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Did anyone feel the earthquake a few moments ago? (around 3pm)

Update: Confirmed, an earthquake hit Southern Iran awhile ago with a magnitude of 6.2 [Source]

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  1. shaashii says:

    Yes I did. …
    I saw my lounge lights swinging also…

  2. Nadeem says:

    yes my son called from hawally that they felt it, so i came to ur blog to confirm & u also mentioned it.

  3. Ramez says:

    didnt feel anything in KW City

  4. Hozefa Dahod says:

    Hi Mark,

    Yes i felt the earthquake
    Location : 13 floor , Baitak Tower, Kuwait city

  5. lan says:

    I think I smell radio active material in the air.

  6. Neo says:

    Yes Mark.
    Felt a Tremor. Was in the Office @ Sharq

  7. Rukaiya says:

    yes i did.. i saw my door keychains moving….0_o

  8. h8mondays says:

    :O No but thx for info

  9. maria joshi says:

    hi I felt in my office at fahaheel coz my office is at 9th floor. I felt the vibration for 5 sec.

  10. Faisal says:

    My wife calls me @ 3 20 and informs me abt the termour.

  11. lamia maham says:

    yes.I felt it the same chair n table are shaking n even door keys also.I live in salmiya see side.floor 9

  12. shafzeen says:

    felt it in farwaniya. as someone else mentioned, the lounge lights were swinging…

  13. seema says:

    I was asleep in the afternoon, when I felt my bed move and I was ascertain this was an earthquake.

  14. ariston says:

    I’m eating lunch when earth tremor happens, our location is in Sharq – 8th floor.. =)

  15. DD says:



  16. italianman says:

    i felt at 3 pm as well , god i was freaked out, i thought it was the starter sign of a massive earthquake which would bring my whole building down ontop my head .

  17. C says:

    I felt it in Salmiya, Block 9.

  18. The Real Burhan says:

    I was at the Missoni Hotel and the chandelier and the four suspended projectors starting swinging – it was, unsettling.

    It lasted for about 3 minutes.

  19. Ahmad says:

    was in uni , 3qaila…. felt nothing

  20. Barroon says:

    my colleague called me from 7th floor to ask if I felt the shake. and I said what shake?! I was in 20th floor. Location: Sharq

  21. Alex says:

    Qatar too!

  22. meh says:

    One .. small.. step.. for nuclear disaster.

  23. BoBeep says:

    i was holding a glass of milk 1st floor and it shook, within 5 minutes i had milkshake!

  24. AbdulatifHM says:

    New freaking earthquake just now !!!!

  25. Eddie says:

    Yes another earthquake, the awkward moment is when you experience the earthquake during your first day at work in a brand new office and think that you are gonna faint:P

  26. PKG says:

    Nope! Didnt feel a damn thing!

  27. AlHindi says:

    Felt it yesterday on the 26th floor of Al Hamra Tower!

    to verify

  28. Lucky says:

    its the new harlem shake

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