Kuwaiti Animator Worked on the new Guardians of the Galaxy VOL 3

You’ve probably come across Ahmad Jamal’s ( work before, he had a few of his art and videos go viral locally including his Spiderman in Kuwait videos.

Back in March, Ahmad was hired by Sony Pictures Imageworks as a character animator for a VFX movie, specifically for the MARVEL movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, and the holiday special. He moved to Vancouver and became part of the animation crew under the direction of James Gun for both these movies.

As an animator, Ahmad is responsible for the movement and acting of the characters for the shots that he’s working on. He films his own reference videos of how they behave in those shots and then animates them.

It’s a great example of how dreams can come true. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 comes out next summer but the trailer is out now. If you want to see some of Ahmad’s work then definitely also check out his Instagram account

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Thanks for sharing Mark. Thats great to see & read about him. Way to go & great to see a fellow citizen actually doing something this big & productive.

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