Tons of spoiled food found in largest ever raid

Post by Mark


Sources quoted by the Kuwait Times said the two-day operation carried out Sunday covered four warehouses owned by a single company, with items seized including meat products, fish, poultry and other ingredients. [Source]

Why doesn’t the local media mention which company and what the product brands are? Shouldn’t they warn people who might have already purchased the products?

Photo from ArabianBusiness

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  1. Desert-Eagle says:

    i totally agree with you.they should warn people but they do not.most probably it is one of the strongest families so they would never let media hurt themselves.this is bad.

  2. Nicole says:

    In the article they say that the warehouses (or rather the owner) delivers the food items to Restaurants.
    So, maybe it’s not one of the Supermarket chains?

  3. Mathai says:

    In all these years they’ve never mentioned the names of any of the violaters nor the brands. Even more rampant is the practice of repackaging frozen items with extended expiry dates.

    • Neo says:

      The Media is either afraid of stepping on the toes of these Big Corporates Or maybe they are playing the card , Innocent until proven guilty !? ;)

      Finally, it would come down to some disgruntled employees changing the dates on purpose to tarnish the name of the company :P

  4. Beejay says:

    if the owner was non Kuwaiti all News papers in all the world would talk about him right now. !
    i think its a law here in Kuwait that media should not mention Kuwaiti names in any crime they do. !

  5. Sauce says:

    can anyone spell TSC??

    • Mark says:

      They said warehouse not supermarket.

      • Sumsang says:

        Yes, TSC is also the largest warehousing company in Kuwait. Its all come under the umbrella of Agility btw.

        • Mark says:

          TSC isn’t a warehousing company, Agility is, they’re two separate companies.

          • Sumsang says:

            No they are not. Until 4-5 years ago they were one company. TSC is a spinoff subsidiary of Agility. All TSC products are transported and warehoused in Agility.

            Obviously it might not be TSC, but I have personally bought expired items from them where the expiry date was hidden by the translated sticker.

            • Mark says:

              You said TSC was a warehousing company and that information was incorrect and it’s what I disagreed with you on. Agility is the warehouse company and it was previously called PWC Logistics, it was never called TSC or TSC Logistics so not sure you would think Agility was TSC. Agility warehouse a lot of brands and products which supply the whole local market and not just TSC, so if Agility was the warehouse in this article then it’s not just TSC that is affected.

              • Acerboy says:

                i think he was trying to say TSC and Agility is owned by same person. And their entire stock is stored in their warehouse.

                • Mark says:

                  yeah that i am aware, i was just refereeing to his “TSC is also the largest warehousing company in Kuwait.” comment.

            • Areej ASB says:

              TSC existed for 20 years before Agility.

          • I worked for TSC in their Security Department. They have their own warehouses which have had many problems in the past when it comes to keeping over expired items in the past. Baladiyah is a constant thorn in their side. And I caught some of the employees changing out the expiry date because the store manager told them to do so. Problem is that they know what is going and even encourage it. When ever anyone in security says anything they push it aside. That said, they also have a problem when it comes to man power in their warehouses. They are short staffed and no TSC does noes not keep TSC items in Agility warehouses. While they both are part of the same conglomerate what they do is buy and sell to each other. Also TSC owns some of the Restaurants here such as Jeans Grill and Wasabi. I am not saying that they are the culprits but I would not be surprized.

  6. whatajoke says:

    and they say that the press in kuwait is more free than any other in the region!

  7. 3azeez says:

    “Why doesn’t the local media mention which company and what the product brands are? Shouldn’t they warn people who might have already purchased the products?”

    Because even after they raid and capture those spoiled products, the court of law can (and have previously) shown those companies to be innocent of any ill-doing! News papers don’t want to risk facing a slandering lawsuit.

    OK we pride ourselves with our judicial system which protects people and corporates from government arrogance and wrong doing… but sometimes its so by the book even the most obvious wrong doings can be turned down. For example:

    A woman makes her husband life hell, instead of getting divorce based on their islamic contract (she doesn’t want him, she should seek khul’a). She ends up suing the man for half his salary, flat, car, driver, maid, school and so on.

    An expat who gives up on life, simply throws himself on oncoming traffic. His family get anything between 30,000 and 50,000 dinars compensation. This kind of business been said to be promoted by some bad lawyers.

    A whore (ga7ba) can act like whore and shows that she’s a whole in public, on instagram, twitter and just about everywhere. But if you call her whore… you know what will happen to you! This is none-sense… its like getting sued by foreman for calling him foreman!

    • Ali says:

      You sound hurt, i hope you get over her soon

    • Aja says:

      Ignoring everything else you mentioned, you have no right to call someone a “whore” based on what you percieve a whore to look/act like, even if that girl was a “whore” who are you to judge? Im pretty sure youre not a perfect citizen yourself :) Sorry to steer off topic .

      • Desert-Eagle says:

        a whore is a whore. whats wrong with saying it?

        • jiminy says:

          Jeez – the mentality of people here. That would make all the GUYS who sleep around in Kuwait, or work out in tight clothing whores as well. In fact, I think, if we are using the term, there are more male whores in this society than female ones.

          • 3azeez says:

            @Aja, I will not call you whore, but your response is what usually whores say when filing complaints for being named what they are!

            @jiminy, I would never judge people based on their appearance or word of mouth (reputation). I used the word whore only handful of times… and I used it specifically when I saw girls (or guys) who use their bodies in sexual manners to receive benefits. Believe you me, there are girls who blatantly show off their goods to get diner invitation, ride in rolls royce, free range rovers, and trips to neighbouring gcc countries where they spend nights in yachts!

            If that is not whoring I dont know what is!

  8. Neo says:

    Definitely Agree with you.

    They should send out an alert and warn the people in Kuwait, who could have purchases these expired Brands and Products, from the particular Hypermarket, associated with these Warehouses.

  9. S says:

    If the law gave the media sufficient safeguard in such situations, I’m sure they would name names. It’s a public health issue and the story would be well read, full disclosure makes editorial sense. However, another side of the coin is that the company may be a major advertiser. Ideally, if the food inspection agency released an official notice on the same or held a press conference, newspapers would have to comply.

  10. Sauce says:

    can anyone spell Agility?

  11. Elton says:

    I know of GulfMart in Salmiya block 10 that closed down the same time this report published. So I am not sure if they are referring to this one. For the first few days they had a board out “closed due to technical issues” and now even thats gone. I might get out to investigate if there are other outlets that have closed too. But another strong reason I believe its them, is the picture in the report. That pic strongly seems GulfMart. Please note, going by the report, this information is irrelevant, but by the timing, it seems the dots connect.

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