kuwaitis deal with a lot of shit too from the government and what makes it worst for us is we feel a lot of shame and pitty. Not all of us, some of us are di..ks but that is the case everywhere.

        • mungee says:

          I understand your point – but you arent going to go to jail for not having your ID on you. I am sure Kuwaitis have their own internal problems going on that expats have no idea about … but let’s face it. If we get into an accident today – who do you think is going to come out worse? I have family and friends by the DOZEN who can tell you the answer to that. No it’s not everyone – of COURSE it’s not everyone. I’d be doing an injustice to every decent minded Kuwaiti if I said that – but it is a LOT of people, and it is part of the culture of entitlement.

  13. Justin says:

    I think perception is also part of the issue. My standard of living is pretty high in Kuwait. No complaints there.

    I do get frustrated at times by the garbage, the random smells of raw sewage, the dirty beaches. For a country with so much wealth and potential it feels like Kuwait is moving backward at times.

  14. _sK says:

    Although I believe is legitimate source to a certain extent, yet I believe the people were surveyed weren’t that familiar with Kuwait, they may have just landed here and just didn’t know their way throuogh….

    • Riba says:

      So only Kuwaiti expats were not that familiar with the country they are in? How come expats from other countries knew their way through? Or there is something off with your argument? :)

      • _sK says:

        My argument is pretty simple, Kuwait seems a pretty harsh place as soon as you touch down, local people seem unfriendly, the place lacks nightlife or any sort of entertainment, the weather doesn’t help for outdoor walks and even if you try to drive, local drivers seem to bully you in the street. But it’s a phase of 1 to 3 months, if you managed to survive and just settled then life becomes easier. at the end of the day “kuwait has it’s own gimmicks” to those who know and been here for too long ;)

        Other expats are could be from the same segment, but I’d stress that there are so many coutries that are pretty straight forward the moment you touch down it’s soil.

        unfortunately that doesn’t apply here, KSA & Iran.

        • mungee says:

          that’s just not true. I lived in Kuwait for 25 years before leaving and it took a very real, psychological toll on me – and i got off waaaaay easier than most of my friends. YOu have to LIVE that life to know what it’s like.

          • Kuwaiti Girl says:

            It seems that it takes 25 years of your life to realise that kuwait is the worst place to live in Then you decide to leave! im wondering whether kuwait was the best place how long it would take from your life!

            • mungee says:

              My parents live in Kuwait and they are hard working south asians – and as I’ve said before – sometimes you choose to do things not because its the best thing for you but because its the best thing for someone ELSE. Or as a kuwaiti do you not understand that? I hated living in Kuwait, but I love my parents. Does that make sense or would you like to throw more assumptions at me?

    • Justin says:

      I find the survey a little funny too but I don’t know what to make of the results. If you are polling westerners or people in professional positions I find it hard to believe that Kuwait would rank at the bottom compared to countries like Nigeria etc. We get treated pretty decently here.

      The results make more sense to me if I look at Kuwait through the eyes of a laborer but I have a harder time imagining the laborer following internations and completing the survey.

      • _sK says:

        Thank you Justin, here’s another rational view.

      • Ipsom says:

        Exactly! Which is why I usually take these type of surveys with a grain of salt, even if someday Kuwait is listed at a better position.

        • mungee says:

          Except you see, that the asian community is made of people who are wealthy all the way down to peopel who have nothing. I may come frmo a well to do family but I know PLENTY of ppl in my community who are treated like shit in Kuwait. I could list off companies here – ‘REPUTED’ companies that hold onto ppls passports. It really isn’t that hard to get information from ppl have have experienced how bad kuwait can get.

          • Justin says:

            I think almost all companies here hold passports. As a westerner I wasn’t asked to give mine up (I would not have) but my company holds everyone else’s.

            • Nina says:

              No actually not all companies hold passports…some do, the shittier ones…but I’m Arab and have never had a company hold my passport in the 4 or so that I have worked at over the past 10 years….

              • mungee says:

                absolutely untrue Nina – some VERY reputable companies hold passports.

                • _sK says:

                  @Mungee I’m sorry for your experience, but it doesn’t make sense to generalize your case on all Kuwait’s scene, I’ve seen people left Kuwait to UK and to SA and regretted it, the security levels in the place is amazing tbh, try living in a place where you’re not supposed to head out after 7 PM cause it’s not safe.

                  Then judge Kuwait.

                • My sister’s company here in Kuwait withheld her passport and she’s an Australian citizen.

                • Lulu says:

                  But isn’t it illegal to hold passports?

