Water Guns Banned this National Day!

Post by Mark

The administrative court recently issued a verdict by powers of which the cabinet is to issue a decision banning the usage of water guns in National and Liberation Days’ celebrations. The verdict was made in response to a case filed by lawyer Mona Al-Arbash demanding the ban for public interest, on grounds that thousands of water gallons are wasted every year during national celebrations, costing the country – which is already poor on natural water resources – a lot of money. Use of water guns and water cannons during national celebrations have become very popular in recent years after the government banned the use of spray foam for environmental reasons. [Source]

I’ve really hated what the celebrations have turned into over the past years, and I’m sure a lot of other people as well. So glad we’re finally done with this.

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  1. Rshaid says:

    jfc about time!

  2. blackswan says:

    Finally. One of the best news delivered lately.
    However, it is funny how the first priority is economical one and not people safety. Those water guns could have been loaded with basically anything liquid, not only water.

  3. Halyoosha says:

    It’s about time they placed strict measures to avoid these nuisances. The celebrations should bring joy and excitement, and encourage people to join the festivities and not steer clear of them!

    They totally redefined the meaning of “celebrations”.

  4. Khalid says:

    Where did you get this pic from???

  5. Edgar says:

    But no one said anything about water balloons!!

  6. Q8GEEK says:

    Title was a tad misleading, I thought that the National Day is BANNED because of water guns.

    Like, how!?

  7. Kris says:

    You give people no better options to enjoy and keep banning anything they opt for. There is another word for that kind of running a country !

    • Sulaiman-COOKIE says:

      Oh shut up!

    • Farah says:

      It’s called responsible leadership and decision-making, and listening to the citizens of your country. We’ve been wanting this chaos to stop for years! You’re implying that the only way for people to celebrate is by wasting water and polluting the streets with their trash and noise?
      Parades, operettas, Air Force shows, the beautifully lit streets of Ahmadi, festivals in Mubarikiya – all of this beats being unable to leave the house because of terrible traffic, kids running in between cars, and people being harassed with water guns while driving.

  8. Bibi says:

    Great news

  9. q8expat says:

    About time the Thai Water Festival was stopped here in Kuwait.

    So whats next, toilet paper rolls as streamers at the end of hairdryers….

  10. The Other Ahmed says:

    Now people can stay home during the National & Liberation Days 😂

  11. Ali says:

    On a different topic; after the fiasco at the Sting concert with JACC security people chasing those taking photographs with laser beams, I noticed that for the upcoming concert by Lebanese singer Najwa Karam, the JACC website states “Photography is allowed during the event”!!

  12. Sonia says:

    About time!!

  13. Jonathan Rowlands says:

    yeah agreed… its rather disturbing and weird when a woman in her 60’s is perched waiting on the road just to aim for the small gap you left open on your car window .. not even smiling while doing it …

  14. delwyn menezes says:

    why?? it was always fun to do it manh!! why did they ban that was the only days we hv full fun they banned it nice , kuwait why did u do this to us :(

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