Women of the Resistance

Post by Mark

This is a Sheila MacVicar ABC News report produced and edited from inside Kuwait City just after the Iraqi forces fled at the conclusion of the Persian Gulf War. The segment was broadcast on World News Tonight March 7, 1991. It features many of the brave women that took on a major role of resisting the occupying Iraqi forces that had taken over the besieged city.

This short report was uploaded a few hours ago on Vimeo and sheds a bit of light on some of the Kuwaiti women resistance during the 1990 Iraqi invasion. [Vimeo]


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  1. LWDLIK says:

    This made cry tears of pride for those Kuwaitis during that very difficult time. I saw the best and worst of people during the occupation and thankfully good triumphed.

  2. LWDLIK says:

    Rest in peace Asrar you will be forever remembered.

  3. Umnasser says:

    Very proud to show my children what these women did for their country- and Asrar a symbol for all- RIP.

  4. Those were real women…..

    Fast forward to today, go to the Avenues and see how far they came.

    • Karan says:

      I dunno how you could make an assumption like that based on watching a video. I mean sure, these women are brave, I do not deny that. But, you do realize that they were put in a situation where they had to pull their socks up and fight for their lives, right? I mean they were essentially in a war zone for fucks sake, obviously it changes a person. For all you know, before the invasion, these could have been the same kind of women that you described in the Avenues. Making a comparison between women living during an invasion in Kuwait and women who are out to socialize is awfully stupid. You might be surprised how the same women in the Avenues will handle a situation like this should it happen again (not that I want it to, of course).

  5. Anon says:

    It’s a bit naff to criticize people simply because they like to shop and eat out- women HAVE come far and negating the achievements simply because they like to work and play too ( at the Avenues or wherever) just makes you sound jealous.

    • Yes, you’re right, I’m jealous that I can’t be as shallow as some people. I’m jealous that I can’t be a female lawyer and walk around the court in 6 inch red stilettos, botox and tight clothing and expect to be taken seriously, woe is me!

      • Rick says:

        Way to spread some negativity to such a positive story. Congratulations CrazyinKuwait! :)

        • It wasn’t negative, there were so many women who died and fought for the freedom of the country. You can even see the difference in the women during those days, go back and watch the Arab soap programs from the early days and compare them to now. I didn’t say all Kuwaiti lawyers walked around in stilettos, there were a couple who didn’t make clicking sounds as they walked by. It’s so easy to get people going!

          • kwtlover says:

            You appear to seem familiar or think you are familiar with courts, a failed marriage or a few? Jealous of Kuwaitias are we?

      • kuwayt says:

        not ALL female Kuwaiti lawyers walk around the court in 6 inch red stilettos, botox and tight clothing

        • kwtlover says:

          But, so what if they did? Sense of fashion or colour of choice of lipstick or height of shoes doesn’t determine what kind of lawyer she would be. It’s the exact same in the fact that not every person that wears Islamic clothing is religious and not every person in a suit is a banker. #crazyneedstojetbacktowhereshecamefrom

  6. Name says:

    She was ranked forbes 200 most powerful women 2014

  7. Anon says:

    Yes- sad that someone takes such a positive story and labels it with such negativity- then back peddles . Just applaud the women Crazy in Kuwait and say alhumdillah you were never in their shoes ( high heeled or not ).
    Mark – are there anymore videos like this knocking around?

  8. kwtlover says:

    crazy @crazy that fits. appropriate name for an idiot. So, basically, if a lawyer chooses to wear skinny clothes, red lipstick and has had botox, she shouldn’t be taken seriously?
    how about a frumpy dress, boots and pink lipstick? would that be ok? #cantfixdumb

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