  15. Nariman says:

    It it sad reading rhe comments , ok despite some are racist about being kuwaity or no , but us as an expat we need to be controlled in a way or another , we can’t expect being treated as kuwaities because it is right from the begining clearfied that they prefer their people more than us , and we can’t denay that there are really good people in here , good chances have been given to tones of people long ago plus you can’t blame a whole country for the mistake of some of their people , as a government they are trying so hard to get the good out of them and we all know its of no use , it turned out negatively most of them became dependent no body works properly thats true but there is always a good side , i would never regret being in kuwait , yes i look for something better , but only if they treated us equally the whole thing would be so different , i am non kuwaity but i felt so offended about this news , thats sad <'3

  16. moi says:

    want kuwait to improve, leave, make kuwait pay for its mistakes and improve the laws then come back when its better. or help make it better.

    • James says:

      Pay for mistakes? How many citizens feel zealous of the country and stand and fight for it? It takes that for a country to improve.

      First of all, take away all the financial benefits, stop offering free loans, ensure accountability to SLA’s at ministries – be in time, no inshallah bukhra, etc. Make it punishable with jail time to exploit expats especially low end workers. Ensure all Helps in houses report in to a local governorate agency to confirm their well being and above all abolish Wasta. That will “help” steer the country in the forward direction.

      • moi says:

        your preaching to the choir, I do suffer from most of what you mentioned I only get paid more. my point is why should kuwait government change what is the motive to make them change. corruption is at highest, poeple are lazy AF and dont relize that they are leading the country to edge of ruin. I hate what this country came to but I can’t change anything. I do my job to best of my abilities and hope for the best

  17. Jeff says:

    I find the survey results to be funny as a recent landed US citizen, first time Kuwait visitor/worker, and world traveler. The results are skewed badly for some reason because the US is ranked 26. Unless you speak impeccable English and oozing with charisma; bureaucratic process, dining, retail purchases, and general milling about will be a miserable experience for you outside major coastal metro areas in the US. I have navigated the same here in Kuwait with ease and pleasure, though I wish I had some comprehension of Arabic. The pay is what brought me here, design/culture/regional travel will keep me here for a while.

  18. Yaqoub says:

    Im Kuwaiti and I totally agree with this article. I am ashamed at what I see and hear in my country (Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying Kuwait is all bad, but there is room for improvement).

  19. Kliffy says:

    While I highly doubt the accuracy of the article, No one is asking any expatriate to die or spend his entire life in Kuwait, If you find life in Kuwait to be unsatisfactory you are free to move to any country that welcomes you the boarders are widely open no problem, Kuwait has the right not to grant its nationalty to expatriates.

    • mungee says:

      really? So what do you call holding onto passports (so many companies i could talk about), travel bans, false criminal complaints lodged against employees when they try to leave … deportation centres where people have spent YEARS trying to leave kuwait but instead end up in what is no better than a jail?

      Educate yourself.

      • Ipsom says:

        That is true @mungee

        But there are also other people who can leave, but they just stay and bitch about the country. I think (maybe) kliffy was referring to those expats…

        • mungee says:

          that’s fair I suppose. But even within that sector of society you have a LOT of ppl who were born and raised here and don’t actually KNOW anything about life back in their home countries. It’s a shitty situation but that doesn’t mean you end up loving or leaving Kuwait because it’s all you know. I didn’t like Kuwait – I left. It’s not easy, it was worth it but my folks are still in Kuwait. There are so many reasons people might stay in Kuwait other than wanting to.

          • Ipsom says:

            Yes that’s correct, u are an example. But those aren’t the expats that whine the most (u are an exception lol).

            U see some white privileged expats with some high job, basically in a much better state than most (expat and local) citizens, and they just complain and complain. Those are the worst.

            Don’t you think it’s also possible that they are the ones who most likely contribute to such surveys? Because I can’t see these type of surveys reaching the abused class of expats.

            • mungee says:

              well if it’s THAT sector of society then you’re right – no one should care what they think. :P

              They get all the benefits and whine about stupid things like alcohol! But there is more awareness of lower class expats than one might think – via the communities, via the embassies. I don’t really know where the survey is focusing – but even if its focusing on the spoiled brats, there is still truth in the idea that kuwait is one of the (if not THE) worst place for expats.

  20. INDIAN says:

    Very Rubbish survey (bobbing in disgust) i love my Kuwait. It has given me everything. God bless Kuwait.

    Please dont increase the Petrol price tomorrow SIR!!!

  21. Expat Ninja says:

    Any survey that actually places Kuwait three places behind that shit hole at #⃣ 63 is grossly skewed and inconsistent with human reason and logic. At the end of the day, stuff happens and so do surveys.

