Cars & Coffee with the US Ambassador

Post by Mark

A few weeks ago I got contacted by the US Embassy telling me that US ambassador Lawrence Silverman wanted to meet up for coffee. Originally they wanted to know if he could come by my office, but I thought that might be a bit weird since I currently work in a government office and it would be kinda awkward if the US ambassador came to our offices with his entourage just to meet with me. So I asked them if we could meet somewhere else and they were like sure, where?. Now in my head I was thinking, can the US ambassador actually have coffee anywhere? I didn’t know if there were any rules or security protocols that prevented him from doing so, but I wanted to meet somewhere casual, so I figured I’d ask anyway. So I proposed Arabica at Arraya and they agreed. First thing I then did was get in touch with Arabica and see if I could book a table. I didn’t want to get there with the ambassador and then not have anywhere to sit so Arabica ended up hooking us up.

I actually just got back from having coffee there with the ambassador since our meeting was this morning. His arrival was pretty dramatic as expected, first I got a message from the Cultural Attache saying “We’re approaching” and then I saw all the flashing lights of his convoy pull up a few moments later. He then walked over to Arabica with his security detail who ended up hanging out around the area until we were done with our meeting. It was my first time meeting with ambassador Silverman. I had met the previous ambassador when we flew together to the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, but ambassador Silverman has only been in Kuwait for a year and so we hadn’t had the chance to meet yet.

The meeting turned out to be pretty enjoyable surprisingly, I was worried we wouldn’t have anything to talk about and end up with awkward moments, but there wasn’t a dull moment throughout the hour we were together. We kinda clicked from the start since we were talking about Oman and I mentioned how me and some friends of mine were planning to send our sport cars there for a road trip, and he mentioned that Audi recently launched their RS3 in Oman. I was like wtf? (in my head) How did he know that? Me and my friends were actually watching an RS3 review video that was shot in Oman when we decided on this trip. Turns out the ambassador had watched the same video and himself is a car guy so the conversation pretty much flowed after that with us talking about cars mostly.

Close to the end of the meeting we brought up the idea of him possibly guest posting on this blog, similar to how the previous British ambassador had his “Mondays with Matthew” posts. He was interested so expect those posts to come soon. I have to say, its occasions like this that make me enjoy what I do so much. It’s unreal.

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  1. Kuwait says:

    Awesome! Congratulations again. Did you even talk politics? What were his views on their current administration?

  2. brownstrawman says:

    Who paid for the coffee?

  3. Sam says:

    That’s so cute. You guys make a great couple. Hope it works out.

  4. Ipsom says:

    I remember a while back the embassy made an event or something that was about American muscle cars or just some type car related thing… makes sense now hehe

  5. Umair Shaikh says:

    If only you and ambassador met, who is the guy who took such a casual above photo? (Just Curious)

  6. SSF says:

    Nothing to do in the long weekend?

  7. Shanto Mathew says:

    Good one Mark….u r doing a great job :)

  8. nada says:

    very cool mark
    i met the ambassador last year, that doesn’t look like him. Maybe he looks different now that he’s been here for a year

  9. Q8since says:

    US Ambassador Lawrence Silverman is very humble man. I was honored to meet him at the Aeropress Championship a while back, when he visited with his wife and South Korea Ambassador Yoo was also there to support and celebrate the successful events. Congrats Mark and glad you enjoyed.

  10. abdullah almohanna says:

    Breaking(conservative nationalists)News:248am closed and mark deported for an attempt of planning a coup with the us government.

    Mark:”were just having a coffee and talk about cars.”

  11. Rah says:

    What I really love about Kuwait is how the Embassies and their ambassador’s are so ready to always talk to the public and common men. I’ve met the UK Ambassador Matthew quite a few times at events and he’s such a lovely gentlemen, I admire him. I haven’t met the US ambassador but thank you for showing us he is quite as nice as well!

  12. ahmd says:

    That’s amazing

  13. Tnight says:

    Congrats mr. Im happy for you

  14. Rickstove Stunic says:

    Mark I thought you worked in the Hamra Tower. Which Govt office do you work in….or is that classified info 😀

  15. jm says:

    what did he think of the coffee?? did he know about the place

  16. 3azeez says:

    Ambassador Silverman is starting to bring back memories of Ambassadors Richard Jones and Deborah Jones. They were all over the place socializing and networking.

    At one point many of us were bumping into them several times a month. I am not talking about them mingling with specific class of people or business men and society influencers alone… but literally with every one.

    They didn’t feel like foreign diplomats but rather as friends.

    Good diplomats.

  17. The Other Ahmed says:

    First you met the Mayor of Rotterdam, the UK ambassador, 2 US ambassadors and Kim Kardashian (lol). Who else have you met that we don’t know about? And who would you like to meet one day?

  18. aslawi says:

    this post somehow reminded me of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld

  19. The real says:

    Usual arabica post. Too Obvious now buddy

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