    • Justin says:

      I have a theory why Kuwait ranks below Saudi.

      Part of the survey is about how easy it is to meet and make friends. In Saudi Westerners (not sure about other expats) all live in compounds. This leads to expats having an immediate network of contacts upon arrival.

      Because Kuwait is a safe country with more freedoms living in Compounds is not necessary here (except for Chevron…). Expats just live in the general population making it harder to meet and get to know people.

  22. Burhan Khalid says:

    I want to know what Taiwan is doing to rank first.

  23. Geoff says:

    Kuwait also wins the award for the whiniest expats.

    • mungee says:

      yawn. this is how white people respond to ‘black lives matters’ … but i expect just as much from ignorance.

      • Al-watan says:

        What does Black lives matter have to do with issue in Kuwait?
        You do realize that we are talking about expats in Kuwait not minorities in America.

        I agree with Geoff perhaps when surveyed people exaggerated hence why Kuwait got the first place.

        • mungee says:

          let me draw the parallel for you. People who are mistreated, have violence enacted on them, jailed wrongly, raped etc. in Kuwait. have every right to whine – and if you know anything about the state of domestic workers and the construction sector in Kuwait … you will know that there is a direct parallel. White people like to talk about how black folks are just thugs or whine a lot but pretty much make their own problems for themselves. Similar shit coming out of Kuwait about expats. ‘Whine’ is the word he used – but nobody really needs to give a shit what his opinion is because Kuwait has PLENTY wrong with it. As the survey shows

      • Machiavelli says:

        I don’t know how you correlated this to black lives matter, but it’s an apt comparison nonetheless. Black lives matter are a group of entitled whiners who do everything in their power to cause as much civil unrest as possible. They have no love for the country they inhabit and idolize cop killers and terrorists. Defending black lives matter is like defending the KKK at this point, utterly unjustifiable.

    • James says:

      Haha, yes Kuwait is apparently per the report giving them lots of reason to whine. Take away the locals benefits and they’ll join the chorus!

  24. Graeme says:

    Hey Mark, great to see the site going strong after all these years. I was approached today about a role working in Kuwait, so who knows might be back in the region soon. I can tell you the worst place as an expat I’ve been certainly isn’t Kuwait. It’s not even on this list….

  25. ahmad says:

    yet people pay 1000 kd per year to get an iqama ….

    • Justin says:

      Selling iqamas and holding passports are part of the problem

    • James says:

      Desperate people who’s families are here and want to be with them. Qatar on the other hand is opening up on-arrival visas even as we speak. Heard Indians were added to the list and if that’s the case, its a first as even the UAE does not have that!

  26. vampire says:

    i’m off to new Zealand

  27. jame says:

    I suggest that the Rulers of kuwait should take a decison to grant PR to people who were born and brought up here before invasion and if they are still here.
    No need for subsidies as much as kuwaitis get , but freedom to stay and look for jobs and do buisiness .
    At least there will be a better market and the outlook will change.

  28. Rt says:

    The general perception among locals is that expats are looking for freebies….
    No we are not…we are and will slog it out to turn our dreams to or otherwise..
    We just dont want anyone to loot our honest earnings under various pretext…

  29. mohamad80s says:

    Kuwait is mixed between 2 kind of Kuwaitis Educated and open to expats and the other part majority who jus blame expats on everything! But also the majority of the Educted and open to expats part has this part of them that doesn’t want Expats to be better than them or to own their own business in Kuwait because they feel it as a threat to their business. Now I feel that it’s fair to be worried and I know it’s worng to be worried as well.. why? Well, look at Dubai!
    Kuwait has potentials but as long as the laws are against us (expats) and no one is being arrested for corruption, the country will never become an economically powerful without oil..

  30. expat says:

    As an expat born and brought up here, I agree with the general consensus. This is not a place worth wasting your life in. If you’re here for the money, i assure you you can do better elsewhere. If you’re here for family, do them a favor and look into an immigration agency to find a way out for you guys. I do not see this place going anywhere in the next few years, even my Kuwaiti friends are doing their best to stay out of Kuwait, that really says something.

    • angelo says:

      Kuwait is a very nationistic country. A lot of kuwaitis are defensive and hardcore zealous when it comes to their country. In twitter, most people were bashing expats and calling BS on the survey lol but i think the naturalized “Kuwaitis” and dual citizens are scared of kuwait and do not want to return to kuwait because the new DNA law will detect the forgery and irregularities in their citizenship. More than 300,000 people got kuwaiti citizenship by fraud and forgery. Including Syrians, saudis, iranians and others. The new DNA law will revoke the citizenship of forgers.

  31. waqas says:

    A number of MPs expressed shock and resentment over the latest Expat Insider survey carried out by the InterNations group which classified Kuwait as the worst country for expatriates, reports Al-Rai daily.

    Deputy Speaker of National Assembly Mubarak Al-Khurainej described the report as unfair, insisting that Kuwait is the best Arab country for expatriates as they have access to excellent medical and educational services. He affirmed that Kuwaiti people are known for treating expatriates well, pointing out the fact that Kuwait is the ‘Global Humanitarian Center’ and His Highness the Amir holds the title of ‘Global Humanitarian Leader’.

    MP Khalil Al-Saleh revealed his astonishment over such a report, stressing that expatriates pay a lot of money to come to work in Kuwait because they have access to high-level educational and medical services at cheap costs. He insisted that there is something wrong with the report because it contradicts reality.

    MP Abdullah Mayouf said the organization that issued such a report is clearly aiming to defame Kuwait and cut the strong ties between Kuwaitis and expatriates. He indicated that both citizens and expatriates are equal in front of the law, pointing out the fact that many expatriates marry Kuwaiti women and many Kuwaitis marry expatriate women, which reflects the strong relationship shared between citizens and expatriates.

    Head of parliament’s Interior and Defense Committee MP Sultan Al-Lughaisam insisted that the report is incorrect and contradicts reality, affirming that those who issued this report have certain hidden agendas. He indicated that Kuwait has a large number of expatriates who come to Kuwait to work and they enjoy excellent services and the protection of state authorities and laws.

    MP Kamel Al-Awadhi said the report lacks credibility especially since 70 percent of the people in Kuwait are expatriates, stressing that the good condition they live in is evident from the remittances they send to their countries. Affirming that the state does not limit the amounts remitted by them, Al-Awadhi explained that Kuwait was ranked seventh globally by World Bank in 2014/2015 in terms of the total amount of money transferred outside the country.

    He indicated that the report was based on five factors, which are quality of living, ease in merging in the society, financial status, family life and work affairs. Al-Awadhi stressed that both citizens and expatriates receive the same services of electricity, water, fuel and medicine, adding that merging in the society depends on the willingness of expatriates. He indicated that some expatriates get higher salaries than many citizens. He wondered about the number of expatriates who had participated in the survey.

  32. Nand says:

    I was quite surprised last week when I went for a residence renewal to Hawalli Jawazzat…went in the morning at 6.30 and was out at 6.40….one lady at the counter at 6.30 and she was smiling and very sweet… A sort of firsts in over 15 years of my stay here..

  33. Jassem says:

    this post is full of expats speaking shit about Kuwait and still choosing Kuwait to live among more than 200 countries ! very simple just book your one way flight and relive your self if you are onset with what you are saying

    • Some guy says:

      Hardships and rough personal circumstances can force anyone to tolerate a place like Kuwait. Many would sacrifice their comfort for the sake of their beloved ones back home. The question isn’t why they’re still there. The question is had they had an equal (or almost equal) opportunity elsewhere would they stay here. Hell no.
      Your comment clearly indicates the apathetic Kuwaiti mentality that weaker expats have to deal with on a daily basis.

      • apathetic Kuwaiti says:

        Are you serious ?
        “had they had an equal (or almost equal) opportunity elsewhere would they stay here. Hell no.”
        No, that what cheap quick money will get ya..
        So praise Kuwait for providing jobs for the poor souls who can’t find a job else where

        • Some guy says:

          Clearly you make no sense. If there’s anything cheap then it’s the shameless Kuwaiti attitude towards the poor souls who ended up coming to this s—hole of a country. Secondly Kuwait didn’t provide anything to anyone as it has no choice but to employ foreigners to do the duties its own citizens can’t or won’t do. Kuwait probably needs their services more that they themselves need the money they work for. However I will only praise you personally for being such a good and timely example for what I was trying to point out in my first post.

    • Bill Arnold says:

      I returned from Kuwait several months ago. Not much to see as a country unless you’re into sand. People are arrogant, self-important, lazy and self-entitled generally. The only reason I’d return is for the money, and I would hold my nose doing so. I’m lucky…don’t need to go there to make a better life. Very racist there too. Kuwaitis need a wake up call that the world doesnt revolve around them.

  34. Leslie says:

    Nand: Hawally jawazat, at Mishref, is always a quick service (15-30 mins), if all your papers are in order. Been experiencing it since 2008

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